SAP Transaction Code with description starting with I to L

SAP is the ERP system which can be used by the help of SAP transaction code, Sap transaction code are actually shortcuts for entering any transaction and getting any Report, in SAP there is round about 16,000 Sap transaction code.

The full list of transaction codes is maintained in the tables TSTC and TSTCT. So, you can have a look via SE16 in your own SAP system as well

In this article I am giving SAP transaction code along with reports code and there descriptions, I am arraigning it in alphabetical order.

INTRODUCTION AND DOWNLOAD ALL SAP Transaction Code with description

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with A to E

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with F to H

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with I to L

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with M

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with N to O

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with P to T

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with U to Z

TA     Report         Header Description

IAOMA  IAOM_LOG_REPOR Log for Account Assignment Manager

IAOMB  IAOM_LOG_DELET Delete Acc. Assignment Manager Log

IAOMC  IAOM_LINK_ANAL Object Link Analysis Acct Managemen

IAOM0  IAOM_BUSINESS  Business Scenario Translator

IAOM1  IAOM_CSCENARIO Maintain Controlling Scenario

IAOM2  IAOM_CUST_CO   Maintain Controlling Integration


IA01   SAPLCPDI       Create Equipment Task List

IA02   SAPLCPDI       Change Equipment Task List

IA03   SAPLCPDI       Display Equipment Task List

IA04   RMIAPL70       Display PM/SM Task List (A;E;T)

IA05   SAPLCPDI       Create general task list

IA06   SAPLCPDI       Change General Maintenance Task Lis

IA07   SAPLCPDI       Display General Task List

IA08   RIPLKO10       Change PM Task Lists

IA09   RIPLKO10       Display Task Lists

IA10   RIPLKO20       Display Task Lists (Multilevel)

IA11   SAPLCPDI       Create FunctLoc Task List

IA12   SAPLCPDI       Change FunctLoc Task List

IA13   SAPLCPDI       Display FunctLoc Task List

IA15   RMIAPL40       Task List Original Change Docs

IA16   RMIAPL20       Cost Maintenance Task Lists

IA17   RMIAPL30       Print Maintenance Task Lists

IA18   RMIAPL10       Display Task Lists by Class Search

IA19   RMIAPL10       Change Task Lists by Class Search

IA21   RMIAPL50       Evaluate Task List Change Documents

IA25   RPMREDE2       Deletion of PM Task Lists

IBIP   SAPLIBIP       PM: Batch Input Utility

IBIPA  IBIPBAL        Transaction for BAL of IBIP

IBI2   RIIBIP00       Plant Maintenance Batch Input

IB01   SAPMC29S       Create Equipment BOM

IB02   SAPMC29S       Change Equipment BOM

IB03   SAPMC29S       Display Equipment BOM

IB05   SAPMC29S       Change Equipment BOM Group

IB06   SAPMC29S       Display Equipment BOM Group

IB07   SAPLCSAL       Assign Equipment BOM to Plant

IB08   SAPLCSAL       Change Equipment BOM – Plant Alloc.

IB09   SAPLCSAL       Display Equipment BOM Plant Alloc.

IB11   SAPMC29S       Create Functional Location BOM

IB12   SAPMC29S       Change Functional Location BOM

IB13   SAPMC29S       Display Functional Location BOM

IB15   SAPMC29S       Change FunctLocation BOM Group

IB16   SAPMC29S       Display FunctLocation BOM Group

IB17   SAPLCSAL       Create FunctLoc. BOM Plant Assignmn

IB18   SAPLCSAL       Change FunctLoc. BOM Plant Alloc.

IB19   SAPLCSAL       Display FunctLoc. BOM Plant Alloc.

IB51   SAPLIBOF       Create IBase

IB52   SAPLIBOF       Change IBase

IB53   SAPLIBOF       Display IBase

IB54   SAPLIBOF       Change Two Installed Bases

IB55   SAPLIBOF       Display Two Installations

IB61   SAPLIBSD       Create Installed Base with Referenc

IB80   SAPMC29B       Change Documents for Equipment BOM

IB81   SAPMC29B       FunctLocation BOM Change Documents

IB90   SAPMSNUM       Equipment BOM Number Ranges

IB91   SAPMSNUM       FunctLocation BOM Number Ranges

ICNV   SAPLSDB9       Incremental Conversion


IDCP   IDPRCNINVOICE  Printout on Prenumbered Forms

IDDH   IDPR_INVOICE_HAUsed Prenumbered Forms Report

IDOC   SAPMSEDR       IDoc: Repair and check programs

IDVD   IDPR_INVOICE_VOVoid Unused Prenumbered Forms

IDX1   IDXPORT        Port Maintenance in IDoc Adapter

IDX2   IDXMETA        Metadata Overview for IDoc Adapter

IDX3   IDXGETPARTNER  Mass Assgt of IDoc to Log. Partners

IDX4   IDXPARTNER     Assgt of IDoc to Log. Partners

IDX5   IDX_SHOW_MESSAGSAP Adapter – Monitoring

IECS   MENUIECS       Technical Objects


IE01   SAPMIEQ0       Create Equipment

IE02   SAPMIEQ0       Change Equipment

IE03   SAPMIEQ0       Display Equipment

IE05   RIEQUI20       Change Equipment

IE06   RIEQUI20       Change Equipment

IE07   RIEQUI30       Equipment List (Multi-level)

IE08   SAPMIEQ0       Create Equipment

IE10   SAPMIEQ5       Multiple Equipment Entry

IE20   RIEQUI_ALT_SEARReplacement Equipment Search

IE25   SAPMIEQ0       Create Production Resource/Tool

IE31   SAPMIEQ0       Create Fleet Object

IE36   RIFLET20       Display Vehicles

IE37   RIFLET20       Change Vehicles

IE4N   SAPLIPW4       Equipment Installation and Removal

IFCU   SAPLITOBFLTCON Consumption Transaction

IF00   MENUIF00       Production Resources/Tools

IHCFX  RBFXNET        FX netting with In House Cash

IHCRVS RFCHAINRVS     Reversal of IHC Payment Orders

IHC01  IHC_BCAREVPO_ALCross-Bank Area Orders

IH01   RIIFLO10       Functional Location Structure

IH02   RIIRLO10       Reference Location Structure

IH03   RIEQUI10       Equipment Structure

IH04   RIEQUI10       Equipment Structure

IH05   RIMARA10       Material Structure

IH06   RIIFLO20       Display Functional Location

IH07   RIIRLO20       Display Reference Location

IH08   RIEQUI20       Display Equipment

IH09   RIMARA20       Display Material

IH10   RIEQUI20       Display Equipment

IH11   RIIFLO20       Display Functional Location

IH12   RIIFLO10       FunctLocation Structure

IH18   RIIRLO30       Ref. Location List (Multi-Level)

IH20   RIIBAS10       Where-Used List Time

IH21   RIIBAS20       IBase Structural Display

IH22   RIIBAS30       Where-Used List Time Interval


IK01   SAPLIMR0       Create Measuring Point

IK01R  SAPLIMR0       Create Reference Measuring Point

IK02   SAPLIMR0       Change Measuring Point

IK02R  SAPLIMR0       Change Reference Measuring Point

IK03   SAPLIMR0       Display Measuring Point

IK03R  SAPLIMR0       Display Reference Measuring Point

IK04   SAPLIMR0       Create Measuring Points for Object

IK04R  SAPLIMR0       Create Ref. Measuring Points for Ob

IK05   SAPLIMR0       Change Measuring Points for Object

IK05R  SAPLIMR0       Change Ref. Measuring Points for Ob

IK06   SAPLIMR0       Display Measuring Points for Object

IK06R  SAPLIMR0       Display Ref Measuring Points for Ob

IK07   RIIMPT20       Display Measuring Points

IK07R  RIIMPT25       Display Reference Measuring Point

IK08   RIIMPT20       Change Measuring Points

IK08R  RIIMPT25       Change Reference Measuring Point

IK09   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range for Table IMP

IK10R  SAPMILO2       Transfer Data from Ref Measuring Pn

IK11   SAPLIMR0       Create Measurement Document

IK12   SAPLIMR0       Change Measurement Document

IK13   SAPLIMR0       Display Measurement Document

IK14   SAPLIMR0       Collective Entry of MeasDocuments

IK15   SAPLIMR0       Take Up Measurement Reading Transfe

IK16   SAPLIMR0       Collective Entry of MeasDocuments

IK17   RIIMR020       Display Measurement Documents

IK18   RIIMR020       Change Measurement Documents

IK19   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range for Table IMR

IK21   SAPLIMR0       Collective Entry of MeasDocuments

IK22   SAPLIMR0       Collective Entry of MeasDocuments

IK31   SAPLIMR7       Create MeasReading Entry List

IK32   SAPLIMR7       Change MeasReading Entry List

IK33   SAPLIMR7       Display MeasReading entry list

IK34   SAPLIMR0       Collective Entry of MeasDocuments

IK41   RIARCMRI       Display MeasDocs From Archive

IK51   RIMPHIER       MeasReading Transfer Structure

IK52   RIMPHIST       MeasReading Transfer History

IK71   SAPLIMRI       Create Meas. Document in Internet

IL01   SAPMILO0       Create Functional Location

IL02   SAPMILO0       Change Functional Location

IL03   SAPMILO0       Display Functional Location

IL04   SAPMILO1       Create FunctLocation: List Entry

IL05   RIIFLO20       Change Functional Location

IL06   SAPMILO2       Data Transfer From FunctLocation

IL07   RIIFLO30       Funct. Location List (Multi-Level)

IL08   SAPMILO0       Create Functional Location

IL09   RIFLUSPR       User Profile for Labeling

IL10   RI_IFLOS_REUSE Reusability of Historical Labels

IL11   SAPMILO0       Create Reference Location

IL12   SAPMILO0       Change Reference Location

IL13   SAPMILO0       Display Reference Location

IL14   SAPMILO1       Create RefLocation: List Entry

IL15   RIIRLO20       Change Reference Location

IL16   SAPMILO2       Data Transfer from RefLocation

IL17   SAPMILO2       Take up Data Transfer

IL18   SAPMILO2       Data Transfer From Equipment

IL20   RIIFLO20       Change Functional Location

IMAI   RKKBRPTR       CI Management Info System

IMAMB  MASSBACK       Automatic Mass Change

IMAMP  RAIMARED       Blanket Change to Plan Values

IMAN   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: IMAK

IMAP   SAPMKBUD       Change plan for appropriation req.

IMAPL  SAPLAIAWEB1    Overview Planning (Planner)

IMAPL2 SAPLAIAWEB1    Overview Planning

IMAPL3 SAPLAIAWEB1    Overview Planning (Easy Web)

IMAQ   SAPMKBUD       Display plan for appropriation req.

IMAR   SAPMKBUD       Plan investment portion of app.req.

IMAS   SAPMKBUD       Display plan: Appropriation request

IMAV   SAPMKBUD       Change plan revenues

IMAW   SAPMKBUD       Display plan revenues

IMA0   MENUIMA0       Appropriation Requests

IMA1   SAPLAIA1       Create appropriation request

IMA1N  SAPLAIA1       Create Appropriation Request

IMA11  SAPLAIA1       Individual Processing

IMA12  SAPLAIA1       Individual Processing (Planner)

IMA13  SAPLAIA1       Individual Processing (Web Trans.)

IMA2   SAPLAIA1       Change appropriation request

IMA2N  SAPLAIA1       Change Appropriation Request

IMA3   SAPLAIA1       Display appropriation request

IMA3N  SAPLAIA1       Display Appropriation Request

IMA4   SAPLAIA1       Delete appropriation request

IMA4N  SAPLAIA1       Delete Appropriation Request

IMA6   RAIMAVCY       Copy version assignmt to measure

IMBC   RAICCUS1       IM Summariz: Settings in file

IMBD   RAICDHD1       IM Summariz: Delete values/hierarch

IMBE   RAICEND2       IM Summarization: Delete entities

IMBM   RAICMON1       IM Summarization: Monitor

IMBPUP RAIMBPUP       Plan/Budget Rollup

IMB0   RAICHIER       IM Summariz: Replicate hierarchy

IMB1   RAICDAR1       IM Summariz: Replicate curr. values

IMB2   RAICENR1       IM Summariz: Replicate entities

IMB3   RAICDAS2       IM Summariz: Current values in file

IMB4   RAICENS2       IM Summariz: Entities in file

IMB5   RAICDAR2       IM Summariz: Values from file

IMB6   RAICENR2       IM Summariz: Entities from file

IMB7   RAICDAC1       IM Summarization: Copy values

IMB8   RAICDAS3       IM Summariz: Summarized val. in fil

IMCAOV RAIMCAOV       Budget Carryfwd for Inv.Programs

IMCB   RKDBAT02       IM Summarization: Background report

IMCC   SAPMKCC0       IM Summarization: Curr. transl. typ

IMCCP1 RAIMCCP1       Copy Plan -> Budget (Inv.Prog)

IMCCP2 RAIMCCP2       Transfer App.Req. Plan -> Meas. Pla

IMCCP3 RAIMCCP3       Copy Plan -> Budget (Projects)

IMCCP4 RAIMCCP4       Copy Plan -> Budget (Orders)

IMCCV1 RAIMCCP1       Copy Plan Vers. -> PlanVers(InvProg

IMCG   RAIMGENCHAR    Summariz. IM: Gen. User-Def. Char.

IMCK   RICTIMCK       IM Summariz: Calculated key figures

IMCM   SAPMKCB9       IM Summariz: Test monitor f. report

IMCO   RKCOBTR2       IM Summarization: Transport reports

IMCOC1 RAIMCCP1       Consistency Check (Inv.Prog.)

IMCOC3 RAIMCCP3       Consistency Check (Projects)

IMCOC4 RAIMCCP4       Consistency Check (Orders)

IMCP   RKCOBTR4       IM Summarization: Transport forms

IMCRC1 RAIMCCP1       Currency Reacalculation (Inv.Prog.)

IMCRC2 RAIMCRC2       Currency Recalculation (App.Req.)

