Why and who commit fraud in organization?

Whenever we hear of fraud this question is usually asked why people do fraud, and the most common answer we get is if one is poor and he is unable to meet his needs that’s why he did the fraud to get extra money, but answer is wrong in 99 % cases, then question is what’s the correct answer?

In my experience frauds are mostly conducted by middle or senior managers, even if it is conducted by junior staff , I always found the responsible person at manager post or around that post, why is that so?, why senior and well paid personal commit frauds ? , this is the right question.

I usually ask this question form the person found guilty of committing fraud, but never able to get satisfactory answer, but the most astonishing thing is that even they don’t know why they commit the fraud; I always found them confused about the reason, begging for sorry and asking to give permission to pay back the money with fine and in case of job they are asking to get there resign instead of termination.

What I can understand is most people commit fraud to deceive the system, or to prove in their own eyes that they are very wise and intelligent, you can say this is the case where one want to prove that he is the man.

But some people have habit to commit fraud, this is very strange wording but this is also a reality. Like once I saw lady being caught by security guards while stealing the pair of socks from a shop, on enquiry she said she don’t know why she did this, she paid the price and fine and went straight into her shofar driven Car parked outside the mail, this proves that it’s her habit, if one find these type of people in the organization they should immediately be fired because they use to repeat their action again and again, and usually find no guilt in it.

Last thing I can understand is people like to abuse their powers, in this cases most of time fraud is not in monetary terms, like one can afford to travel on their personal expense but they abuse the companies’ car, like people do have internet at their home but like to download data on office internet, in this case it’s better to address the problem of individual rather to punish them, and there comes the responsibility of HR department.