Key Financial highlights

Under this heading you need to give the financial highlight of company it means that you provide following thing

Gross sales, discount, sale return, net sales, net cash sales, net credit sales, net cash collection, and net credit collection. You have to provide this thing for the company and for top ten customers and percentage of top ten customers to company’s sales. I am giving the format below

Revenue S$366 mil 69%
Earnings Before Interest and Tax (“EBIT”) S$147 mil 35%
Profi t After Tax and Minority Interests (“PATMI”) S$1,041 mil 3%
Shareholder’s Funds S$4,411 mil 28%
Adjusted Net Asset Value S$4,957 mil 31%
Assets Under Management S$3,120 mil 94%
Owned + Managed Assets S$8,861 mil 59%

one more thing you can get key financial hi-lights from companies published accounts, but if you have to made it by your self its the best way to prepare with reference to past comparison , formate of key financial hi-light changes form business sector

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