IMCRC3 RAIMCCP3       Currency Recalculation (Projects)

IMCRC4 RAIMCCP4       Currency Recalculation (Orders)

IMCT   RKCTRTX1       IM Summar: Translation of drilldown

IMCTST RSIMCTST       IMC Test Monitor

IMCTX  RSIMCTRX       Intermode Communication

IMCU   MENUIMCU       Config. menu Investment Management

IMCV   RKES0101       IM Summarization: Global variables

IMCX   RKDREOBE       IM Summarization: Reorg. reports

IMCY   RKDREODA       IM Summarization: Reorg. report dat

IMCZ   RKDREOFO       IM Summarization: Reorg. forms

IMC0   SAPMKCEE       IM Summarization: Execute Report

IMC1   SAPMKCEE       IM Summarization: Create report

IMC2   SAPMKCEE       IM Summarization: Change report

IMC3   SAPMKCEE       IM Summarization: Display report

IMC4   SAPMKES1       IM Summarization: Create form

IMC5   SAPMKES1       IM Summarization: Change form

IMC6   SAPMKES1       IM Summarization: Create form

IMC8   RCNRCJES       IM Summarization: Client copy repor

IMC9   RCNRCJEW       IM Summarization: Client copy form

IMDB   RKDBAT02       App.req: Execute report in backgrnd

IMDC   SAPMKCC0       App. req: Currency translation key

IMDG   RAIMGENCHAR    Generate User-Defined Characteristi

IMDK   RIRTIMDK       App.req: Calculated key figures

IMDM   SAPMKCB9       App.req: Test monitor report

IMDO   RKCOBTR2       App. req: Transport reports

IMDP   RKCOBTR4       App. req: Transport forms

IMDT   RKCTRTX1       App. req: Translate drilldown

IMDV   RKES0101       App. req: Global variables

IMDX   RKDREOBE       App. req: Reorganization reports

IMDY   RKDREODA       App. req: Reorganization report dat

IMDZ   RKDREOFO       App. req: Reorganization of forms

IMD0   SAPMKCEE       App.req: Execute report

IMD1   SAPMKCEE       App.req: Create report

IMD2   SAPMKCEE       App.req: Change report

IMD3   SAPMKCEE       App.req: Display report

IMD4   SAPMKES1       App.req: Create form

IMD5   SAPMKES1       App.req: Change form

IMD6   SAPMKES1       App.req: Display form

IMD8   RCNRCJES       App.req: Client copy report

IMD9   RCNRCJEW       App.req: Client copy form

IMEB   RKDBAT02       Background processing of reports

IMEC   SAPMKCC0       Maint. of currcy.conv. type inv.prg

IMEG   RAIMGENCHAR    Generate User-Defined Characteristi

IMEK   RIPTIMEK       Maintain ratios

IMEM   SAPMKCB9       Test monitor – inv. prog. reports

IMEO   RKCOBTR2       Transport inv. prog. reports

IMEO1  OM_START_NF    Create Inv.Program in Enterprise Or

IMEO2  OM_START_NF    Change Inv.Program in Enterp. Org.

IMEO3  OM_START_NF    Display Inv.Program in Enterp. Org.

IMEP   RKCOBTR4       Transport forms for inv. program

IMEQ   RKCOBTR3       Import inv.prog. rep. frm client 00

IMER   RKCOBTR5       Import forms from client 000

IMET   RKCTRTX1       Transl. tool – Dr.-down rep.

IMEU   RAIPEWU1       Euro conversion: IM postproces.prog

IMEV   RKES0101       Maintain global variables

IMEX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize invest. program reports

IMEY   RKDREODA       Reorganize inv. prog. report data

IMEZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize forms for inv.prog.repor

IME0   SAPMKCEE       Execute Inv. Program Report

IME1   SAPMKCEE       Create cap.inv.program report

IME2   SAPMKCEE       Change cap.inv.program report

IME3   SAPMKCEE       Display cap.inv.prog. report

IME4   SAPMKES1       Create layout set for inv.prog. rep

IME5   SAPMKES1       Change layout set for inv.prog. rep

IME6   SAPMKES1       Display layout set for inv.prog.rep

IME8   RCNRCJES       Client transport-inv. prog.reports

IME9   RCNRCJEW       Client transport of forms

IMIG   SAPLSDB9       Incremental Migration

IMI0   RKKBRPTR       CI Management Info System

IMKBUD RAIMKBUD       Original Budget = Current Budget

IMPBA3 RAIMCCP3       Plan/Budget Adjustment (Projects)

IMPBA4 RAIMCCP4       Plan/Budget Adjustment (Orders)

IMR1   RAIMINFO       Values for Capital Investment Prog.

IMR3   RAIMDELE       Delete Whole Capital Investment Prg

IMR4   RAIMAVAR1      App.Req. w/o Distrib.; w/o Variants

IMR5   RAIMAVAR2      App.Req. w/ Distrib.; w/o Variants

IMR6   RAIMAVAR3      App.Req. w/o Distrib.; w/ Variants

IMR7   RAIMAVAR4      App. Request w/ Distrib. w/ Variant

IMR8   RAIMNOTCON     Non-Assigned Measures/App.Req.

IMR9   RAIMHERCHK     Check of Inheritance in Inv.Program

IMSL   RAIMLANG       Set language for text

IMV1   RAIMAETP       Changes to Investment Programs

IMV2   RAIMAEPR       Changes to CI Program Positions

IM00   MENUIM00       Investment programs

IM01   SAPLAIP2       Create Investment Program

IM02   SAPLAIP2       Change Investment Program

IM03   SAPLAIP2       Display Investment Program

IM05   RAIMACHG       Reassign Measures/Approp.Requests

IM11   SAPLAIP2       Create Investment Program Position

IM12   SAPLAIP2       Change Investment Program Position

IM13   SAPLAIP2       Display Inv. Program Position

IM22   SAPLAIP2       Change Investment Program Structure

IM23   SAPLAIP2       Display Investment Program Structur

IM24   RAIM_GEN_FROM_OCreate Investment Program

IM25   RAIM_GEN_FROM_HCreate Investment Program

IM27   RAIMCOPY       IM: Open new approval year

IM28   RAIMCOPY       Copy investment program

IM30   SAPMKBUD       Change Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos.

IM31   SAPMKBUD       Display Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos.

IM32   SAPMKBUD       Change Budget of Inv. Prog. Positio

IM33   SAPMKBUD       Display Budget of Inv.Prog.Position

IM34   RAIMCOPY       Determining Default Plan Value IM

IM35   SAPMKBUD       Change Plan on Inv. Program Positio

IM36   SAPMKBUD       Display plan on prog. position

IM38   SAPMKBUD       Change return on program position

IM39   SAPMKBUD       Display return on program position

IM40   SAPMKBUD       Change supplement on operative objs

IM41   SAPMKBUD       Display suppmt on operative objects

IM42   SAPMKBUD       Change budget operative objects

IM43   SAPMKBUD       Display budget operative objects

IM44   RAIMCOPY       Determining Default Budget Value IM

IM48   SAPMKBUD       Change return on operative objects

IM49   SAPMKBUD       Display return on operative objects

IM52   RAIMSELM       Process budget distribution

IM53   RAIMSELM       Display budget distribution

IM54   RAIMCOPY       Investment Program Reorganization

IM64   RAIMCOPY       Transfer from Old Investment Progra

INOT   IREAD_NOTIFICATCreate SM/PM Notification IDoc

IN01   SAPMINE0       Create object link

IN02   SAPMINE0       Change object link

IN03   SAPMINE0       Display object link

IN04   SAPMINE0       Create FunctLoc Object Link

IN05   SAPMINE0       Change FunctLoc Object Link

IN06   SAPMINE0       Display FunctLoc Object Link

IN07   SAPMINE0       Create Object Link for Equipment

IN08   SAPMINE0       Change Object Link for Equipment

IN09   SAPMINE0       Display Object Link for Equipment

IN15   RINET0T0       Change FunctLoc Object Network

IN16   RINET0T0       Display Object Network for FunctLoc

IN18   RINET0E0       Change Object Network for Equipment

IN19   RINET0E0       Display Object Network for Equipmen

IN20   SAPMSNUM       Object link number ranges


IPCS   MENUIPCS       Maintenance Planning

IPMACT IPM_ACE_PERIODICalculate and Post Accruals

IPMD   RIIPMD00       Maintain/Display Permits

IPMIMG IPM_IMG        IMG for CRM Accruals

IPM2   RIGENE10       Change Permit

IPM3   RIGENE10       Display Permit

IP00   MENUIP00       Maintenance Planning Menu

IP01   SAPLIWP3       Create Maintenance Plan

IP02   SAPLIWP3       Change Maintenance Plan

IP03   SAPLIWP3       Display Maintenance Plan

IP04   SAPLIWP3       Create Maintenance Item

IP05   SAPLIWP3       Change Maintenance Item

IP06   SAPLIWP3       Display Maintenance Item

IP10   SAPLIWP3       Schedule Maintenance Plan

IP11   RISTRA00       Maintain Maintenance Strategies

IP11Z  RISTRA00       Maintain Cycle Set

IP12   RISTRA00       Display Maintenance Strategies

IP12Z  RISTRA00       Display Cycle Set

IP13   RMSTRA00       Package Order

IP14   RMSTRA30       Where-Used List by Strategy

IP15   RIMPLA00       Change Maintenance Plan

IP16   RIMPLA00       Display Maintenance Plan

IP17   RIMPOS00       Change Maintenance Item

IP18   RIMPOS00       Display Maintenance Item

IP19   RIMHIS00       Graphical scheduling overview

IP20   SAPMSNUM       Maintenance plan number assignment

IP21   SAPMSNUM       Maintenance item number assignment

IP22   SAPMSNUM       Maintain number range: OBJK_NR

IP24   RIMHIO00       Scheduling overview list form

IP25   RIARCMPL       Set deletion flag for maint. plans

IP30   RISTRA20       MaintSchedule Date Monitoring

IP31   RISTRA30       Maintenance Plan Cost Display

IP40   SAPLIWP3       Add Service Plan for Purchasing

IP41   SAPLIWP3       Add single plan

IP42   SAPLIWP3       Add strategy-controlled plan

IP43   SAPLIWP3       Add multiple counter plan

IP50   SAPLIWP3       Create ref. for maint. contract ite

IP51   RIVEDA00       Maintenance contract item lists

IP62   RMIAPL60       Material Where-Used List: Task List

IQM1   SAPMV13B       Create cond. records qual.notificat

IQM2   SAPMV13B       Change cond.records qual.notificatn

IQM3   SAPMV13B       Display cond.records qual.notificat

IQS1   SAPLIQS0       Create Notification – Extended View

IQS12  SAPLIQS0       Process Task

IQS13  SAPLIQS0       Display Task

IQS2   SAPLIQS0       Change Notification – Extended View

IQS21  SAPLIQS0       Create Notif. – Simplified View

IQS22  SAPLIQS0       Process Notif. – Simplified View

IQS23  SAPLIQS0       Display Notif. – Simplified View

IQS3   SAPLIQS0       Display Notification – Extended Vie

IQS8   RIQSMEL1       Worklist: Notifications (General)

IQS8WP RIQSMEW1       IQS8 – Call from Workplace/MiniApp

IQS9   RIQSMEL2       Worklist: Tasks (General)

IQS9WP RIQSMEW2       IQS9 – Call from Workplace/MiniApp

IQ01   SAPMIEQ0       Create Material Serial Number

IQ02   SAPMIEQ0       Change Material Serial Number

IQ03   SAPMIEQ0       Display Material Serial Number

IQ04   SAPMIEQ0       Create Material Serial Number

IQ08   RIEQUI21       Change Material Serial Number

IQ09   RIEQUI21       Display Material Serial Number

IR00   MENUIR00       PM Resource Planning Menu

ISE0   MENUISE0       Funds Management

ISISMN MENUISISMN     Insurance Applications

ISNR   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ISDB

ISP4   MENUISP4       Text

IS00   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ISMP

IS01   SAPLISMA       Solution DB – Create/Display/Change

IS02   TEXT_INDEXING  Text Indexing for Solution Database

IS03   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ISOL

ITS00  SAP_TEST_IAC   Starting transaction for test IAC

ITS03  SAP_TEST_IAC   Test IAC: Request Generator



ITS18  SAP_TEST_IAC   Test IAC: Start servive via call TR

IT00   SAPMITST1      Test IAC

IT03   SAPMITST1      Test IAC: internal development

IT12   SAPMITST1      Test IAC language-dependent

IT13   SAPMITST1      Test IAC: language-independ templat

IT18   SAPMITST1      Test IAC: start service via call TA

IT19   SAPMITST1      Test IAC: Call Trans Skip Screen

IWBK   RIAUFMVK       Material availability information


IWR1   SAPLIREV1      Create / Change Revision

IWR2   SAPLIREV1      Display Revision

IWWW   SAPMIWOW       Create Service Notification (WWW)


IW12   RIBELF20       Document flow list

IW13   RIMAT000       Material Where-used List

IW20   SAPMSNUM       Quality Notification No. Assignment

IW21   SAPLIQS0       Create PM Notification – General

IW22   SAPLIQS0       Change PM Notification

IW23   SAPLIQS0       Display PM Notification

IW24   SAPLIQS0       Create PM Malfunction Report

IW25   SAPLIQS0       Create PM Activity Report

IW26   SAPLIQS0       Create Maintenance Request

IW27   RIARCQM3       Set deletion flag f. PM notificatio

IW28   RIQMEL20       Change Notifications

IW29   RIQMEL20       Display Notifications

IW29WP RIQMEW20       IW29 – Call from Workplace/MiniApp

IW3D   SAPLCOIH       Print Order

IW3K   SAPLCOIH       Change order component list

IW3L   SAPLCOIH       Display Order Component List

IW3M   RIAUFM20       List of Goods Movements for Order

IW30   RIQMEL10       Notification List (Multi-Level)

IW31   SAPLCOIH       Create Order


IW33   SAPLCOIH       Display PM Order

IW34   SAPLCOIH       PM Order for PM Notification

IW36   SAPLCOIH       Create PM Sub-Order

IW37   RIAFVC20       Change Operations

IW37N  RI_ORDER_OPERATChange Orders and Operations

IW38   RIAUFK20       Change PM Orders

IW39   RIAUFK20       Display PM orders

IW40   RIAUFK10       Display Orders (Multi-Level)

IW41   SAPLCORU       Enter PM Order Confirmation

IW42   SAPLCMFU       Overall Completion Confirmation

IW43   SAPLCORU       Display PM Order Confirmation

IW44   SAPLCORU       PM Order Collective Confirmation

IW45   SAPLCORU       Cancel PM Order Confirmation

IW46   RMAFRU01       Postprocessing of PDC Error Records

IW47   RIAFRU20       Confirmation List

IW48   RIAFVC10       Confirmation using operation list

IW49   RIAFVC20       Display Operations

IW49N  RI_ORDER_OPERATDisplay Orders and Operations

IW51   SAPLIQS0       Create Service Notification-General

IW52   SAPLIQS0       Change Service Notification

IW53   SAPLIQS0       Display Service Notification

IW54   SAPLIQS0       Create Service Notification-Malfn.

