B.Sc. in Applied Accountancy for ACCA students

Many of the students who are doing ACCA may not be fortunate enough to have bachelor’s degree. But those are not so really unfortunate, as one of the well recognized universities of UK i.e. Oxford Brookes is offering its unique degree in Applied Accountancy to ACCA students. Here are some guidelines and steps that you have to undergo for eligibility and success in getting degree by the Oxford Brookes;

Note: Follow the link below for details instruction over Oxford Brookes degree program


Opting to B.Sc. Degree Program:

After your registration with ACCA, just go to the ACCA website and access your ACCA account. Upon access you will see an option at the middle of the page to “Opt for Oxford Brookes Degree”. Just click the link and you will be prompted for opting into the Program.

Opt for B.Sc. program prior attempting for Paper F7, F8 and F9

Eligibility Requirements:

If you have opted for B.Sc. Oxford Brookes Degree Program you will automatically be held eligible for B.Sc. program, once you have qualified Skills module of ACCA Fundamentals level i.e. upon passing F7, F8 and F9.

As per ACCA requirements, passing Ethics module is a pre-requisite for Oxford Brookes Degree program.

What to DO:

To earn Oxford Brookes B.Sc. degree in Applied Accountancy, you are required to Submit Research Analysis report (RAR) including Skills Learning Statement (SLS) online. RAR and SLS needs to be acknowledged by your Mentor. Detailed guidelines can be found with the link below:


Below here find summarized guidelines for Bsc Oxford Brookes degree;

What to Write:

Research Analysis report is to be written in one of the twenty topics mentioned in the Bsc Info guide.

Topic-8: Analysis of Business and Financial Performance of an organization over three year period; is the easiest and widely written subject.


  1. Project Research Report comprise three parts; (total maximum word count=6500 words)
    1. Part-1: Project Objectives and Research approach —–maximum words 1000.
    2. Part-2: Information gathering and accounting and business techniques—-1500 words (max)
    3. Part-3: Results, analysis, conclusions and recommendations—-4000 words (max)

  2. Skills and Learning Statement; It is a reflection of your achievements in preparing for Research report. (Restricted to 2000 words).

Submission Dates:

Submission period comes twice a week and runs from 15 October to 21 November and 8 April to 25 May. Year 2012 deadlines are as:

Latest date to complete the Professional Ethics module 8 April 2012
Earliest receipt of RAP by Oxford Brookes University 1 May 2012
Latest receipt of RAP by Oxford Brookes University 25 May 2012
Oxford Brookes University BSc Examination Board September 2012
RAP and BSc degree results dispatched Wednesday 6 September 2012

Useful tips:

(if writing on topic 8- analysis of business and financial performance)

  1. Try to write on a global / multinational company.
  2. Include global economic impacts on the performance of the whole industry and company.
  3. Relate global economic factors with results of financial statement ratios.


  1. Use the help of your Project Mentor.
  2. Read Bsc guidelines carefully and thoroughly.
  3. You will be required to submit Research report and Skills Statement in Word format.
  4. Include presentation of Research report in Power Point.


  1. All materials need to be referred properly. University has strict regulations with respect to plagiarism. Read guidelines using link below



  1. Award of Bachelors degree
  2. Allows you to opt for Master degree program or for higher studies where ACCA is not recognized as bachelor’s degree; such as CPA, MBA and CFA (only if ACCA is not passed).
  3. Oxford Brookes is highly recognized among employers in Europe, America and Middle East and you may have a fair chance being employed only on the basis of B.Sc. degree.