Display Project: Work BreakdownStructure

This transaction allows the user to display the entire Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for a project, including the Project Definition and/or the WBS Element Overview.

The WBS is a hierarchical model of a project that can be split into manageable units (by phase, function, or object). The WBS element hierarchy forms the basis for organization and coordination in the project.

Projects can be multi-leveled & multi-year. Project expenditures and revenues can be posted to every level in the WBS Hierarchy.

Individual WBS Elements can have attributes (Project Type, Applicant Responsible Person, etc.). Each WBS element within a project can have different attributes.

Note: This is the primary transaction that will be utilized to display information about a Project.

This transaction allows the user to display ALL information, attributes, and characteristics about the Project Definition, Structure, and the WBS element hierarchy from within one transaction. All the information about a Project can be displayed by selecting various “tabs” or double-clicking on a specific element. In addition to this transaction, other menu paths are available to access just the Project definition, Structure, or a WBS Element individually.

Display Project: (WBS Element) – CJ03

Accounting àProject Managementà Operative structures

Work Breakdownà Structure Display

1. Enter a number for the desired project in the Project def(inition) field.

Note: A number can be entered in the WBS element field (versus the Project def field) to view information about one WBS element in a project and any levels below that WBS element. The matchcode search can also be performed for either field.

To display the information included in the Project definition (Display Project: Project definition screen):

2. Click on the
Proj. definition button or press Shift+F1 to display the Display Project Definition screen.

Note: The Project Definition screens store values that apply to the entire project and work breakdown structure (WBS).

3. View general data about the project on the Basic data tab:

Start and Finish dates of the entire project.

System status – the status of the entire project as follows:

CRTD = Created

PREL= Partially Released

REL = Project is fully released

CLSD = Project is closed.

Responsible person – the person responsible for the entire project.

Applicant – Sponsor of the project, if applicable.

Company code – the company code to which the project belongs.

Plant – the plant code for purchases for the project.

Profit Center – the Profit center associated with the project.

4. To view when the project was created or last changed, click on the Administration tab.

To view the Structure (Display Project: WBS Element Overview screen) from the Display Project: Initial Screen or the Display Project: Project definition screen:

5. Click on the Structure button or press F5 to display the Display Project: WBS Element Overview screen.

Note: As a reminder, the Structure button is available from both the Display Project: Initial screen and the Display Project: Project definition screen.

6. Click on each tab to view the column field information available within that tab.

7. Click on the Total tab to display all column fields for all the tabs combined in one tab.

Note: Use the vertical or horizontal scrollbar to view the remainder of the columns.

8. Click on the
Exit button or press Shift+F3 until the initial R/3 screen is displayed.