Display a G/L Account

Employees with display access in the R/3 system can display G/L accounts as needed to ensure they are using the correct accounts.

Existing accounts are also viewed to determine if changes should be made or if they can be used as a reference when creating a new G/L account.

There is one Chart of Accounts (G/L Accounts) for Duke University and the Duke Health System. Each individual company (0010, 0020, 0030, etc.) is assigned various accounts from the Chart of Accounts

to be used in transactions for that company. There are many general G/L Accounts such as Office Supplies (646000) that are assigned to every company and there are some G/L Accounts that are specific to certain companies only such as those for Patient Revenue which would not be applicable to Duke University (Company 0010).

The transaction covered in this section allows a user to view the two most detailed screens of information for a G/L account at the company code level. In order to view a G/L account information, the account number and the company code are required.

Display a G/L Account – FS03

Accounting àFinancial accounting à General ledger à Master records à Display

1. Enter the Account number (G/L account = six digit number for an asset, liability, expense, or revenue).

2. Enter the Company code.

3. Click on the
Enter button or press Enter to display the Display G/L Account: Control Chart of Accounts screen.

Note: This screen contains information for the chart of accounts.

4. Click on the
Next screen or press F8 to display the Display G/L Account: Control Company Code screen.

Note: The
Enter button (press Enter) will also work. This screen contains information specific to the company code.

5. Click on the
Previous screen or press F7 to return to the Display G/L Account: Control Chart of Accounts screen.

To see if G/L accounts are blocked from posting (i.e. cannot be used in a transaction):

6. Follow the menu path: Extras à Blocked data.

Note: If the two boxes under Posting Block are unchecked, then the G/L account may be used in transactions.

To exit the transaction:

7. Click on the Exit button or press Shift+F3 until the initial R/3 screen is displayed.