Front Page and content of internal audit Report

Front page of internal audit report represent the whole report so it should be very professional and self explanatory and well presented.

Front page

Name of company

On the top left of front page mention the company name of the company to be audited.

Services provided

Below the company name mention the services you provided to the client i.e. complete internal audit, inventory, special assignment etc.

Title of Report

In the middle of the page type the title of report and specify the branch if any, and after that write the process on which you are writing the report (some time reports are presented separately on each process , the mention the name of process on which are resenting the report otherwise just write internal audit report)

Period of audit conducted

Below the title of report write the period for which audit is conducted


Now on the left bottom of the page write the name of designation of person to whom you are addressing the report mainly, below it cc the report to the person to whom management want to address like the responsible person of the branch or to whose efficiency / inefficiency or issue points are reflected

Firm name

Below this mention the name of firm from which report is given.


Now most important question is where to put the monogram on your company? For this if you see the attached picture I left the place where you can monogram of your company or you can put monogram in the traditional way your company use to put it.

Table of contents

Table of contents like usual contain all the contacts list with page numbers, but most important thing is covered in this list is the order in which the contents are presented in the report.

The recommended order of content is covered in the article internal audit report.