Tips and Tricks

How Do I Hide the Windows Taskbar?

The Windows Taskbar is part of the Microsoft Windows software and appears on any screen (at the bottom or side) in any Windows based application. The Taskbar can be set to automatically “hide” when not in use and can easily be accessed when needed again.

1. To hide the Windows Taskbar from any screen, follow the menu path (see below): StartSettingsTaskbar & Start Menu…

2. On the Taskbar Properties screen, click on the General tab.

3. Click in the check box beside Always on top and Auto hide to select those options (if not already checked).

4. To finish, first click on the Apply button, then click on the OK button (both located at bottom of dialog box) Note: The Windows taskbar is now hidden. To see the Taskbar, drag the pointer off the bottom of the screen. To hide the bar again, return the mouse to the screen.

How Do I Create a Shortcut on My Desktop for a Frequently Used Transaction?

A button on the Standard Toolbar allows you to create a shortcut to frequently used R/3 transactions. This shortcut appears as an icon on your PC desktop.

1. Navigate to the initial screen for the transaction that is frequently used (e.g., the initial screen of your favorite report).

2. Click on the Generates a Shortcut on the Desktop button to display the New SAP GUI Shortcut screen (see below).

3. Click on the OK button to complete the process.

4. If prompted, click on the OK button to clear the message that the shortcut has been created on the desktop.

How Do I Use the Shortcut from My Desktop?

1. Obtain a security ticket via the Authentic Login (Kerberos) icon (see Logging into R/3 section of this Guide).

2. To open R/3 and go to the initial screen for that transaction, double click on the shortcut icon on your desktop.

How Do I Maximize/Minimize the R/3 Window?

The “maximize / minimize” button is located in the middle of three Windows buttons in the upper right corner of any R/3 screen. The buttons have a duller highlight until the cursor is paused on each button. Each time the middle button is clicked, the screen toggles between being maximized or minimized. Maximizing each R/3 screen (window) is recommended to allow better viewing and access of the R/3 buttons.

1. Click on the middle button in the upper right corner of the screen to toggle between maximizing and minimizing the size of the screen.

How Do I Stop a Transaction (the “Hour Glass”)?

1. Left click on the
SAP button located in the top left of the screen.

2. Click on Stop Transaction option and allow a few seconds or minute for R/3 to cancel the transaction.

Note: Once stopped a message will appear indicating the transaction was stopped or reset. A previous screen, such as the SAP Easy Access screen, will be displayed. In addition, the option to Create a New Session is available under this button, if a user prefers not to stop a transaction but needs to continue working in another session while the transaction is finishing.

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