Navigating R/3 Using the User Menu

The User Menu comprises folders that contain R/3 transactions. Users will see all transactions, but will have access only to the transactions allowed in their profile.

Favorites is the top folder and can be customized by each user.

The Key Websites folder contains hyperlinks to important Duke Web sites.

The three primary folders are:

HR: contains human resources and payroll functions;

Financials: contains financial functions; and

Purchasing: contains procurement functions.

A limited number of users have access to functions contained in the Project Planning… and Central Office Reporting folders.

How Do I Use the Menu Bar?

1. To open a folder and view its transactions, click on the button beside a folder.

2. To execute the transaction, double click on the transaction’s name.

NOTE: Even though a transaction may be listed, a user will have access to it based on his or her profile.

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