The most common and the most difficult job interview questions II

Why should we hire you?

This is a great opportunity for you to once again highlight your abilities, qualifications, experience and personal attributes. This is your chance to stress the added value that you will bring that no other candidate could. Develop a succinct, convincing sales presentation, and do not forget to end on a positive note. Make sure that you use effective interview vocabulary which would refer back to the job description and the qualities desired by the company demonstrating how you have previously expressed them in your prior professional experience. As this is one of the focal points of any interview take your time to rehearse your answer – repeat it out loud and invite an audience of friends and family. Get comfortable with your answer before the actual day of the interview.

What do you look for in a job?

This is a question that you would need to think about well in advance. You need to be clearly aware what it is that you really want. Making compromises with your employment would only fire back in the future. Think about the perfect job. Think about what you would need on a personal level, as a member in the new team, from your managers and the general corporate culture. Keep your answers to the opportunities at this organization. Talk about your desire to perform and be recognized for your contributions. Make your answer oriented toward opportunity rather than personal security.

Give me your definition of [the position for which you are being interviewed].

Try to keep your answer concise and task-oriented. Think in terms of responsibilities and accountability. It is important to really understand what the position involves and requires. The recruiter is looking to evaluate your understanding of the job requirements in order to ensure that you will comply with the needs of the position. On the other hand, there is also a great opportunity to ask questions if you are not sure that you completely gasp the content. Ask the interviewer; he or she may answer the question for you.
How long would it take you to make a meaningful contribution to our firm?
Be realistic. Emphasize on the fact that you would expect to meet pressing demands and pull your own weight from the first day. Yet, be honest and give a realistic evaluation of your ability to adapt to a new environment.

How long would you stay with us?

Keep focused on the reasons why you want to stay with this company and build a career there. Once again you need to be very clear about what motivates you to devote your efforts to a company and share that. In the end, it is important, not only that you are a great fit to the job but also that the job is a good fit to you. Unless this is the case you risk finding yourself looking for a new job in the near future. Think in terms of, “As long as we both feel we are beneficial for each other.”