How to Format Multilevel outline in few Clicks

We all use multilevel outline lists in word, some time we spend too much time to format various level in list its very hectic and tedious process, there is as easy way to do it in Word 2007 and Word 2010 and option is Smartart Vertical Box List , from this option you can format you boring list to 3-D listing, below there is defined how it is done.

1) In 2007 and 2010 highlight and the copy outline list

2) From insert tab chose SmartArt and open Smartart Grapic Dialog Box.

3) From left side chose list then select Vertical List Box,

4) Once Vertical Box List inserted, Click to select and display the Type your text here dialog box. If this doesn’t work right click and then chose the option Show Text pan


5) Click in theĀ Type your text here dialog box, and then press Ctrl+A to select the box’s old or default outline, and then press Ctrl+V to paste your outline. Your result will resemble the Picture Below


6) you can add finishing touch by clicking Vertical Box List form this appear smartArt Tool Menu under this there is as Design tool you can change color to desirable color scheme

design tab you can change style such as Sunset style

8) Smartart Graphics are limited to single page so if you have data more than one page you have to break it into pages its one of the drawback of this.