Track it Audit Software

Gain Control of Your Hardware and Software Assets Through Automated Discovery and Comprehensive Auditing

IT professionals in small, medium and large organizations are tasked with maintaining business continuity, delivering superior end user support and managing accountability through detailed reporting. Creating and maintaining an accurate inventory of hardware and software in their environments is an essential foundation for meeting these requirements. Numara® Track-It!® helps you build this foundation with an accurate inventory of all your IT assets. With the press of a button, Numara Track-It! allows you to automatically discover, audit and populate inventory, providing all the essential information needed to manage your mix of PCs, servers, printers, routers, software and other IT assets. Once you have established a comprehensive inventory of hardware and software, you’re ready to take your asset management solution to the next level with the Numara Track-It! asset management add-on modules:

• Numara® Track-It!® Mac Audit

• Numara® Track-It!® Bar Code

• Numara® Deploy

• Numara® Patch Manager

• Numara® Network Monitor

• Numara® Remote

Easy to Get Started, Easy to Manage

The Numara Track-It! Installation and Configuration Wizards make getting started easy. The Installation Wizard sets up the Numara Track-It! application, database and all necessary components for configuring and managing the Numara Track-It! system. The Configuration Wizard, which can be run at any time, leads administrators through all of the key steps for configuring technicians and end-users and for discovering and auditing assets. The Numara Track-It! Administration Console simplifies managing change by allowing the adjustment of configuration settings, such as on-demand or scheduled audits, from a centralized location.

Automated Asset Discovery

The Numara Track-It! built-in asset discovery functionality finds all IP-based devices on a network and presents them to be added to inventory as audited PCs or as non-PC assets. Network discovery minimizes the need for manual identification of IT assets and discovers devices that might be missed in manual processes.

With Numara Track-It! Discovery, IT Administrators Can:

• Discover assets via Microsoft® Windows® network domains, IP address ranges and/or Microsoft® Active Directory® Organizational Units

• Perform network scans on-demand to update inventory

• Schedule network scans to keep asset inventories constantly up-to-date1

• Initiate immediate hardware and software audits of discovered PCs

Software License Management1

The Software License Management module integrates with Help Desk, Purchasing and Inventory. This allows administrators to manage installed software in compliance with software licenses purchased. Integrated license management limits exposure to vendor audits and helps control costs by identifying software assets that are unused.

Software License Module Enables Technicians to:

• Reconcile purchased licenses with deployed licenses

• Group multiple licenses under one title for easy tracking

• Receive notification of impending license expirations and critical usage levels.

Simplified Auditing, Proactive Asset Management

For maximum efficiency, Numara Track-It! Audit gathers detailed hardware, software and operating system configuration data from Microsoft® Windows® 98SE, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista systems. This data creates a baseline audit, which is used to populate the Inventory module with items to be tracked. Each successive audit identifies and captures differences, reducing the amount of data merged into the Numara Track-It! Database. This enables proactive management of hardware problems, unsupported components, software versions in use and software license compliance.

Numara Track-It! Audit and Inventory Provide:

• On-demand or scheduled audit capability enabling the most up-to-date asset information

• Centralized management of audit settings through the Administration Console

• Centralized repository where all tracked asset information resides for easy access by all stakeholders

Numara Track-It! Audit Can be Run by:

• Clicking audit workstation now in the technician client to audit on-demand

• Scheduling audits to run during specific times

• Implementing Windows login scripts to automatically audit systems

• Inserting a floppy disk to audit standalone systems

• Accessing the Field Tech Web or Self Service through a Web browser at any location

Add-on Modules

Numara Track-It! Mac Audit

Perform audits on Apple®, Intel® or PowerPC Macintosh® systems 10.5,10.4, 10.3, 10.2, 10.1 and 9.2 with Numara Track-It! Mac Audit. Hardware and software information collected from Macintosh systems are stored, managed and viewed in Numara Track-It! Inventory along with audit information for Microsoft Windows systems.

Numara Track-It! Mac Audit Enables IT Professionals to:

• Perform comprehensive auditing of both software and hardware on Macintosh systems

• Remotely deploy Mac Audit through Apple’s Remote Login (SSH)

• Support AppleTalk®, SMB and TCP/IP protocols

• Execute on-demand or scheduled audits of remote Macintosh systems

• Audit segregated and disconnected network environments

• Capture the content of files on remote systems

• Remotely execute administrative scripts to perform advanced auditing and configuration tasks

Numara Track-It! Bar Code

Accurately identify, validate and transfer any asset quickly and easily. Seamlessly integrates into Numara Track-It!. In seconds, download information into the Bar Code scanner for association with an asset type, location, department and user. With Numara Track-It! Bar Code, you’ll:

• Reconcile scanned assets prior to transferring them into inventory

• Validate, transfer, add and identify any (PC and non-PC) asset in your environment

• Track new, existing and missing assets from previous scans

• Be up and running in minutes

Numara Deploy

Now you can quickly, easily and reliably distribute application software to Microsoft Windows® laptops and PCs across any connection, anywhere! Numara Deploy makes it simple to package software for distribution then install, remove, update and repair software applications from your help desk PCs.

• Build custom software installation packages with no scripting required

• Automatically push out and install applications – users always have latest software

• Repair applications remotely without dispatching a technician – agents fix user problems instantly by just dragging an dropping icons

• Remove illegal software through quick “search and destroy”

Numara Patch Manager

Scan and deploy security patches to multiple workstations, all from a central console. Keep your IT infrastructure running 24/7 with Numara Patch Manager!

• Simply and quickly manage, update and download all your patch updates for Microsoft Operating Systems, Microsoft applications and selected third party applications (i.e. Adobe® Acrobat®, WinZip® and more) installed across your network

• Assess the patch status of all Microsoft-based workstations on your network – up to 100,000 nodes – as well as validate any existing patches that have been installed

• Generate executive summaries, top ten reports, or workstation inventories, or view trend over time reports for each workstation

Numara Network Monitor

Numara Network Monitor provides quick and easy installation and usage: be up and running in hours, not days. User-friendly – no complex training required. Monitor any IP networked device on your LAN – even printers. Centrally monitor network ports, counters and services in real time.

Numara Remote

The right remote control solution is a critical part of your IT problem solving toolkit. With Numara Remote, help desk technicians can remotely diagnose and solve end user problems. This means your customers receive fast, secure, and accurate assistance with their first call – no more expensive onsite visits or downtime.

• Complete remote control of user mouse and keyboard

• Bi-directional file transfers

• Secure, authenticated communication

• Firewall friendly

• Multiple technicians share access to users’ desktops

• Multi- Windows platform support

• Help Desk Integration