Command Codes

What is a Command Code?

• A way to navigate R/3 without using the User Menu.

• A two or three digit value, usually beginning with a forward slash (/), that performs functions like opening or closing sessions and transactions.

• Most command codes can be used alone or with a four-digit transaction code as outlined below.

How Do I Use a Command Code?

1. Enter a command code (by itself or in front of a Transaction Code) in the Command field.

2. Click on the Enter button or press Enter to move directly to the initial transaction screen.

What are Commonly Used Command Codes?

Note: xxxx = insert a transaction code

/Nxxxx Ends current transaction and starts new transaction (within the same session)
/Oxxxx Opens session and starts new transaction. Maintains current transactions / sessions
/N Ends current transaction within a session Returns to SAP R/3 System screen
/O Displays all current sessions / transactions Provides option to open new session Provides option to close a session
/Nend Logs off SAP R/3
/I Ends current transaction and returns to previous transaction (within the same session)
SU3 Opens User Information Maintenance screen (SystemUser ProfileOwn Data) See the Setting User Profile section.


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