IW55   SAPLIQS0       Create Activity Report

IW56   SAPLIQS0       Create service request

IW57   RIARCSM3       Set Deletion Flag For Notification

IW58   RIQMEL20       Change Service Notifications

IW59   RIQMEL20       Display Service Notifications

IW61   SAPLCOIH       Create Historical PM Order

IW62   SAPLCOIH       Change Historical Order

IW63   SAPLCOIH       Display Historical PM Order

IW64   RIQMEL60       Change Activities

IW65   RIQMEL60       Display activities

IW66   RIQMEL30       Change Tasks

IW67   RIQMEL30       Display Tasks

IW68   RIQMEL40       Change Notification Items

IW69   RIQMEL40       Display Notification Items

IW70   SAPLCOKO       Orders Overall Network Scheduling

IW72   RIAUFK20       Change Service Order

IW73   RIAUFK20       Display Service Order

IW74   RIVEDA20       Change Contract for Serviceable Ite

IW75   RIVEDA20       Display Serviceable Item Contract

IW8W   SAPLCOIH       Goods Receipt f. Refurbishment Orde

IW81   SAPLCOIH       Create Refurbishment Order

IXMLT4 BCCIIXMLT4     iXML Test Transaction for ITS

I009   SAPMSNUM       Location/AccAsst No. Range (ILOA)

JBAI   RJBRSTDB       Load saved Dataset

JBAN   RJBRCUS1       Update Field Catalog

JBAP   SAPMJBRA       Create Maintain Analysis Structures

JBAR   RJBRTOL2       Generate service programs

JBAS   RJBRSTDS       Save Dataset

JBAT   SAPMKKB5       Report Selection

JBAU   RJBRSIPF       Maintain View

JBAX   RJBRSTDD       Delete Saved Dataset

JBBA   RJBAUFWP       Position Generation – Securities

JBBB   RJBAUFBD       Position Determ.-Stock Ex.Der.

JBBD   RJBAUFDE       Forex Position Determination

JBBE   MENUJBBE       Valuation Setting

JBBEW  SAPMJBDBEW     Maintain Position Changes

JBBG   MENUJBBG       Position Groups

JBBM   MENUJBBM       Positions

JBBPU  RJBDREOFCBPUM  Reorg.of Field Cat.for BP Conversio

JBB0   SAPMJBD6       Create Position Object

JBB1   SAPMJBD6       Change Position

JBB2   SAPMJBD6       Display Position

JBB3   SAPMJBD6       Maintain Position Values

JBB4   SAPMJBD6       Display Position Values

JBB5   RKCMKCGD       Edit characteristics

JBB6   RKCMKCGD       Edit Value Fields

JBCF   SAPL0K01       Maintain Condition Type

JBDCD  JBD_CHGPTR_DELEDelete Change Pointers



JBDEM  JBD_CHGPTR_MONIOverview of Change Pointers


JBDEX  JBD_EXPORT     Start Export


JBDM   MENUJBDM       IS-B: Loans

JBDO   SAPMJBDO       Financial Object

JBD1   SAPMKCEE       Execute data mining report

JBD2   SAPMKCEE       Create Data Mining Report

JBD3   SAPMKCEE       Change data mining report

JBD4   SAPMKCEE       Display Data Mining Report

JBD5   SAPMKES1       Data mining: Create form

JBD6   SAPMKES1       Data mining: Change form

JBD7   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Display Form

JBD8   RKCDUMDM       Display Results of Data Mining

JBGK   SAPMJBD7       Maintain Yield Curve Types

JBG0   SAPMKEA3_NEW   CO-PA Bank: Edit Operating Concern

JBG0O  SAPMKEA3       CO-PA Bank: Edit Operating Concern

JBHTL  RJBRHITRL      Translate Characteristic Hierarchie

JBHTR  RJBRHITR       Transport Characteristic Hierarchie

JBI1   RKE_CALL_PA_SSTPA transfer structure CO

JBKA   RJBTCKA1       SAP Banking: Costing Sheet Analysis

JBKW   SAPLJBKWTP     Actual Process Allocation: Fin. Obj

JBK1   SAPMKES1       Preliminary Costing: Create Form

JBK2   SAPMKES1       Preliminary Costing: Change form

JBK3   SAPMKES1       Preliminary Costing: Display Form

JBLDC  SAPMJBLC       Var. Transaction Ledger Dimensions

JBLF   RKCDLMON       Determine Log Number

JBLZ   MENUJBLZ       Maturity band

JBMK   SAPMJBMK       Required/Optional Fields

JBMS   RJBRMSSE       Set filter for messages

JBMT   SAPMMTSK       Multitasking Maintenance

JBMU   SAPMJBMU       Display Required/Optional Fields

JBMVT  MENUJBMVT      Business Partner Configuration Menu

JBM10  RJBEUVTS       Euro Reversal: Variable Transaction

JBM2   SAPMJBM0       Maint. Transact. Disbursements

JBM3   SAPMJBE0       SAP Banking: EURO Log Administratio

JBM4   SAPMJBEU       SAP Banking: EURO Conversion Lo/FT

JBM5   RJBEURKK       EURO Conversion: Current Accounts

JBM6   RJBEUKKS       EURO Conv.: Current Accnts (Reverse

JBM7   RJBEURWP       EURO Conversion Security

JBM8   RJBEUWPS       EURO Conversion Security (Cancel)

JBM9   RJBEURVT       Euro Conversion: Variable Transact.

JBNA   RJBRBPNW       Regenerate RM Area

JBPH   MENUJBPH       Portfolio hierarchy

JBRBP  RJBRBPREO      Reorganize Base Portfolios

JBRCT  RJBRCVTR       RM: Transport of Char. Values

JBRCU  RJBRCVCU       Edit Characteristic Values

JBRCV  RJBRCVAP       Maintenance of Characteristic Value

JBRDG  RJBRDERG       Generate Program for Char.Derivatio

JBRDV  RJBRDRVAL      Maintain Derivation of Rule Entries

JBRFG  SAPMKCGF       Edit field groups

JBRF0  RJBRRMSP       Collective Processing of FOs

JBRGE  RJBRTRGE       Generate Program Env. for RM Area

JBRGV  RJBRGENV       Reorganize Maintenance Modules

JBRI   RJBRNV02       Risk Management: Grid Analysis

JBRIN  RJBRSIIN       Initialize view

JBRJ   RJBRNV01       Risk Mgmt: Sensitivity Analysis

JBRK   RRMPH001       Display Portfolio Hierarchies

JBRKA  RJBRPHSH       Display Portfolio Hierarchy (old)

JBRLZB RJBLZB         Maintain Maturity Band

JBRMP0 RJBRRMPRT      Logs for Financial Object

JBRMP1 RJBRRMPRT      Logs for Portfolio Hierarchies

JBRN   RJBRVREGC      Restructuring per View

JBRNR  RJBRNROB       Number Range Administration

JBRP0  RJBRPHUPDA     Update Portfolio Hierarchy (Experts

JBRR   SAPMJBRR_CLASS Maintain Risk Hierarchy

JBRT   RJBRSVAC       ALM Simulation


JBRU   RJBRSVAC       Single Value Analysis: Sensitivity

JBRUD  RJB_REUSE_DISPLBanking Reuse Library Display

JBRUM  RJB_REUSE_MAINTBanking Reuse Library Maintenance

JBRW   RRMPH001       Generate Portfolio Hierarchy

JBRX   RJBRSVAC       Single Value Analysis: NPV

JBRY   RJBRSVAC       Single Value Analysis: Hist. Sim.

JBRZ   RJBRDRCL       Maintain Derivation Strategy

JBR0   SAPMJBRSN      Maintain Market Data Shifts

JBR1   RJBRCHEK       Check Selected Settings

JBR10S SAPMJBR10      RM: Display External Key Figures

JBR10U SAPMJBR10      RM: Maintain External Key Figures

JBR2   RJBRSTDSHOW    Display Saved Data

JBR3   RJBRCFKZ       Assign Flow Type to Cash Flow Indic

JBR4   RRMPH001       Delete Portfolio Hierarchies

JBR4E  RRMPH001       Deactivate Portfolio Hierarchies

JBR5   RJBRPHUPD      Update Portfolio Hierarchy

JBR6   RJBRSIDE       Delete View

JBR7   RJBRSLZB       Display Maturity Band

JBR8   RJBRPHAD       Adjust Portfolio Hierarchy

JBR9   RJBRBPAG       Report for Aggr. Base Portfolio Dat

JBSV   SAPMJBDD       Maintain Service

JBSY   MENUJBSY       IS-B: Treasury Master Data

JBTA   SAPMJBTR       Costing Rule for Node Costing

JBTM   MENUJBTM       SAP R/3 Top Menu

JBTZ   SAPMJBTZ       Maintain Cash Flow

JBT1   SAPMJBTR       Maintain Costing Rule

JBVL   MENUJBVL       Volatilities

JBVTCH BUSSTART       Change Variable Transaction

JBVTCR BUSSTART       Create Variable Transaction

JBVTSH BUSSTART       Display Variable Transaction

JBWA   RKKBRPTR       Access Report Tree

JBWB   RKDBAT02       Maintain Batch Variants

JBWC   SAPMKCIC       Comments Management: Treasury

JBWG   RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic Groups for RM

JBWH   SAPMKXHI       Maintain hierarchy

JBWK   RKDMKCIK       Maintain key figures

JBWM   SAPMKCB9       Test Monitor: RM Drilldown Reportin

JBWO   RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports

JBWP   RKCOBTR4       Transport forms

JBWPR  RJBRREIF       RM: Display Interface Programs

JBWQ   RKCOBTR3       Import reports from client 000

JBWR   RKCOBTR5       Import Forms from Client 000

JBWS   RKDSTRUC       Display structure

JBWT   RKCTRTX1       Translation Tool – Drilldown Report

JBWU   SAPMKCB9       Convert drilldown reports

JBWV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable

JBWW   SAPMKCC0       Mainten.curr.conversion type TMR

JBWX   RKDREOBE       Reorganize Drilldown Reports

JBWY   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data

JBWZ   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms

JBW0   SAPMKCEE       Execute Report

JBW1   SAPMKCEE       Create Report

JBW2   SAPMKCEE       Change Report

JBW3   SAPMKCEE       Display Report

JBW4   SAPMKES1       Create Form

JBW5   SAPMKES1       Change Form

JBW6   SAPMKES1       Display Form

JBW7   SAPMKEFB       Maintain authorization obj. present

JBW8   SAPMKEFB       Display authorization obj.presentat

JBYC   RJBRATES       Overview/Maintenance of Yield Curve

JBZK   SAPL0WP1       Assign Condition Types->Cond. Group

JB0B   MENUJB0B       Maintain Financial Conditions

JB0J   MENUJB0J       Treasury Master Data

JB0K   RJBTKALO       Costing Call

JB0O   SAPMJBDK       Copy Company Code

JB0P   RJBTPRAZ_APL   Display and Delete Logs

JB0R   RJBTKALR       Backdating

JB02   MENUJB02       Bank Single Transaction Costing

JB04   MENUJB04       Bank Risk Management

JB05   MENUJB05       IS-B: Bank regulatory reporting

JB06   MENUJB06       Bank RM Configuration Menu

JB07   MENUJB07       IS-B: Settings menu – bank reg.rep.

JB08   MENUJB08       Bank STC Configuration Menu

JB1K   RJBTKALK00     Update costing

JB12   MENUJB12       Limit Management

JB16   RJBTKRLT       Costing Rule List

JB18   RJBTKMP        Display Req./Opt.Control

JB19   MENUJB19       Asset/Liability Management

JB2X   MENUJB2X       Securities

JB22   RJBTKALB       Calculate Core Deposits

JB3M   RTRFIENM       List of curr. supported field names

JB3P   RKDBATV3       Maintain variant groups

JB3Q   RKDBAT02       Maintain Variants

JB3R   RKDBATV4       Schedule variant group

JB3S   RKDBATV5       Define variant group

JB4A   SAPMV12A       Change SD Condition Table

JB4B   SAPMV12A       Display SD Condition Table

JB4C   SAPMV13A       Create SD Condition using Template

JB4L   SAPMV14A       Create List of Conditions

JB4N   SAPMV14A       Change List of Conditions

JB4O   SAPMV14A       Display List of Conditions

JB4Q   SAPMV14A       Execute List of Conditions

JB4X   MENUJB4X       Money market

JB41   SAPMV13A       Create SD Condition

JB42   SAPMV13A       Change SD Condition

JB43   SAPMV13A       Display SD Condition

JB49   SAPMV12A       Create SD Condition Table

JB5X   MENUJB5X       Forex

JB6X   MENUJB6X       Derivatives

JB68   RJBINTZK       Interpolate yield curves

JB69   SAPMJBDZ       Maintain Int. Rates for Yield Curve

JB69T  SAPMJBDZ       TimeOFday dep. IR’s for Zcurves pf1

JB81   SAPMJBD1       Maintain account

JB99   MENUJB99       Test Menu ONLINE Integration

JVTT   SAPMSCAT       Joint Venture Test Tool

J1AH   SAPLJ1AO       Creating Way Bills

J1AI   J_1AA001       Asset Revaluation (Inflation)

J1AJ   SAPLJ1AO       Print Way Bill Document

J1AM   J_1AIP01       Delete and create index version

J1AP   SAPMSNUM       Nummernkreispflege: J_1APRNTCH

J1AX   J_1ARCVM       Market price determination program

J1AZ   J_1AMCIP       MM index adjustment program

J1A3   J_1AMGIP       MM goods issue revaluation

J1A5   J_1AMLBS       MM Warehouse stock report (Arg.)

