Familiarizing with TABs in Microsoft Excel 2010

As in the previous article Anatomy of Ribbon and its user interface in Microsoft office 2010 I have explained the anatomy of ribbon in Microsoft Excel 2010, basic structure and strategy behind structure, and also explained different parts of ribbon, now in this article I am going to explain further about one part of ribbon that is TABĀ 

As it was explained each tab in Microsoft excel ribbon contains different group of functions that are bit related to each other in finalizing single task, don’t panic by counting number of commands in each tab , it will take time to become familiarizing with commands, you will get expert with time.

Microsoft excel 2010 ribbon contains seven type of default, those are File, Home, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, and View, let go through one by one from each tab to get familiar with them.

File tab

This is first tab and always remain colored , it contain most basic functions of open, close , save , Print and info etc.


Second tab is home, it contain commands mostly related to formatting , it also have command to insert and delete rows and coulomb


Anything you want to insert in your spread sheet, this is tab for this purpose and you can insert charts, tables, picture, draw shapes.

Page layout

This tab deals with visual of spreadsheet, it means how the sheet look like when printed or even on your screen, common function in it deals with sheet size, orientation, color, font, print areas and so on.


This tab contains all formulas and button to insert formulas or functions, in Excel 2010 same type of formulas and function are group together.


This tab work as data manager tab, you can manage spreadsheet data from this tap, you can also connect to external data through this tab


Review tabs do the same what you do when you review you working, yes it do spell checks, it track changes , add comments and so on .


By using this tab you can control visual interaction with your sheet,

“At the end one thing you should know about ribbon in Microsoft Excel 2010 that you can minimize the ribbon whenever you want and bring it back, you can do that by right clicking on the ribbon, it will show you option.”