Easy way to Put Paragraph in Excel

When producing working papers or financial statements it difficult to put long statements in Excel as Excel doesn’t give the option to word wrap or justification or other features that are available in Ms-Word , different solutions such as Excel’s Justify command, and pasting from Word is available but all these are not enough.

The solution of all these problem is very simple and is available in Excel, the solution is embed Ms-word sheet in Excel, this function is available in Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010 as well , below here I am defining how to do it .

Select Object in insert tab or menu, the select Microsoft Word Document and click OK use mouse to resize or to place at proper place where you like to place the Word Document as shown in picture below.

This will allow you to add any type of statement with full function available in MS-Word like outline numbering, paragraph justification, indenting and Word shortcuts (such as Shift+F3 to change case),

When you click away the word object the word menu will disappear when you click the object menu will appear again.

To final you object consider few finalizing steps.

1 Alike the Font like in Excel to make it similar with Excel front

2 Border. Click away from the Word box it will deactivate the object, and again click the Word box once to select it. Right-click on the edge of the Word object to display the pop-up menu, and select Format Object. On the Colors and Lines tab, click the Line Color dropdown arrow and select No Line, and click OK.

Once finalized the word object will be like the part of Excel and you will like its presentation to