J1A6   SAPMJ1A6       Modify Official Document Number

J1A7   J_1AMGMC       Average cost valuation

J1BBST RFID_BR_TRBAL  Balance Sheet Transfer Loans: Brazi

J1BF   SAPMV13B       Create Entries for Output Type

J1BG   SAPMV13B       Change Entries for Output Type

J1BH   SAPMV13B       Display Entries for Output Type

J1BO   SAPMV12A       Output CondTable/Create Nota Fiscal

J1BP   SAPMV12A       Output CondTable/Change Nota Fiscal

J1BQ   SAPMV12A       Output CondTable/Display Nota Fisca

J1BTAX J_1B_MIGRATE_TATax Manager’s Workplace

J1B1   SAPMJ1B1       Create Nota Fiscal (Writer)

J1B1N  SAPMJ1B1       Create Nota Fiscal (Writer) – Enjoy

J1B2   SAPMJ1B1       Change Nota Fiscal

J1B2N  SAPMJ1B1       Change Nota Fiscal – Enjoy

J1B3   SAPMJ1B1       Display Nota Fiscal

J1B3N  SAPMJ1B1       Display Nota Fiscal – Enjoy

J1IA   SAPMJ1IA       Excise Invoice Details

J1IB   SAPMJ1IB       Excise Verification And Posting

J1ID   SAPMJ1ID       Rate maint & amend open po’s/so’s

J1IEX  SAPLJ1IEX      Incoming Excise Invoices

J1IF   SAPMJ1IF       Subcontracting

J1IFQ  SAPMJ1IFQ      Challan : Reconcile Quantity

J1IFR  J_1IDOCLIST    Subcontracting Challan Listing

J1IF01 SAPMJ1IFN      Subcontracting Challan : Create

J1IF11 SAPMJ1IFN      Subcontracting Challan : Change

J1IF12 SAPMJ1IFN      Subcontracting Challans : Display

J1IF13 SAPMJ1IFN      Challan Complete/Reverse/Recredit

J1IG   SAPMJ1IG       RG23D register receipt at depot

J1IGA  SAPMJ1IGA      Additional Excise Entry at Depot

J1IGAD SAPMJ1IGA      Additional Excise  at  Depot Displa

J1IGR  J_1IEXCP_GR1   List of GR’s without gate pass

J1IH   SAPMJ1IH       Create Excise JV

J1IHBK J_1IHBKD       Copy House Bank ID from Invoice

J1IIN  SAPMJ1IIN      Outgoing Excise Invoice

J1IJ   SAPMJ1IJ       Excise invoice selec. at depot sale

J1IK   SAPMJ1IK       Selection of Excise Invoice – Commo

J1IL   MENUJ1IL       India Localization

J1IN   SAPMJ1IN       India Version Tax Deduction at Sour

J1INAR J_1IEWT_ANN_RETAnnual Returns

J1INC  J_1ITDS2       Tax Deduction at Source: Classic

J1INCC J_1IEWT_CERT_CUPrint Customer WH Tax Certificates

J1INHC J_1IEWT_HEALTH_Health check for migration to EWT

J1INJV SAPMJ1INJV     Enter Journal Voucher

J1INPP J_1IEWT_UPDATE_Update Business Place in FI documen

J1INPR J_1IEWT_PROVISIProvisions for Taxes on Services

J1INUT J_1IEWT_PROV_UTUtilise Withholding Tax on Provisio

J1IO   J_1IRTRO       Retrospective price amendments

J1IP   J_1IPRNE       Excise invoice print

J1IQ   J_1IITDEP      Year-End IT Depreciation Report

J1IR   J_1IDNLD       Data Download

J1IS   SAPMJ1IS       Excise invoice for other movements

J1IU   SAPMJ1IU       Forms capture

J1IUN  SAPMJ1IUN      Forms tracking

J1IV   SAPMJ1IV       Excise post & print for others mvmt

J1IW   SAPMJ1IW       Excise Invoice without PO

J1IX   SAPMJ1IX       Excise Invoice Verification WO PO

J1I0   J_1ICWIZ       Customizing wizard

J1I2   J_1ISTAX       Sales Tax Register

J1I3   J_1I_BATCH_UTILModvat utilzation in batch

J1I5   J_1IREGSN      Register creation for RG23 and RG1

J1I6   J_1IMODF       Modvat forecast

J1I7   J_1IEXCH       Query Excise invoices

J1I8   J_1ICHLN       TDS Challan Update

J2IB   J_1ISTCH       Service tax challan

J2IC   J_1IST3        Service tax returns

J2IE   J_1ITDSR        View Archived TDS documents

J2IF   J_1I_EXCISE_DOCDisplay document flow

J2IN   J_2IRTN        New RT-12 Report

J2IRG1 J_2IRRG1       Register RG1

J2IU   J_1IRUTZ       Fortnightly Utilization

J2I5   J_2IREXT       Extract

J2I6   J_2IRPUT       Print Utility

J2I8   J_1ICAPG       Avail.of subs credit for Cap Goods

J2I9   J_1I57AE       New Monthly Returns Report Rule 57A

KABL   SAPMKB01       Order: Planning Overview

KABP   RKAEP000       Controlling Documents: Plan

KAB9   SAPMKB02       Planning Report: Orders

KAFD   SAPLKAFD       External Data Transfer

KAFL   SAPLKAFD       Delete All Costs Transferred w. KAF

KAH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Cost Element Group

KAH2   SAPLKKHI       Change cost element group

KAH3   SAPLKKHI       Display cost element group

KAID   RKADELIT       Delete ALE-COEP(L) Line Items

KALA   RKAKALC3       Activate Reconciliation Ledger

KALB   RKAKALC3       Deactivate Reconciliation Ledger

KALC   RKAKALFI       Cost Flow Message

KALD   RKAKALDE       Reset Reconciliation Ledger

KALE   RKAKALT9       Reconcil.Ledger: Display Totals Rec

KALF   RKAKALBT       Start Background Report RKAKALBT

KALH   RKAKALBR       Change Rules for Reconcil. Posting

KALI   RKKBJBIN       Import Reconcil. Ledger Reports

KALK   RKAKALBS       Create Rules for Reconcil. Posting

KALM   SAPMKKB2       Display Reconcil. Ledger Report Tre

KALN   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Maint. Reconcil. Ledge

KALO   RGLEXE03       Export Reconcil. Ledger (Rollup)

KALR   RKAKALR1       Reconciliaton Ledger: CO Line Items

KALS   RKAKALFI       Reverse Reconciliation Posting

KALX   RKAKALX1       Fill Original Units in CO Document

KALY   RKAKALX2       Convert Reconc. Ledger Documents

KAL1   RKAKALF1       Reconcil. Ledger Follow-Up Posting

KAL7   RKAKALR2       Overview of Cost Flows

KAL8   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reconcil. Ledger Reports

KAMN   MENUKAMN       Menu for Internal Orders

KANK   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint.: RK_BELEG

KAUM   RKACUMTK       Display Conversion Milestones

KAVA   RBDSECOT       Send Cost Center Totals Records

KAVB   RGSALECC       Send Cost Center Group

KAVC   RGSALECE       Send Cost Element Group

KAVD   RGSALEAT       Send Activity Type Group

KA01   SAPLKMA4       Create Cost Element

KA02   SAPLKMA4       Change Cost Element

KA03   SAPLKMA4       Display Cost Element

KA04   SAPLKMA4       Delete cost element

KA05   SAPMKMAA       Cost element: display changes

KA06   SAPLKMA4       Create Secondary Cost Element

KA23   SAPLKMA4       Cost Elements: Master Data Report

KA24   SAPLKMA4       Delete Cost Elements

KBC0   RKKBC000       Maintain list of screen variants

KBC6   RKTARPLN       CO-ABC: Manual Actual Price

KBC7   RKTARPLN       CO-ABC: Display manual actl. price

KBEA   KFPR_ARCH_SET_DTrsfr Price Docs: Set Del.Indicator

KBH1   SAPLKKHI       Create statistical key figure group

KBH2   SAPLKKHI       Change statistical key figure group

KBH3   SAPLKKHI       Display statistical key figure grou

KBK6   RKTARPLN       CO-CCA: Manual Actual Price

KBK7   RKTARPLN       CO-CCA: Display manual actl price

KB11   SAPMK23B       Enter Reposting of Primary Costs

KB11N  SAPLK23F1      Enter Manual Repostings of Costs

KB13   SAPMK23B       Display Reposting of Primary Costs

KB13N  SAPLK23F1      Display Manual Repostings of Costs

KB14   SAPMK23B       Reverse Reposting of Primary Costs

KB14N  SAPLK23F1      Reverse Manual Repostings of Costs

KB15   SAPMK23B       Enter Manual Allocations

KB15N  SAPLK23F1      Enter Manual Allocations

KB16   SAPMK23B       Display Manual Allocations

KB16N  SAPLK23F1      Display Manual Allocations

KB17   SAPMK23B       Reverse Manual Allocations

KB17N  SAPLK23F1      Reverse Manual Allocations

KB21   SAPMK23B       Enter Activity Allocation

KB21N  SAPLK23F1      Enter Direct Activity Allocation

KB22   SAPMK23B       IAA via Internet

KB23   SAPMK23B       Display Activity Allocation

KB23N  SAPLK23F1      Display Direct Activity Allocation

KB24   SAPMK23B       Reverse Activity Allocation

KB24N  SAPLK23F1      Reverse Direct Activity Allocation

KB27   SAPMK23B       IAA Enter Other Periods

KB31   SAPMK23B       Enter Statistical Key Figures

KB31N  SAPLK23F1      Enter Statistical Key Figures

KB33   SAPMK23B       Display Statistical Key Figures

KB33N  SAPLK23F1      Display Statistical Key Figures

KB34   SAPMK23B       Reverse Statistical Key Figures

KB34N  SAPLK23F1      Reverse Statistical Key Figures

KB41   SAPMK23B       Enter Reposting of Revenues

KB41N  SAPLK23F1      Enter Manual Repostings of Revenue

KB43   SAPMK23B       Display Reposting of Revenues

KB43N  SAPLK23F1      Display Manual Repostings of Revenu

KB44   SAPMK23B       Reverse Reposting of Revenues

KB44N  SAPLK23F1      Reverse Manual Repostings of Revenu

KB51   SAPMK23B       Enter Activity Posting

KB51N  SAPLK23F1      Enter Sender Activities

KB53   SAPMK23B       Display Activity Posting

KB53N  SAPLK23F1      Display Sender Activities

KB54   SAPMK23B       Reverse Activity Posting

KB54N  SAPLK23F1      Reverse Sender Activities

KB61   SAPMK23D       Enter Reposting of CO Line Items

KB63   SAPMK23D       Display Reposting of CO Line Items

KB64   SAPMK23D       Reverse Reposting of CO Line Items

KB65   SAPMK23D       Enter Indirect Acty Alloc.Reposting

KB66   SAPMK23D       Display Indir. Acty Alloc. Repostin

KB67   SAPMK23D       Reverse IAA Reposting

KB71   SAPMK23B       JV-Transfer Postings

KCAN   SAPLKCD0       Derivation

KCA0   SAPMKCIA       SAP-EIS: Edit aspect

KCA1   RKCREOAS       Reorganize aspect tables

KCA2   SAPMKCGF       Edit field groups

KCA5   RKCMKCGD       Edit characteristics

KCA6   RKCMKCGD       Edit basic key figures

KCBA   SAPMKCEE       Report class overview

KCBB   RKCUSRGR       Set user group

KCBH   SAPMKCBH       Report portfolio data transfer

KCBW   RKCDSDDG       EC-EIS/BP: Generate DataSource

KCB0   SAPMKCEE       Execute report

KCB1   SAPMKCEE       Create report

KCB2   SAPMKCEE       Change report

KCB3   SAPMKCEE       Display report

KCB4   SAPMKCEE       Create report class

KCB5   SAPMKCEE       Change report class

KCB6   SAPMKCEE       Display report class

KCB7   SAPMKCEE       Create user group

KCB8   SAPMKCEE       Change user group

KCB9   SAPMKCEE       Display user group

KCCO   SAPMKCCO       EC-EIS/BP: Manage comment tables

KCC0   SAPMKCC0       Maintain currency translation key

KCC1   SAPMKCC0       Currency translation sender program

KCC2   SAPMKCC0       Cross-table translation key

KCDI   RKDREPDV       Divide report

KCDR   RKCDOREO       Reorganization document flag T242B

KCDU   RKCTRERU       Structure of summ. level of SAP-EIS

KCDV   SAPMKEDV       Maintain summarization levels

KCEA   RKCDEDIA       Set planner profile

KCED   RKCDEDEI       Define Flexible Excel Upload

KCEE   RKC_FLEX_UPL   Flexible Excel Upload to SAP-EIS

KCE1   RKCSELEC       Display transaction data

KCE2   RKCDELET       Delete transaction data

KCE3   RKCREPSE       SAP-EIS: Choose Collection Program

KCE4   RKCDEDIA       Change transaction data (EIS/BP)

KCE5   RKCDEDIA       Display transaction data (EIS/BP)

KCE6   SAPLKXDE       Individual record entry

KCE7   SAPLKXDE       EIS: Single record display

KCE8   RKCDEDIA       EC-BP: Change plan data

KCE9   RKCDEDIA       EC-BP: Display plan data

KCFR   SAPLKCD0       EDT: Maintain Transfer Rules

KCF0   RKCFILE0       Import File

KCF1   RKCFILE0       Import master data file

KCF2   RKCFILE0       Import comments file

KCF3   RKE_CALL_VC_TKEChange revaluation factors

KCF4   RKE_CALL_VC_TKEDisplay revaluation factors

KCH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Profit Center Group

KCH2   SAPLKKHI       Change profit center hierarchy

KCH3   SAPLKKHI       Display profit center hierarchy

KCH4   RCOPCA15       EC-PCA: Create Standard Hierarchy

KCH5   RCOPCA15       EC-PCA: Change standard hierarchy

KCH5N  KEO_START_NF_STEC-PCA: Change Standard Hierarchy

KCH5NX KEO_START_NF_STEC-PCA: Change Stand.Hier. EO Activ

KCH6   RCOPCA15       EC-PCA: Display standard hierarchy

KCH6N  KEO_START_NF_STEC-PCA: Display Standard Hierarchy

KCH6NX KEO_START_NF_STEC-PCA: Disp. Stand.Hier. EO Active

KCJ0   RKCHINOD       EIS/BP: Hierarchy node maintenance

KCJ1   SAPMKXHI       EC-EIS/EC-BP: Hierarchy maintenance

KCJ2   RKCDMREF       EC-EIS: Copy reference hierarchies

KCJ3   SAPMKXHI       Hierarchy Maintenance

KCKB   SAPMKCIK       Formulas for basic key figures

KCK0   SAPMKCIK       Key figures

KCK1   RKCDLKR0       Display key figure

KCLA   KCFDUADS       EDT: Automatic File Split

KCLF   RKCFILEF       External Data Transfer

KCLFS  KCDSTRUCF      Sender Structures

KCLI   EDT_ALE_MAIN   ALE Interface for EDT

KCLJ   RKCFILE7       EDT: Execute Transfer

KCLL   KCDSTRUC       EDT: Generate Sender Structure

KCLP   KCDLPROT       Logs


KCLT   KCDLEDITOR     EDT: Create Test Data

KCLU   KCFDUTYP       EDT: Maintain Transfer Types

KCLV   KCFDUREORG     EDT: Delete Obsolete Programs

KCO1   RKCCOLST       Comments on transaction data

KCPA   SAPMKCPL2      Automatic Planning: Copy

KCPA2  SAPMKCPL2      Copy

KCPB   SAPMSJOB       Batch jobs aut. planning

KCPD   SAPMKCPD       Delete plan data with key fig. sel.

