Purchase Requisition and fields (Part 1)

Purchase Requisition (PR) is the basic document in Procurement process. In automated environment, it is essence of process. It has many important characteristic which affects Purchase Orders, vendor selection, goods receiving and finally invoicing process.

In this part, I would keep it very simple and basic, next part I will touch on advance usage. There are different types of PR depending on procurement type:

1) Standard /Stock item

2) Account Assignment

3) Services

4) Subcontracting

5) Blanket Purchase Requisition

Standard Purchase Requisition:

Standard PR is used to procure material that will come in stock/ Inventory before issued for usage. In this case, creator of PR is Store Keeper/ personals. Off course they do it on demand from user and as part of annual planned usage.

In SAP, to create standard Purchase requisition, you must enter Plant, purchasing group and material Code. Material code is necessary because it has to be stored and handled in store. In order to identify material it becomes necessity.

Usage of other fields is as follows:



Storage Location If you enter value in this field, system will not allow goods receipt in any other storage location. Normally you can leave this field blank.
Attachment In order to attach any specification or other details, it can be used.
Status Indicator This indicator shows current status of this purchase requisition in procurement process. (i.e. is it in at quotation level, PO level etc)
Supply tab Supply tab has different options such as Agreement, fixed vendor etc. that can be entered in order to give quick reference and pace up procurement process.