Multiple Sessions

A user can create or open multiple sessions in the R/3 system, up to six sessions at once. Multiple sessions allow a user to perform more than one transaction at once. A session is just another window of R/3. Each session can be closed or ended when no longer needed, and all sessions will be closed when logging off of R/3.

How Do I Create Multiple Sessions in R/3?

Choose ONE of the following options from any screen.

1. Follow the menu path: SystemCreate Session


2. Click on the Creates a new session button.


3. Left click on the
SAP button located in the top left of the screen (Menu bar) and click on Create Session (valuable when the hour glass is “running” in R/3 and buttons or paths are not available).


4. Enter /O in the Command field on the Title Bar and click on the New Session button (see Transaction and Command Codes).

How Do I End a Multiple Session in R/3?

1. Follow the menu path: SystemEnd Session


2. Click on the
Close button on the Menu bar (far right corner) to close the window.

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