KCPL   SAPMKCPL2      Automatic Planning: Change

KCPL2  SAPMKCPL2      Automatic Planning: Change

KCPT   SAPMKCPL2      Automatic planning: top-down distr.

KCPT2  SAPMKCPL2      Automatic Planning: Top-Down

KCPZ   RKE_CALL_V_TKEPSegment-Specific Planning Functions

KCP0   SAPMKCPL2      Automatic Planning

KCP1   RKCAPPLO       Validation logs data entry

KCP2   SAPMKCPL2      Automatic Planning: Forecast

KCP22  SAPMKCPL2      Automatic Planning: Forecast

KCP4   SAPMKES1       Create entry form

KCP5   SAPMKES1       Change entry form

KCP6   SAPMKES1       Display entry form

KCP7   SAPMKES1       Create planning layout

KCP8   SAPMKES1       Change planning layout

KCP9   SAPMKES1       Display planning layout

KCRA   RKES0102       Maintain variant table

KCRB   RKDBATPF       Maintain variable groups

KCRC   RKCBATCH       Print/actualize reports

KCRE   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variables

KCRF   RKE_CALL_VC_TKEMaintain Char.Grps for SAP-EIS Rep.

KCRP   RKDBATV3       Maintain variant groups

KCRQ   RKDBAT02       Maintain Variants

KCRR   RKCTREE0       Report selection

KCRS   RKDBATV4       Schedule Variant Group

KCRT   RKDBATV5       Define Variant Group

KCRU   SAPMKCB9       Convert drilldown reports

KCR0   SAPMKCEE       Run Drilldown Report

KCR1   SAPMKCEE       Create Drilldown Report

KCR2   SAPMKCEE       Change drilldown report

KCR3   SAPMKCEE       Display Drilldown Report

KCR4   SAPMKES1       Create form

KCR5   SAPMKES1       Change form

KCR6   SAPMKES1       Display form

KCR7   SAPMKEFB       Maintain authorization obj. present

KCR8   SAPMKEFB       Display authorization obj.presentat

KCS2   SAPMKCI2       SAP-EIS: Delete char. values

KCS3   SAPMKCI2       SAP-EIS: Maintain character. values

KCS4   SAPMKCI2       SAP-EIS: Display character. values

KCS5   SAPMSVMA       Maintain characteristics (view)

KCS6   SAPMSVMA       Display characteristics (view)

KCS7   RKCMDYRC       Maintain fiscal year

KCT0   SAPMKCIC       EC-EIS/EC-BP: Comment management

KCT1   SAPMKCIC       EC-EIS/EC-BP: Reorganize comments

KCUA   RKCDLMON       Display Transfer Log

KCUU   RKDREODA       Report Data Reorganization

KCVA   SAPLKXDE       EIS/BP: Maintain validations/rules

KCVC   SAPLKXDE       EIS/BP: Copy validations/rules

KCVD   RKDREOBE       Overview of Reports

KCVL   SAPMKCDA       Variable list element in basic rep.

KCVV   RKDREOBE       Reorganization Reports

KCV0   SAPLKEFV_MNT   Maintain Distribution Keys

KCV1   SAPMGPSP       Create Distribution Key

KCV2   SAPMGPSP       Change distribution key

KCV3   SAPMGPSP       Display distribution key

KCV4   SAPMGPSP       Delete distribution key

KCWA   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Currency Translation Type

KCWW   RKDREOFO       Reorganize forms

KCW0   SAPMKCB9       Testmonitor reporting SAP-EIS

KCW1   RKCGENPR       Generations SAP-EIS


KCXX   RKDREOVG       Reorganization of Variant Groups

KCZ1   RKC_START_ARCHIEC-EIS/BP: Archive transaction data

KC7R   SAPLKCD0       EDT: Maintain Transfer Rules

KDH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Account Group

KDH2   SAPLKKHI       Change Account Group

KDH3   SAPLKKHI       Display Account Group

KDTT   RKDCTRAN       Display incorrect report

KEAE   RKABCPAC       Generate Proc. Template Environment

KEAF   SAPMKECM_VFIELDValue Field Analysis



KEAW   RKE_RECONCILIATReconciliation Make-to-Order Prod.

KEA0   SAPMKEA3_NEW   CO-PA: Maintain Operating Concern

KEA0O  SAPMKEA3       CO-PA: Maintain Operating Concern

KEA5   RKCMKCGD       Maintain Characteristics

KEA6   RKCMKCGD       Edit Value Fields

KEBA   RKEBER01       Display operating concern

KEBC   RKEBER01       Change operating concern

KEBI   RKEBER01       Set operating concern (batch-input)

KEB0   RKEBW100       Create CO-PA DataSource

KEB2   RKEBW201       Display Dtld Info on CO-PA DataSrce

KEB3   RKEBW202       Activate Debugging Support

KEB4   RKEBW203       Reset Replication Status

KEB5   RKEBW211       Reduce Data Volumes for Test

KECA   COPA_COPY      Copying Transaction Data (Actual)

KECB   COPA_ERKRS_2_BUCO-PA Company Code Line Items

KECC   COPA_COPY_PLAN Copy Transaction Data ( Plan )

KECM   SAPMKECM_MAIN  CO-PA: Customizing Monitor

KECP   SAPMKECP       Copy Operating Concern

KECT   RKE_CALL_CTU1  Maintain Environ. Dyn. Process Allo

KEC0   SAPMKCC0       Maintain curr. transl. type (CO-PA)

KEC3   SAPMKCC0       Cross-table translation key CO-PA

KEDA   RKETREXT       Export Summarization Level

KEDB   RKEDELTEST     Deletion of Test Data in CO-PA

KEDD   RKE_SHOW_KEDR_DCOPA Char. Derivation Overview ALV

KEDF   RKETRERF       CO-PA: Fill Summ. Levels (Expert)

KEDJ   RKETRERJ       CO-PA: Fill Summ. Levels (Expert)


KEDT   SAPMKETREPROT  Log Summarization Logs

KEDU   RKETRERU       CO-PA: Build Summarization Levels

KEDUS  RKETRERF_PARALLCO-PA: Period Build of Summ. Levels

KEDUSM RKETRERF_PERIODCO-PA: Monitor Build for Summ. Lvls

KEDV   SAPMKEDV       CO-PA: Maintain Summarization Level

KEDVP  RKETREPROP     Default for Summarization Levels

KEDVPD RKETREPROPD    Proposal for Summ. Levels (Analysis

KEDVS  SAPMKETRESTORAGMaintain Old Storage Summ. Levels

KEDW   RKETRERV       CO-PA: Fill Summ. Levels (Expert)

KEDX   RKETRERT       CO-PA:Fill Summ.Lev. from Summ. Lev

KEDZ   RKE_PROT_EVALUARead Interface for CO-PA Log

KED0   SAPMKEDR       Derivation: Initial Screen

KED5   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Create Form

KED6   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Change Form

KED7   SAPMKES1       Data Mining: Display Form

KEEU   SAPMKCB9       CO-PA  EIS/BP: Generate transfer

KEE0   RPCADIFF       PCA: Generate Line Item Difference

KEFA   RKEVEXT1       Maintain Sender Structures

KEFB   RKEVEXT2       Maintain Rules

KEFC   RKEVEXT3       CO-PA External Data Transfer

KEFD   SAPLKCD0       Maintain Rules

KEF1   RKE_CALL_VC_TKEChange Revaluation Keys

KEF2   RKE_CALL_VC_TKEDisplay revaluation indices

KEGA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.

KEGAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Indirect Plan Acty Allocatio

KEGB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.

KEGC   SAPMKGA1       Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.: Overview

KEGCN  SAPMKGA1       Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.: Overview

KEGD   RKE_KEGD       Overview Actual IAA Cycles

KEGE   RKE_KEGE       Overview Plan IAA Cycles

KEGV   RKEPLANMETHOD  Generate Variant from KEPM Environm

KEG1   SAPMKAL1       Create Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.

KEG1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.

KEG2   SAPMKAL1       Change Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.

KEG2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.

KEG3   SAPMKAL1       Display Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.

KEG3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.

KEG4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.

KEG4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.

KEG5   SAPMKGA2       Execute Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.

KEG6   SAPMKGA1       Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.:Overvie

KEG6N  SAPMKGA1       Indirect Actual Acty Alloc.:Overvie

KEG7   SAPMKAL1       Create Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.

KEG7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Indirect Plan Acty Allocatio

KEG8   SAPMKAL1       Change Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.

KEG8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Indirect Plan Acty Allocatio

KEG9   SAPMKAL1       Display Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.

KEG9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Indirect Plan Acty Alloc.

KEH5   SAPMKES1       Change Form

KEI1   RKE_CALL_PA_SSTMaintain PA Transfer Structure

KEI2   RKE_CALL_PA_SSTMaintain PA Transfer Structure

KEI3   RKE_CALL_PA_SSTMaintain PA Transfer Structure

KEK0   SAPMKCIK       Test Key Figure Transaction

KELR   RKEBW3RE       Data Transfer from BW to CO-PA

KELS   RKEBW3RV       Cancel Transfer

KELU   RKEBW3UE       Overview: Data Transfer BW to CO-PA

KELV   RKEBW3VA       Variant for Query Variable

KEMDM  SAPMKEC1N      Profit Center Master Data Maint.

KEMN   MENUKEMN       Profitability Analysis appl. menu

KEMO   SAPMKCB9       Profitability report: Test monitor

KEND   SAPMKEND       Realignments

KEN1   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: COPA_IST

KEN2   SAPMSNUM       Maint. number ranges: CO-PA plannin

KEOAP2 KEO_START_NF   Change Altern. Profit Center Struct

KEOAP3 KEO_START_NF   Display Alter. Profit Center Struct

KEOA1  SAPLCMDT5      Activate Cost Centers

KEOA2  SAPLCMDT5      Activate Profit Centers

KEOA3  SAPLCMDT5      Activate Processes

KEOD1  SAPLCMDT5      Reset Inactive Cost Centers

KEOD2  SAPLCMDT5      Reset Inactive Profit Centers

KEOD3  SAPLCMDT5      Reset Inactive Business Process

KEOG1  RKEOGEN1       Generate Standard Hierarchy

KEOG2  RKEOGEN2       Generate Alternative Hierarchy

KEOG3  RKEOGEN3       Replace Standard Hierarhcy

KEOP1  RKEOPRI0       Print Standard Hierarchy

KEOP2  RKEOPRI1       Print Enterprise Organization

KEOV   RKEOV          CO-PA: Cycle Overview

KEO1   KEO_START_NF   Create Enterprise Organization

KEO2   KEO_START_NF   Change Enterprise Organization

KEO3   KEO_START_NF   Display Enterprise Organization

KEPA   RKE_CALL_VC_TKEChar. Groups for Actual and Plannin

KEPD   RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic groups for reports

KEPM   RKEPLKEPM      CO-PA Planning

KEPM_W SAPLKEPLUW     Sales & Profit Planning in the WWW

KEPMU  RKE_CONVERT_LAYCreate Planning Level from Layout

KEPP   RKEPLPPR       Check plan structure

KEPZ   RKE_CALL_V_TKEPSegment-Specific Planning Functions

KEPZ_E RKE_CALL_V_TKEPAccess of Segment-Specific Events

KEPZ_P RKE_CALL_V_TKEPAccess of Segment-Specific Forecast

KEPZ_U RKE_CALL_V_TKEPAccess of Segment-Specific Revaltn

KEPZ_V RKE_CALL_V_TKEPAccess of Segment-Specific Distr.Ke

KEP6   SAPMSVMA       Maintain characteristics

KEP7   SAPMSVMA       Display characteristics

KEP8   SAPMSVMA       Operating concerns

KEQ5   RKEAVIEW       Maintain View for Defined Op.Concer

KEQ6   RKEAVIEW       View Maint. with Preset Op. Concern

KER1   RKEB0401       Maintain Key Figure Scheme

KES1   RKMERK00       CO-PA Maintain Characteristic Value

KES2   RKMERK00       Customizing: Display characteristic

KES3   SAPMKXHI       Maintain Characteristics Hierarchy

KETE   SAPMKE0C_TEMP  CO-PA: Operating Concern Templates

KETR   RKCTRTX1       CO-PA Translation Tool

KEUA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs

KEUAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs

KEUB   SAPMKGA2       Perform plan cost-ctr cost transfer

KEUC   SAPMKGA1       Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs;Overvie

KEUCN  SAPMKGA1       Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs;Overvie

KEUD   RKE_KEUD       Overview Actual Assessment Cycles

KEUE   RKE_KEUE       Overview Plan Assessment Cycles

KEUG   RKEU1GEN       Set up cost-center cost transfer

KEUH   RKEU_KEYFIGURE Maintain Key Figures for Allocation

KEUU   RKDREODA       Reorganize data

KEU1   SAPMKAL1       Create Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost

KEU1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost

KEU2   SAPMKAL1       Change Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost

KEU2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost

KEU3   SAPMKAL1       Display Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs

KEU3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs

KEU4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost

KEU4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Actual Transfer of CCtr Cost

KEU5   SAPMKGA2       Perform act. cost-ctr cost transfer

KEU6   SAPMKGA1       Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs;Overvie

