Transaction Codes

Transaction and command codes are used to navigate in R/3 without using the User Menu and can be entered in the Command field on R/3 screens (see example below).

Note: If the Command field is not displayed, click on the button to display the field. Click on the button to hide the Command field if desired.

What is a Transaction Code?

• A quicker way to navigate to a transaction screen as opposed to using the User Menu.

• Four- or five-characters that identify a “transaction” in R/3 (e.g., ME51 = Create a Purchase Requisition, ZFR1 = Duke Favorites Tree, or PO03 = Maintain Job).

How Can I Find the Transaction Code for a Particular Transaction?

1. Use the User Menu to navigate to a transaction screen.

2. At the transaction screen, follow the menu path: System Status…

3. Locate the transaction code displayed in the Transaction field on the System: Status screen.

4. Click on the
Continue button or press Enter to exit the System: Status screen.

Tip: As a short cut, click on the
Drop Down/Open button located on the Status bar (bottom of a screen) and view the Transaction Code listed in the box.

How Do I Use a Transaction Code?

1. Enter the four- or five-character digit transaction code (upper or lower case) in the Command Field on the SAP Easy Access screen.

Note: From screens other than the SAP R/3 system screen, a two-digit command code must be entered in front of the transaction code in the command field.

2. Click on the
Enter button or press Enter to move directly to the initial transaction screen.

Tip: Click on the
Drop down / Open button to the right of the command field to view previously used transaction codes. Double-click on the desired code to move to a transaction screen.

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