Introduction to business back ground AND Audit scope and objective

Introduction to business back ground

Under this head of we cove about the company we are auditing like that

XXX Company is part of XXX company (if the company is part of any other company) with the benefits of over 50 years experience in XXXX (here you should the business of company, like distribution manufacturing, services etc). (If it is high rank company do tell its ranking here) it is one of the largest Manufacturing company and one of the leading companies in XXXX (country name or city name).

In next paragraph you can write this

The advantage of a wide Manufacturing line , wide spread network and strong Branding  enables XXXX (company name)  to render services to retail and wholesale outlets,  institutions on a nationwide basis. XXX (Company) presently operate through a network of ##  and  ## number of manufacturing units (number of Branches or outlet or sale centre) branches, which are spread across the country

Audit scope and objective

In this part we use to mention the scope of audit which was previously agreed and mention the processes which were audited and sub process of each process i.e.

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