KEU6N  SAPMKGA1       Actl Transfer of CCtr Costs;Overvie

KEU7   SAPMKAL1       Create Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs

KEU7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs

KEU8   SAPMKAL1       Change Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs

KEU8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs

KEU9   SAPMKAL1       Display Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs

KEU9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Plan Transfer of CCtr Costs

KEVG   RKEABCVGA      Record Types for Process Costs

KEVG2  RKE_CALL_V_TKEVAssign Characteristic Group

KEVG3  RKE_CALL_V_TKEVAssign Value Field Groups

KEV0   SAPLKEFV_MNT   Maintain Distribution Keys

KEV1   SAPMGPSP       Create distribution key

KEV2   SAPMGPSP       Change distribution key

KEV3   SAPMGPSP       Display distribution key

KEV4   SAPMGPSP       Delete distribution key

KEWUSL RKEWUSL        Where-Used List for Cycles (PA)

KEWW   RKDREOFO       Reorganize forms

KEX9   RKEB0405       Reorganize planning layouts

KEZ5   RKE_DIST       Execute Distribution

KE0B   RKEPAKAR       Archiving: CO-PA

KE0C   RKEALEGV       CO-PA Distribution: Initial Supply

KE0D   RKEALEAG       CO-PA Distribution: Reconciliation

KE0E   RKEALE02       CO-PA Distribution: Installation

KE0G   RKEALERU       CO-PA Distribution: Roll-up

KE1A   RKEBPR01       Copy complete plan

KE1B   RKEBPR01       Process complete plan

KE1C   RKEBPR01       Delete Plan Data

KE1D   RKEBPR01       Forecast Plan Data

KE1E   RKEBPR01       Transfer Plan Data to SOP

KE1F   RKEBPRAD       Complete Plan Management

KE1G   RKEBPR01       Top-Down Complete Plan

KE1H   RKEPLDIA       CO-PA Planning: Set Planner Profile

KE1K   RKEBPR01       Transfer to LIS

KE1L   RKEPLPST       Create Plan Structure

KE1M   RKEPLPST       Change Plan Structure

KE1N   RKEPLPST       Display Plan Structure

KE1O   RKE_CALL_V_TKEPMaintain User Exits for Planning

KE1Q   RKEREOLT       Reorganize Long Texts

KE1V   RKEBPR01       Transfer to EC-PCA

KE1W   RKEBPR01       Transfer of CO-PA Plan Data to FI-G

KE1XO  RKEVEXT0       Ext. Data Transfer to CO-PA Plannin

KE1Y   RKEBPR01       Transfer of CO-PA Plan Data to FI-S

KE11   RKEPLDIA       Change plan data

KE12   RKEPLDIA       Display plan data

KE13   KPP_FLEX_UPL   Upload from Excel

KE13N  RKE_FLEX_UPL   Upload from Excel

KE13P  RKP_FLEX_UPL_PRLog: Flexible Excel Upload

KE14   SAPMKES1       Create Planning Layout

KE15   SAPMKES1       Change Planning Layout

KE16   SAPMKES1       Display Planning Layout

KE17   SAPMKEFB       Maintain Planning Authorization Obj

KE18   SAPMKEFB       Display planning authorization obj.

KE19   RKEB0403       Reorganize Planning Layouts

KE2B   RKEAE015       Correction to Incoming Orders

KE2C   RKEAEDEL       Delete records from error file

KE2D   RKEAEERR       Display Error File

KE2K   SAPMKCIK       CO-PA: Maintain Key Figures

KE2T   RKEPGEDI       CO-PA: Assign IDoc Fields

KE2U   RKEPAEDI       CO-PA: Display Segment Types EDIMAP

KE21   SAPMKEI1       Create CO-PA line item

KE21N  SAPMKEI2       CO-PA Line Item Entry

KE21S  SAPMKEI2       CO-PA Valuation Simulation

KE23   SAPMKEI1       Display CO-PA line item

KE23N  SAPMKEI2       CO-PA Line Item Display

KE24   RKEB0601       Line Item Display – Actual Data

KE25   RKEB0601       Line Item Display – Plan Data

KE26   RKE_KE26       Repost Accounting Document

KE27   RKEBPR01       Periodic valuation

KE27S  COPA_REVERSE_KEReversal of KE27 Delta Line Items

KE28   RKEBPR01       Create top-down distribution

KE29   RKEBPRAD       Management

KE3A   RKDREOBE       CO-PA: Reorganize reports + data

KE3B   RKEBATCH       Print and actualize reports

KE3C   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms

KE3D   RKEB0404       Reorganize Line Item Layouts

KE3E   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variables

KE3F   SAPMKES1       Create line item layout

KE3G   SAPMKES1       Change Line Item Layout

KE3H   SAPMKES1       Display line item layout

KE3I   SAPMKCTR       CO-PA: Transport tool

KE3J   SAPMKEFT       Import

KE3K   RKEB0801       Maintain hierarchy

KE3L   RKDREPDV       Split report

KE3M   RKDREOBE       Overview of Reports

KE3P   RKDBATV3       Maintain Variant Groups

KE3Q   RKDBAT02       Maintain Variants

KE3R   RKDBATV4       Schedule Variant Group

KE3S   RKDBATV5       Define Variant Group

KE3T   RKDREOVG       Reorganization of Variant Groups

KE3X   SAPMKKB5       Customize Application Tree

KE3Y   RKEB0701       Report selection

KE3Z   SAPMKCB9       Convert profitability report

KE30   SAPMKCEE       Execute profitability report

KE31   SAPMKCEE       Create profitability report

KE32   SAPMKCEE       Change Report

KE33   SAPMKCEE       Display Report

KE34   SAPMKES1       Create form

KE35   SAPMKES1       Change form

KE36   SAPMKES1       Display form

KE37   SAPMKEFB       Maintain Report Authorization Objec

KE38   SAPMKEFB       Display report authorization object

KE39   RKDREODA       CO-PA: Reorganize report data

KE4A   SAPMV12A       Change condition table

KE4B   SAPMV12A       Display condition table

KE4C   SAPMV13A       Copy Condition

KE4F   RKEAE005       Post Incoming Orders Subsequently

KE4L   SAPMV14A       Pricing report

KE4N   SAPMV14A       Change Pricing Report

KE4O   SAPMV14A       Display Pricing Report

KE4Q   SAPMV14A       Execute Pricing Report

KE4S   RKERV002       Post billing documents to CO-PA

KE4SFI RKEFI005       CO-PA: Post Subsequently from FI

KE4SMM RKEMM005       CO-PA: Post Material Documents Subs

KE4ST  RKERV002       Simulation billg docs transfer CO-P

KE4S00 RKECADL1       CO-PA: Reversal of Line Items

KE4T   RKEAE009       Set Up Transfer of Incoming Orders

KE4TS  RKEAE011       Simulate Doc. Transfer from Orders

KE4U   SAPMKEIV       Maintain view cluster V_TKEVAx

KE4XO  RKEVEXT0       Transfer External Data to CO-PA

KE41   SAPMV13A       Create condition

KE42   SAPMV13A       Change condition

KE43   SAPMV13A       Display condition

KE45   RKE_CALL_V_T258Maintain View V_T258I_KO

KE49   SAPMV12A       Create Condition Table

KE5A   SAPMKKB2       EC-PCA: Call up report

KE5B   RECPCA04       EC-PCA: Copy Balance Sheet Acct Grp

KE5C   RCOPCA05       EC-PCA: Account Master Data (CO/FI)

KE5T   RCOPCA44       Compare G/L Accounts FI <-> EC-PCA

KE5U   RCOPCA44       Compare and Reconcile G/L Accounts

KE5X   RCOPCA09N      Profit Center: Master Data Index

KE5Y   RCOPCA08       Profit Center: Plan Line Items

KE5Z   RCOPCA02       Profit Center: Actual Line Items


KE54   SAPMKEC1N      Delete Profit Centers

KE56   RCOPCA60       EC-PCA: Mass Maintenance CCode Assg

KE57   RCOPCA60       EC-PCA: Mass Maintenance CCode Assg

KE59   SAPMKEC1       EC-PCA: Create Dummy Profit Center

KE61   RECPCA11       EC-PCA: Cost group CCSS to GLTPC

KE62   SAPMGPLC       EC-PCA: Copy Data to Plan

KE75   RBDFEPRC       EC-PCA: ALE Get profit centers

KE77   RBDSEPRC       EC-PCA: ALE send profit centers

KE78   RKEC1ROL       EC-PCA: Execute ALE Rollup

KE79   RGSALEPC       EC-PCA: Send ALE Hierarchies

KE8B   RKDBAT02       EC-PCA: Drill-Down Reporting; Bckgd

KE8C   SAPMKCC0       EC-PCA: Maintain Currency Transl.

KE8D   RKDREOBE       Overview of Reports

KE8I   RCNCCP10       Copy Report-Report Interface/Report

KE8K   RKDKENNZ       Maintain Key Figures

KE8L   RKDREOBE       EC-PCA: Reorganize Reports

KE8M   SAPMKCB9       EC-PCA: Test Monitor for Drill-Down

KE8O   RKCOBTR2       Transport Reports

KE8P   RKCOBTR4       Transport Forms

KE8Q   RCNRCJES       Import Reports

KE8R   RCNRCJEW       Import Form from Client

KE8U   RKDREODA       Reorganize Report Data

KE8V   RKES0101       EC-PCA: Maintain global variables

KE8W   RKDREOFO       EC-PCA: Reorganize Forms

KE80   SAPMKCEE       EC-PCA: Execute Drill-Down Report

KE81   SAPMKCEE       EC-PCA: Create Drill-Down Report

KE82   SAPMKCEE       EC-PCA: Change Drill-Down Report

KE83   SAPMKCEE       EC-PCA: Display Drill-Down Report

KE84   SAPMKES1       EC-PCA: Create Form

KE85   SAPMKES1       EC-PCA: Change Form

KE86   SAPMKES1       EC-PCA: Display Form

KE9D   RKEB0406       Reorganize Line Item Layouts

KE91   SAPMKCEE       Create Line-Item-Based Report

KE94   SAPMKES1       Create form

KE95   SAPMKES1       Change Form

KE96   SAPMKES1       Display Form

KE97   SAPMKEFB       Maintain Report Authorization Objec

KE98   SAPMKEFB       Display Report Authorization Object

KFTP   RKCFILE0       R/2 – R/3 – Link: File Transfer

KGBC   EWBCMPMD       Copy CMP Client

KGI2   SAPLKAZB       Act. Overhead:  Int.Order   Ind.Pro

KGI4   SAPLKAZB       Actual Overhead:Int.Ord. Coll. Proc

KGO2   SAPLKAZB       Overhead Commt: Int.Orders  Ind.Pro

KGO4   SAPLKAZB       Overhead Commt: Int.Orders  Col.Pro

KGP2   SAPLKAZB       Overhead Plan.: Int.Orders  Ind.Pro

KGP4   SAPLKAZB       Overhead Plan.: Int.Orders  Col.Pro

KGST   EWSTEUER       Control Tables: Consistency Check

KIMS   RKCIMSST       R/2 – R/3 – Link: IMS Systems

KISR   SAPMKGA2       Execute Actual Segment Adjustment

KIS6   SAPMKGA1       Segment Adjustment: Overview

KIS6N  SAPLKAL1       Segment Adjustment: Overview

KJH1   SAPLKKHI       Create WBS Element Groups

KJH2   SAPLKKHI       Change WBS Element Groups

KJH3   SAPLKKHI       Display WBS Element Groups

KKAA   RKAEP000       Sales Document Line Items; Accrual

KKAB   SAPMKKB2       Run Selected Reports

KKAC   RKKBKIS1       Sales Order Hierarchy Display

KKAD   RKKBSEL1       Order List for Make-to-Order

KKAE   SAPKKA10       Results Analysis: Display Worklist

KKAF   SAPKKA11       Results Analysis: Delete Worklist

KKAG   SAPMKKAC       WIP: Display Worklist

KKAH   RKKBSELL       Sales Order Selection

KKAI   SAPKKA01       Actual Results Analysis: Orders

KKAIP  SAPKKA01PL     Planned Results Analysis: Orders

KKAJ   SAPKKA00       Actual Results Analysis: WBS Elem.

KKAJP  SAPKKA00PL     Plan Results Analysis: WBS Elements

KKAK   SAPKKA02       Actual Results Analysis: Sales Ordr

KKAKP  SAPKKA02PL     Plan Results Analysis: Sales Orders

KKAL   SAPKKA04       Results Analysis: Display Log

KKAM   MENUKKAM       Make-to-order

KKAN   SAPKKA05       Results Analysis: Delete Log

KKAO   SAPMKKAC       WIP Calc.: Collective Processing

KKAQ   SAPMKKAC       Display WIP – Collective Processing

KKAS   SAPMKKAC       WIP Calc. for Product Cost Coll.

KKAT   SAPMKKAC       WIP Display for Product Cost Coll.

KKAV   SAPMKKAC       WIP Calculation for Cost Object Hie

KKAW   SAPMKKAC       WIP Display Cost Object Hierarchy

KKAX   SAPMKKAC       WIP Calculation for Order

KKAY   SAPMKKAC       WIP Display for Order

KKA0   SAPMKKAB       Maintain Cutoff Period

KKA0P  SAPMKKAB       Maintain Cutoff Period

KKA1   SAPMKKAA       Order Results Analysis and WIP Calc

KKA1P  SAPMKKAA       Order Results Analysis and WIP Calc

KKA2   SAPMKKAA       Project Results Anal. and WIP Calc.

KKA2P  SAPMKKAA       Project Results Anal. and WIP Calc.

