The 5 Keys Of Being An Effective Leader

To be an effective leader, one must lead by example. To be an effective leader, one must use the strategies of duplication. The 5 keys are to lead by example, duplication, self-improvement, sacrifice and listening. Lets take each one of the 5 keys separately.

Lead by example

. Everything a leader does must be done with honesty and integrity. Your team must be proud to tell others who their sponsor/leader is. A true leader will always tell the truth when asked. For example, you will see many emails about how easy Network Marketing is, The truth of the matter is Network Marketing is not easy, is it worth the effort required? the answer is yes if you want to make a significant income. A true leader will tell you that it is not an easy industry. A real leader will tell you that your income is dependent on the amount of effort you are willing to put into your business. A leader will tell you that you will not get rich working your business 4-5 hours a week, if you want real income from your business, be prepared to put in 10-20 hours a week. An effective leader will teach you how to make the best use of the hours you have available, which leads us to the next key.


. An effective leader must teach the power of duplication. If your downline is unable to duplicate the things that you do, your organization will fall apart. Duplication starts at the top. The things that a leader does must be the exact same things that are done on your 4th level or your 17th level. A leader must be more of a teacher than anything else. Consider duplication as a snowball at the top of a hill, as it starts to roll down the hill it will duplicate itself, getting larger and larger, gathering momentum as it goes, eventually it will become so large and have so much momentum it will be unable to be stopped, just like your business will be unable to be stopped if you use the power of duplication.

Self Improvement.

An effective leader will always work on themselves, will work on improving the way they do things, will work on the way they teach others. Effective leaders are constantly reading self-improvement books,listening to self-improvement cd’s, going to seminars, are on every call their company puts out. They know that the only way to improve their business is to improve themselves. Want to get your business growing? find out what the leaders of your business are reading or listening to.


A true leader will always sacrifice many things in order to help you grow your business. Try going to lunch with your sponsor and see who pays. A leader will always be willing to sacrifice their time to help you. Ask them for help with a new prospect and I guarantee they will offer their time for a 3 way call. I have seen many leaders who will drive a hundred miles to do an in home presentation for you. I have seen many leaders put on training sessions for their team, whether in person or on a conference call. If you need a 3-way call to Australia done at 3am, I have yet to meet a leader who would not do that for you..


. If you want to make your business grow just do what your leader does and that is to listen. They listen to a prospects needs to see where they can help. They listen to the needs of their downline to see where they can help. A leader understands why they were given 1 mouth and 2 ears.