Using Save & Save As command in Microsoft Excel 2010

While working in Microsoft Excel 2010 one thing you should remember that you should keep on saving your work, maybe you know that Microsoft Excel 2010 auto save you work after every few min, so if your system get shutdown you will only lost your few minutes workings.

Best practice is to save you working after with different names, so that if you want to retrieve your data, you can have it from various bench marks.

To save you data open the File Tab, in File tab of Microsoft Excel 2010 there are two options to save data, that are SAVE and SAVE AS

By clicking save option you current date overwrite previous data, and by using SAVE AS command in Microsoft Excel 2010 you can save you data with different name and location to avoid overwriting the previous data.

Save command is also available in Quick assess toolbar in Microsoft excel 2010, you can also add SAVE AS command in Microsoft excel 2010 quick assess toolbar, to read how to do that read the article. You can add any command in quick access toolbar of Microsoft excel 2010.