KKA3   SAPMKKAA       Sales Document Item Results Analysi

KKA3P  SAPMKKAA       Sales Document Item Results Analysi

KKA4   SAPMKKAA       Create Res. Analysis Data for Order

KKA5   SAPMKKAA       Create RA Data for WBS Element

KKA6   SAPMKKAA       Create RA Data for Sales Order

KKA7   SAPMKKAA       Delete Results Anal. Data for Order

KKA7P  SAPMKKAA       Delete Results Anal. Data for Order

KKA8   SAPMKKAA       Delete RA Data for WBS Element

KKA8P  SAPMKKAA       Delete RA Data for WBS Element

KKA9   SAPMKKAA       Delete RA Data for Sales Order

KKA9P  SAPMKKAA       Delete RA Data for Sales Order

KKBB   RKKB1000       Report Call CM

KKBC   SAPMKKB2       Main Tree for CO-PC Info System

KKBD   RKKBSELN       Order Selection Without Variances

KKBE   RKKBSELN       Order Selection with Variances

KKBF   RKKBSEL1       Order Selection (Classification)

KKBG   RKKBJGEN       Generate Report Group

KKBH   SAPMKB02       Planning report: Cost objects

KKBI   RKKBJEIN       Import/Generate FI/CO Report Groups

KKBO   RKKBRPTR       Report Tree

KKBU   SAPMKB01       Cost Object: Planning Overview

KKBZ   RKKRHILI2      Display Hierarchy List

KKB0   RKKB2030       Control Parameters for Info System

KKB0N  RKKB2030N      Control Parameters for Info System

KKB1   RKKBKIS1       Costing Items for Sales Document

KKB2   RKKBKIS1       Costing Items for Cost Object

KKB3   RKKBKIS1       Costing Items for WBS Elements

KKB4   RKKBKIS1       Itemization for Base Planning Obj.

KKB5   RKKBKIS1       Costing Items for Material

KKB6   RKKBFOCO       Configure Report Trees

KKCA   RKAEP000       Cost Objects: Variance Line Items

KKCP   RKAEP000       Cost Object Line Items – Plan

KKCS   RKAEP000       Cost Objects: Line Items – Actual

KKCV   SAPMV76A       Var. Cost Obj. Line Items Config.

KKC1   SAPMKKP0       Create Cost Object

KKC2   SAPMKKP0       Change Cost Object

KKC3   SAPMKKP0       Display Cost Object

KKC4   SAPMKKPP       Create Cost Object Planning

KKC5   SAPMKKPP       Change Cost Object Planning

KKC6   SAPMKKPP       Display Cost Object Planning

KKC7   SAPMKKP0       Create Product Group

KKC8   SAPMKKP0       Change Product Group

KKC9   SAPMKKP0       Display Product Group

KKDV   SAPMKEDV       CO-PC: Summarization level maint.

KKEB   RKKEK0BI       Revaluate Base Planning Objects

KKEC   RKKEKLVE       Compare Base Object – Unit Cost Est

KKED   RKKBKIS1       BOM for Base Planning Objects

KKE1   SAPMK70B       Add Base Planning Object

KKE2   SAPMK70B       Change Base Planning Object

KKE3   SAPMK70B       Display Base Planning Object

KKE4   RKKEBTL1       List Base Planning Objects

KKE5   RKKEDEL1       Delete Test Data for Base Object

KKE6   SAPMKKB4       Analyze Unit Cost Est Base Plan Obj

KKE7   RKKBRPTR       Report Tree Base Planning Object

KKFB   RKAEP000       RS Header: Line Items Variance

KKF1   SAPMKAUF       Create CO Production Order

KKF2   SAPMKAUF       Change CO Production Order

KKF3   SAPMKAUF       Display CO Production Order

KKF4   SAPMKBUD       Change CO-FA Plan Values

KKF5   SAPMKBUD       Display CO-FA Plan Values

KKF6   SAPMKOSA       Create Production Cost Collector

KKF6M  RK_PKOSA_MULTI_Create Multiple Product Cost Coll.

KKF6N  SAPMKOSA_46    Maintain Product Cost Collector

KKF7   SAPMKOSA       Change Production Cost Collector

KKF8   SAPMKOSA       List Production Cost Collector

KKF9   RKKSAN00       Find CO Orders

KKG0   SAPMKKAB       Display Cutoff Period

KKG0P  SAPMKKAB       Display Cutoff Period

KKG1   SAPMKKAA       Create Cost of Sales: Order

KKG2   SAPMKKAA       Create Cost of Sales: Project

KKG3   SAPMKKAA       Create Cost of Sales: Sales Order

KKH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Cost Object Group

KKH2   SAPLKKHI       Change Cost Object Group

KKH3   SAPLKKHI       Display Cost Object Group

KKMLH  RKCOBTR2       Transport of Reports

KKMLI  RKCOBTR4       Transport of Forms

KKMLJ  RKCOBTR3       Client Copy of Reports

KKMLK  RKCOBTR5       Client Copy of Forms

KKMLM  SAPMKCB9       Test Monitor Object Record Reports

KKMLN  RKDREODA       Reorganization of Report Data

KKMLO  RKDREOBE       Reorganization of Reports

KKMLP  RKDREOFO       Reorganization of Forms

KKMLV  RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable

KKML0  SAPMKCEE       Run Drilldown Report

KKML1  SAPMKCEE       Create Drilldown Report

KKML2  SAPMKCEE       Change Drilldown Report

KKML3  SAPMKCEE       Display Drilldown Report

KKML4  SAPMKES1       Create Form

KKML5  SAPMKES1       Change Form

KKML6  SAPMKES1       Display Form

KKML7  RKDKENNZ       Maintain Key Figures

KKML8  RKDBAT02       Background Processing of Reports

KKMN   MENUKKMN       Product costing application area

KKN1   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.:  Cost.Obj.   Ind.Pro

KKN2   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.:  Cost Obj.   Col.Pro

KKOB   MENUKKOB       Basic Functions of Cost Object Cont

KKOG   RKE_CALL_VC_TKECharacteristic Groups for Costing

KKOH   RKCOBTR2       Transport of Reports

KKOI   RKCOBTR4       Transport of Forms

KKOJ   RKCOBTR3       Client Copy of Reports

KKOK   RKCOBTR5       Client Copy of Forms

KKOM   SAPMKCB9       Test Monitor Object Record Reports

KKON   RKDREODA       Reorganization of Report Data

KKOO   RKDREOBE       Reorganization of Reports

KKOP   RKDREOFO       Reorganize Forms

KKOR   SAPMKKB2       Report Selection

KKOT   RKDREPDV       Split Report

KKOV   RKES0101       Maintain Global Variable

KKOW   SAPMKCC0       Maintain Currency Translation Type

KKO0   SAPMKCEE       Run Drilldown Report

KKO1   SAPMKCEE       Create Drilldown Report

KKO2   SAPMKCEE       Change Drilldown Report

KKO3   SAPMKCEE       Display Drilldown Report

KKO4   SAPMKES1       Create Form

KKO5   SAPMKES1       Change Form

KKO6   SAPMKES1       Display Form

KKO7   RKKBKKO7       Maintain Key Figures

KKO8   RKDBAT02       Background Processing of Reports

KKPA   SAPLKKP4       Create Cost Est w/o Qty Structure

KKPAN  SAPLCKDI       Create Cost Est. w/o Qty Structure

KKPB   SAPLKKP4       Change Cost Est w/o Qty Structure

KKPBN  SAPLCKDI       Change Cost Est. w/o Quantity Struc

KKPC   SAPLKKP4       Display Cost Est w/o Qty Structure

KKPCN  SAPLCKDI       Display Cost Est. w/o Qty Structure

KKPD   RKKBSEL1       Order List for Process Manufacturin

KKPDN  SAPLCKDI       Create Cost Est. w/o Qty Structure

KKPE   SAPMKKB2       Report Selection for Process Mfg

KKPG   RKKPHIE2       Graph. Cost Object Hierarchy Maint.

KKPH   RKKPKTR0       Collective Entry

KKPHIE SAPMKKP0       Cost Object Hierarchy

KKPJ   SAPLKAZB       Actual OHead: Cost Obj Collec Proc.

KKPM   MENUKKPM       Process costing menu

KKPN   RKKPPGR0       Material Assignment

KKPT   SAPMKKP2       Cost Obj Hier: Coll. Proc. Variance

KKPU   SAPMKKB2       User’s List of Reports

KKPV   RKKPPV01       Delete Transaction Data

KKPX   SAPMKKPA       Actual Cost Distribution: Cost Obj.

KKPY   SAPMKKPA       Actual Cost Distribution: Cost Obj.

KKPZ   SAPLKAZB       Actual Overhead: Cost Obj   Individ

KKP1   SAPMKKP0       Create Hierarchy Master Record

KKP2   SAPMKKP0       Change Hierarchy Master Record

KKP3   SAPMKKP0       Display Hierarchy Master Record

KKP4   SAPLKKP2       Display Cost Object Hierarchy

KKP5   SAPMKKP2       Cost ObjHier: Indiv. Proc. Variance

KKP6   SAPMKKP4       Cost Object: Analysis

KKRA   SAPMKKRD       Order Summarization

KKRC   SAPMKKRD       Summarization: CO Object

KKRO   SAPMKKRD       Data Collection: Product Drilldown

KKRP   SAPMKKRD       Project Summarization

KKRS   SAPMKKRD       Summarization: Repetitive Mfg (COC)

KKRV   RKKRPRRE       Data Collection Product Drilldown

KKRZ   SAPMKKRD       Summarization: Process Mfg (COC)

KKR0   RKKRKKR0       CO Summarization: Hierarchy Mainten

KKR1   RKKRKKR1       CO Summarization: Summ. Object Type

KKR2   RKKRKKR2       CO Summarization: Summ. Characteris

KKSB   SAPMKKB2       Start Selected Reports

KKSD   RKKBSEL1       Order List for Order-Related Prod.

KKSM   MENUKKSM       Product Cost Ctrllg: Make-to-Stock

KKSP   SAPMKKS0       Variances – Engineer-to-Order (C)

KKSQ   SAPMKKS0       Variances – Engineer-to-Order (I)

KKSR   SAPMKKS0       Scrap – Engineer-to-Order (C)

KKSS   SAPMKKS0       Scrap – Engineer-to-Order (I)

KKST   SAPMKKS0       Variances – Cost by Sales Order (C)

KKSU   SAPMKKS0       Variances – Cost by Sales Order (I)

KKSV   SAPMKKS0       Scrap – Cost by Sales Order (C)

KKSW   SAPMKKS0       Scrap – Cost by Sales Order (I)

KKS1   SAPMKKS0       Variances – Product Cost by Lot (C)

KKS1N  SAPMKKS0       Variances – Product Cost by Lot (C)

KKS2   SAPMKKS0       Variances – Product Cost by Lot (I)

KKS3   SAPMKKS0       Scrap – Product Cost by Lot (C)

KKS4   SAPMKKS0       Scrap – Product Cost by Lot (I)

KKS5   SAPMKKS0       Variances – Product Cost by Per. (C

KKS6   SAPMKKS0       Variances – Product Cost by Per. (I

KKS7   SAPMKKS0       Scrap – Product Cost by Period (C)

KKS8   SAPMKKS0       Scrap – Product Cost by Period (I)

KKV1   RKKBVMA1       View Maint. Sel. Production Orders

KK01   SAPL0KSK       Create Statistical Figure

KK02   SAPL0KSK       Change Statistical Figure

KK03   SAPL0KSK       Display Statistical Key Figures

KK04   RKWBSK00       Stat.Key Figures: Master Data Repor

KK05   SAPMV12A       Create Cond. Table (Price Overhead)

KK06   SAPMV12A       Change Cond.Table (Price Overhead)

KK07   SAPMV12A       Display Cond.Table (Price Overhead)

KK11   SAPMV13A       Create Condition

KK12   SAPMV13A       Change Condition

KK13   SAPMV13A       Display Condition

KK14   SAPMV13A       Create Condition with Reference

KK16   RKKTRPLN       CO-COC Plng: Change Costs/ActyInput

KK17   RKKTRPLN       CO-COC Plng: Display Costs/ActyInpu

KK46   RKKTRPLN       CO-COC Plng: Change Stat. Key Fig.

KK47   RKKTRPLN       CO-COC Plng: Display Stat. Key Fig.

KK65   SAPMKES1       COC Create Planng Layt Cost/ActInpu

KK66   SAPMKES1       COC Change Plnng Layt Cost/ActvInpu

KK67   SAPMKES1       COC Display Plnng Layt Cost/ActvInp

KK87   SAPLKO71       Actual settmt: prodn cost collector

KK88   SAPLKO71       Actual Settlement: Cost Objects

KK89   SAPLKO71       Actual Settlement: Cost Objects

KK95   SAPMKES1       COC Create Planning Layout Stat. KF

KK96   SAPMKES1       COC Change Planning Layout Stat. KF

KK97   SAPMKES1       COC Display Planning Layout Stat. K

KLABL  RKLDERIFO      Derivation of the Default Risk Rule

KLEH   RKLEHSHOW      Display Logs

KLEXT  RKLEXT02       Display Active External Transaction

KLFZ01 BUSSTART       Facilities: Create

KLFZ02 BUSSTART       Facilities: Change

KLFZ03 BUSSTART       Facilities: Display

KLH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Activity Type Group

KLH2   SAPLKKHI       Change Activity Type Group

KLH3   SAPLKKHI       Display Activity Type Group

KLONL  RKLONLINE      Online Check

KLSDC1 SAPMKLSDC      Single Transaction Check: New

KLSDC2 SAPMKLSDC      Single Transaction Check: Change

KLSDC3 SAPMKLSDC      Single Transaction Check: Deactivat

KLSDC4 RKLSDCLIST     Display Transactions

KLSI01 SAPMKLSI01     Create Collateral Provision

KLSI02 SAPMKLSI01     Change Collateral Provision

KLSI03 SAPMKLSI01     Display Collateral Provision

KL01   SAPLKMA6       Create activity type

KL02   SAPLKMA6       Change activity type

KL03   SAPLKMA6       Display Activity Type

KL04   SAPLKMA6       Delete activity type

KL05   SAPMKMAA       Activity type: Display changes

KL13   SAPLKMA6       Activity Types: Master Data Report

KL14   SAPLKMA6       Delete Activity Types

KL20   SAPLKWSB       Templ. Alloc. Struct. CCTR/Acty Typ

KM1V   RKKSTSEV       Cost Center Selection Variants

KM3V   RKPRZSEV       Select. Variants for Bus. Processes

KM5V   RKKOASEV       Selection Variants: Cost Elements

KM7V   RKLSTSEV       Activity Type Selection Variants

KNMA   SAPLKNMA       Target=Actual-IAA: cost centers

KOAB   RKKOT2         Order Types: Budget Profile

KOAI   RKKOT2         Order Types: Default Int. Planning

KOAK   RKKOT2         Order Types: Classification

KOAL   RKKOT2         Order Types: Settlement Profile

KOAM   RKKOT2         Order Types: Model Order

KOAO   RKKOT2         Order Types: Commitment Update

KOAP   RKKOT2         Order Types: Plan Profile

KOA1   R_ALE_INTERNALOSend Internal Order

KOBP   RKAEP000       Orders: Plan Line Items

KOB1   RKAEP000       Orders: Actual Line Items

KOB2   RKAEP000       Orders: Commitment Line Items

KOB3   RKAEP000       Orders: Variance Line Items

KOB4   RKAEP000       Orders: Budget Line Items

KOB5   RKAEP000       Orders: Maint. Line Item Settlement

KOB6   RKAEP000       Orders: Settlement Line Items

KOB7   RKAEP000       Orders: Line Item Settlement Retire

KOB8   RKAEP000       Orders: WIP/Results Anal. Line Item

KOCF   RKAGJOBL       Carry Forward Order Commitments

KOCM   RKOCLMIG       Conversion Classification: AUFK

KOCO   RBPGJA02       Budget Carryforward for Orders

KOC2   SAPMKKB2       Run Selected Reports

KOC4   RKKBALV1       Cost Analysis

KOH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Order Group

KOH2   SAPLKKHI       Change Order Group

KOH3   SAPLKKHI       Display Order Group

KOK2   SAPMKAUF       Collective Proc. Internal Orders

KOK3   SAPMKAUF       Collective Disp. Internal Orders

KOK4   SAPMKAUF       Aut. Collect. Proc. Internal Orders

KOK5   SAPMKAUF       Master Data List Internal Orders

KOK6   SAPMKAUF       Collect. Printing of Internal Order

KOL1   RKOALI01       Order List (Master Data)

