How to duplicate selected item in Excel


Please find the excel file attached (Image Given Below)

In the sheet “ORIGINAL”, you can the salary details of employees

My company is having 3000-4000 employees, each employee’s Badge Num have minimum of 4 details like Basic pay, Overtime, Leave Pay, Sick leave.

For every employee, the badge no appears only against Basic pay and other rows are blank as in column “B”

What I need is the Badge No number should appear in each and every row of the respective employee details. Simple copy paste to fill up the blank cells below each badge Number consumes more than 2 hours

Can anyone guide me any formula or function to do it in a few minutes. The modifications what I needed is attached in the sheet “MODIFY”


( to see video guide play the below video attached in the end)

The Solution of this question is very simple

First insert the blank coulomb between badges and description as shown below

Now the coulomb E become empty now paste below formula in whole coulomb E


Your sheet become like this

Now select whole coulomb E and copy and then past special as values

Then Delete Coulomb D

To See video how is it done play the below video