Working with CONTREXTUAL Tab in Microsoft Excel 2010

In previous tutorial of Microsoft Excel 2010 you get familiar with TABs, but that’s not all there are one other type of tab in Microsoft excel 2010 which is called as CONTEXTUAL TAB, these tabs are same as normal tabs but only appears when you need it, question is what it contains

As I told you these tabs appear only when particular function is activated, because contextual tab contains commands which are directly related to particular function. You can understand this by an example easily, let’s put picture in the sheet you will see contextual tab will appear with relevant functions, let me show you in step by step method.

First click insert button on main tab, then click shape button, you will see a drop down menu appears, this is not contextual tab, click the rectangle shape

Now click on you spread sheet to embed that rectangle, whenever you click this rectangle in you sheet a contextual tab will appear on the top containing function directly related with it.