Workbook and worksheet in Microsoft Excel 2010

When you are using Microsoft Excel 2010 you will hear workbook and worksheet time and time again, let us familiarize with it.Whenever you create a new file or new document of Microsoft excel, what you do, you create it and then save it somewhere, that file is also called as workbook in Microsoft language, each work book contain one or many work sheet, you can see those sheets at the bottom of work book , you can switch between those sheet by clicking on them, in the end of that sheets the is a small tab , by pressing this tab you can create new work sheet , it’s a shortcut to create new work sheet.

Each sheet is made-up of rows and column and each column and rows are made up of cells and each cell has a address, if you click on A in the sheet whole column will be selected

If you click on 1 in Microsoft excel worksheet entire row will be highlighted as shown in picture above .

To see the cell address click anywhere in the sheet that particular cell will be highlighted, you can see the address of that cell in address bar as shown in picture above.

The address of cell is made up of combination of column and row address, as you see in the picture above top left cell is selected so address of this cell is A1, first letter represent column and second represent row

There are 17 billion cells in ingle work sheet of Microsoft excel 2010, it means Microsoft excel 2010 has 104876 rows and 16384 columns, if you need more rows or column you need to start another worksheet