Purchase Requisition: Parts and Types (Part 2)

Before proceeding on type of PR as mentioned in last part (Part 1), I would go through different parts of Purchase Requisition (normally all purchasing Document have these parts)

1) Header Data (Contains data that is pertinent to whole Purchase Requisition e.g. subject of PR, purpose of Procurement etc)

2) Item overview (It contains Summary of procurement items e.g. type of procurement, item to be procured, and purchasing group etc. This part shows list of all line items.)

3) Item details (It contains details of each line item e.g. estimated values, status of line item in Procurement process, material details, creator etc. This tab displays only one line item at a time.)

Determining Types of Purchase Requisitions:

Types are determined by two fields present in item overview.

(1) Account Assignment (A)

(2) Item Category (I)

We have different options in Account assignment depending on requirement. If we have selected value in Account Assignment field then this procurement would be Account assigned. If we select this option, it employees we will consume it directly in a cost centre, Asset under construction, project or to meet a sales order. This would help to charge cost directly to these areas rather than waiting for store to release costs.

In item category, we decide type of procurement item, whether it is standard material, service, subcontracting material or consignment.

The drop down in these fields is self explanatory. Combination of these two fields gives different types for example

Account Assignment Item Category PR type
Blank Blank Standard /Stock item
Blank L (subcontracting) Subcontracting
A D (Services) Services (For Asset under construction)
K D (services) Services (For Cost Centre)
A/K/P…… Blank Account Assignment