Oracle or SAP which one is Better?

During my work experience in different companies, I was asked same question again and again sometime by company employees some by my friends, which software is better Oracle or SAP.

I use to give answer on the basses of their needs or need of company. Now here I decided some general differences between Oracle and SAP B1, but keep in mind these are my views and does’t mean to discriminate any software, any manufacture, implementer or any user.

Feature comparison

Feature Oracle SAP B1 Remarks
Inbuilt Drag n Drop Reports No
SQL programmer is required to develop customized reports.
Managers and other non-technical users can also develop simple reports
Print Layout Drag-n-Drop Customization No
Skilled resource is required to setup print layouts.
A naive user can change print layouts by drag and drop like WYSWYG editors.
WYSIWYG refers to “What You See is What You Get”
Data Import Requires Advance User
Database Level
Requires Advance User
Application Level
Data Import from Excel and other formats
Module Plug-ins Only Oracle
Only Oracle developed plug-ins.
SAP and Third Parties
Other than SAP, a large number of third-party plug-ins are available. We can develop our own modules inside SAP.
Integration with Microsoft Outlook Yes,  Limited Yes Emails can be linked to documents and emails can become source documents for a process using Outlook integration.
Chart of Accounts Up-to 30 Levels, No Segmentation Up-to 5 Levels and 9 Segments The term “Segmentation” refers to the segregation of one natural account data into different regions, locations etc without making levels in chart of accounts.
Instant Reporting No
Users have to put a request to server and check the status himself if the report is completed or still in progress.
Single click access to reports instantly.
Popup based Document Approval No
Email alerts are possible through “Oracle Alerts” which can be purchased as plugin.
Managers get popups instantly.
Intuitive, Storable, Interactive Reports Plain Text Reports exportable to PDF, Excel etc Sorting, Grouping / Ungrouping and filters without exporting to Excel. Report view/designer for users.
User Interface Complex User Friendly
Blackberry & Mobile Devices Access Yes Yes
Plug-in readily available
Application Architecture 3 Tier
(UI, Business Logic, DB)
2 Tier
(DB and Client)
Resource Person Cost High Low
Learning Time Comparatively High Comparatively Low
OS Platform Platform Independent
Windows, Linux, Solaris
Database Oracle Microsoft SQL Server
Implementation Time Comparatively High Comparatively Low
Scalability 0 products up 2 products up
Client Application Installation at User Machines Not Required Required
Loading Time of Application over Internet Not tested yet Not tested yet
Product Maturity and Company Experience Oracle launched its “Financials” in 1989
about 20+ years ago
SAP launched its first full ERP in 1973

about 37+ years ago

Additional Licensing None MS SQL Server, SDK

Cost comparison

And here is cost comparison

Oracle Financials SAP B1 Remarks
No of Users 15 20 Both companies claim that the quoted number of users is within the legal boundaries.
Implementation Time 6 Months 4 Months
(3 Consultants)
Approximate, needs further discussion.
License Cost $30,000 $24,907 Microsoft academic discount applied on SQL Server @ $6,000