KOMM   SAPL0C27       Customizing pick list

KOM1   SAPMKAUF       Create CO model order

KOM2   SAPMKAUF       Change CO Model Order

KOM3   SAPMKAUF       Display CO model order

KONK   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Order Number Ranges

KON1   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.:  Int.Orders  Ind.Pro

KON2   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.:  Int.Orders  Col.Pro

KOPA1  SAPMKES1       Overall Plan.; Orders: Create layou

KOPA2  SAPMKES1       Overall Plan.; Orders: Change Layou

KOPA3  SAPMKES1       Overall Plan.; Orders: Displ. Layou

KOPU   SAPMKPU2       Execute Orders for Plan Revaluation

KOP1   SAPMKPU1       Create Orders for Plan Revaluation

KOP2   SAPMKPU1       Change Orders for Plan Revaluation

KOP3   SAPMKPU1       Display Orders for Plan Revaluation

KOP4   SAPMKPU1       Delete Orders for Plan Revaluation

KORI   RKORJB00       Job Selection

KORJ   RKORJB00       Job Selection (Output)

KOR2   JHS0200S       _

KOSL   MMANALOG       Incompleteness FT Data BOM

KOTZ   RKKBKIS1       Costing Items for Order

KOT2   RKKOT2         Maintain Order Types – All Categs.

KOT3   RKKOT2         Display Order Types

KOV2   SAPMKAVG       Maintain Transaction Grps for Order

KOV3   SAPMKAVG       Display Transaction Grps for Orders

KOW1   SAPMKAL1       Create Periodic Reposting

KOW1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Periodic Reposting

KOW2   SAPMKAL1       Change Periodic Reposting

KOW2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Periodic Reposting

KOW3   SAPMKAL1       Display Periodic Reposting

KOW3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Periodic Reposting

KOW4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Periodic Reposting

KOW4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Periodic Reposting

KO01   SAPMKAUF       Create Internal Order

KO02   SAPMKAUF       Change Order

KO03   SAPMKAUF       Display Internal Order

KO04   SAPMKAUF       Order Manager

KO08   RKCFILE0       Data Transfer for Order Master Data

KO09   RKCDSM_A       Sender Structures for Trans. Data

KO1ECP RECP_OPA       Internal Orders: Easy Cost Planning

KO12   SAPMKBUD       Change Order Plan (Overall; Year)

KO12N  R_OPA_PLN_PP_DIOverall Planning for Orders: Change

KO13   SAPMKBUD       Display Order Plan (Overall; Year)

KO13N  R_OPA_PLN_PP_DIOverall Planning for Orders: Displa

KO14   SAPMKPT4       Copy Planing for Internal Orders

KO14N  R_OPA_PLN_PP_DISet planner profile

KO15   SAPMKPT4       Copy Actual Int.Order Data to Plan

KO2A   SAPMKBUB       Change budget document

KO2B   SAPMKBUB       Display budget document

KO22   SAPMKBUD       Change Order Budget

KO23   SAPMKBUD       Display Order Budget

KO24   SAPMKBUD       Change Order Supplement

KO25   SAPMKBUD       Display Order Supplement

KO26   SAPMKBUD       Change Order Return

KO27   SAPMKBUD       Display Order Return

KO30   BPINDX02       Activate Orders Availability Contro

KO31   RBPFCON1       Reconstruct Order Availability Cntr

KO32   RBPFCOD1       Deactivate Order Availability Cntrl

KO8A   SAPLKO71       Act.-setlmt: Order retmt. from IM

KO8B   SAPLKO71       Display Settlement Document

KO8G   SAPLKO71       Act. Settlment: Int.-/Maint. Orders

KO8N   RKAKO8N0       No. Ranges for Settlement Document

KO88   SAPLKO71       Actual Settlement: Order

KO9E   SAPLKO71       Plan Settlement: Internal Order

KO9G   SAPLKO71       Plan Settlement: Internal Orders

KPAS   SAPLKWTP       Actl. Templ.-Alloc.: CCTR/Acty Type

KPA6   RKOPAPLN       Change Primary Cost Element Plannin

KPA7   RKOPAPLN       Display Primary Cost Elem. Planning

KPB6   RKCCAPLN       Change Activity Type Plan Data

KPB7   RKCCAPLN       Display Activity Type Plan Data

KPC6   RKOPAPLN       Change Activity Input Planning

KPC7   RKOPAPLN       Display activity input planning

KPD6   RKOPAPLN       Change Stat. Key Figure Plan Data

KPD7   RKOPAPLN       Display Stat. Key Figure Plan Data

KPEP   RKP_FLEX_UPL_PRLog: Flexible Excel Upload

KPEU   K_COOM_KPP_FLEXFlexible Upload for Excel Planning

KPE6   RKOPAPLN       Change Revenue Element Planning

KPE7   RKOPAPLN       Display Revenue Element Planning

KPF6   RKOPAPLN       Change CElem/Activity Input Plannin

KPF7   RKOPAPLN       Display CElem./Acty Input Planning

KPG1   SAPMGPLP       Create Planning Parameters

KPG2   SAPMGPLP       Change Planning Parameters

KPG3   SAPMGPLP       Display Planning Parameters

KPG4   SAPMGPLP       Delete Planning Parameters

KPG5   SAPMKES1       Create Cost Planning Layout

KPG6   SAPMKES1       Change Cost Planning Layout

KPG7   SAPMKES1       Display Cost Planning Layout

KPHR   RKHRPLAN       Transfer HR Costs to CO

KPH0   SAPLKEFV_MNT   Maintain Distribution Keys

KPH1   SAPMGPSP       Create Distribution Key

KPH2   SAPMGPSP       Change Distribution Key

KPH3   SAPMGPSP       Display Distribution Key

KPH4   SAPMGPSP       Delete Distribution Key

KPH5   SAPMKES1       Create Stat. KF Planning Layout

KPH6   SAPMKES1       Change Stat. KF Planning Layout

KPH7   SAPMKES1       Display Stat. KF Planning Layout

KPI6   RKOPAPLN       Change Stat. Key Figure Plan Data

KPI7   RKOPAPLN       Display Stat. Key Figure Plan Data

KPPS   SAPLKWTP       Allocation Templ. Plan: CCtr/ATyp

KPRI   SAPMV12A       Define Price Tables

KPRN   RKPLNR10       Copy Resource Planning

KPRO   MENUKPRO       KPRO Administration

KPRW   COKP0003       Evaluate resources used

KPRZ   COKP0004       Depend.Planning: Recalculation

KPR1   RCCAVIEW       Callup View Maintenance With COArea

KPSI   SAPLKNMA       CO-CCA Plan Reconciliation

KPSR   SAPMKGA2       Execute Plan Segment Reversal

KPT6   SAPLKCTV       Execute Formula Planning

KPUB   RKPU2BAT       Revaluate Plan in Background

KPU1   SAPMKPU1       Create Plan Revaluation

KPU2   SAPMKPU1       Change Plan Revaluation

KPU3   SAPMKPU1       Display Plan Revaluation

KPU4   SAPMKPU1       Delete Plan Revaluation

KPY1   SAPMGPLP       Create Planning Parameters

KPY2   SAPMGPLP       Change Planning Parameters

KPY3   SAPMGPLP       Display Planning Parameters

KPY4   SAPMGPLP       Delete Planning Parameters

KPZ2   SAPMKBUD       Change Cost Center Budget

KPZ3   SAPMKBUD       Display Cost Center Budget

KP04   RKCCAPLN       Set Planner Profile

KP06   RKCCAPLN       Change CElem/Activity Input Plannin

KP07   RKCCAPLN       Display Planning CElem/Act. Input

KP16   RKCCAPLN       Change Plan Data for Primary Costs

KP17   RKCCAPLN       Display Plan Data for Primary Costs

KP26   RKCCAPLN       Change Plan Data for Activity Types

KP27   RKCCAPLN       Display Plan Data for Activity Type

KP36   RKCCAPLN       Change Secondary Cost Plan Data

KP37   RKCCAPLN       Display Secondary Costs Plan Data

KP46   RKCCAPLN       Change Stat. Key Figure Plan Data

KP47   RKCCAPLN       Display Stat. Key Figure Plan Data

KP56   RKCCAPLN       Change Revenue Plan Data

KP57   RKCCAPLN       Display Revenue Plan Data

KP65   SAPMKES1       Create Cost Planning Layout

KP66   SAPMKES1       Change Cost Planning Layout

KP67   SAPMKES1       Display Cost Planning Layout

KP75   SAPMKES1       Create Activity Type Planning Layou

KP76   SAPMKES1       Change Activity Type Planning Layou

KP77   SAPMKES1       Display Activ. Type Planning Layout

KP80   SAPLKEFV_MNT   Maintain Distribution Keys

KP81   SAPMGPSP       Create Distribution Key

KP82   SAPMGPSP       Change Distribution Key

KP83   SAPMGPSP       Display Distribution Key

KP84   SAPMGPSP       Delete Distribution Key

KP85   SAPMKES1       Create Stat. KF Planning Layout

KP86   SAPMKES1       Change Stat. KF Planning Layout

KP87   SAPMKES1       Display Stat. KF Planning Layout

KP9R   COKPR005       Copy CO Resource Prices

KP9S   COKPR004       Revaluate CO Resource Prices

KP90   SAPMKPT2       Delete Planned Costs

KP90NI SAPMKPT2       Delete Planned Costs

KP91   SAPMKPT2       Delete Planned Costs

KP91NI SAPMKPT2       Delete Plan Data

KP95   SAPMKPT5       Revaluate Manual Planning

KP96   SAPMKPT2       Activate L. Items and Int. Planning

KP97   SAPMKPT4       Copy Planning for Cost Centers

KP98   SAPMKPT4       Copy Actual to Plan for Cost Center

KRMI   RKAEP000       Run Sched. Header: Line Items Actua

KR01   SAPMKSRD       Create Summarization

KR02   SAPMKSRD       Change Summarization

KR03   SAPMKSRD       Display Summarization

KR04   SAPMKSRD       Delete Summarization

KR05   SAPMKSRE       Execute Summarization

KSAG   SAPMV12A       Maintain condition tables

KSAH   SAPMV12A       Display condition tables

KSAI   SAPMKSA0       Accrual Calc.: Maintain Actual Data

KSAJ   SAPMKSA0       Accrual Calc.: Maintain Tgt=Act Cre

KSAP   SAPMKSA0       Accrual Calc.: Maintain Plan Data

KSAQ   SAPMV13A       Maintain surcharge conditions

KSAR   SAPMV13A       Display Overhead Conditions

KSAZ   SAPMKSA0       Accrual: Maintain Overhead Structur

KSA3   SAPLKAZB       Actual Accrual for Cost Centers

KSA4   SAPMKSZB       Execute actual accrual

KSA8   SAPLKAZB       Plan Accrual for Cost Centers

KSA9   SAPMKSZB       Execute Plan Accrual

KSBB   SAPMKKB2       Run Selected Reports

KSBL   SAPMKB01       Cost centers: Planning overview

KSBP   RKAEP000       Cost Centers: Plan Line Items

KSBT   RKATARIF       Cost centers: Activity prices

KSB1   RKAEP000       Cost Centers: Actual Line Items

KSB2   RKAEP000       Cost Centers: Commitment Line Items

KSB5   RKAEP000       Controlling Documents: Actual

KSB9   SAPMKB02       Planning Report: Cost Centers

KSCA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla

KSCAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla

KSCB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Plan Indirect Acty Alloc.

KSCC   SAPMKGA1       Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan: Overview

KSCCN  SAPLKAL1       Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan: Overview

KSCF   RKAGJOBL       Carry Forward Cost Center Commitmen

KSCK   SAPLKWA1       Find CCtrs in Cycles and Segments

KSCP   SAPLKWA2       Find Processes in Cycles / Segments

KSCYC3 SAPMKAL4       Display Cycle/Segment Objects

KSC1   SAPMKAL1       Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

KSC1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

KSC2   SAPMKAL1       Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

KSC2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

KSC3   SAPMKAL1       Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

KSC3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

KSC4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

KSC4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

KSC5   SAPMKGA2       Execute Actual Indirect Acty Alloc.

KSC6   SAPMKGA1       Act. Indirect Acty Alloc.: Overview

KSC6N  SAPLKAL1       Act. Indirect Acty Alloc.: Overview

KSC7   SAPMKAL1       Create Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla

KSC7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla

KSC8   SAPMKAL1       Change Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla

KSC8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla

KSC9   SAPMKAL1       Display Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan

KSC9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Indirect Acty Alloc. Plan

KSEX   KGALRUNEXTR    Allocations: Extracts

KSFX   SAPLKSF2       Predistribute fixed costs: cctr

KSH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Cost Center Group

KSH2   SAPLKKHI       Change Cost Center Group

KSH3   SAPLKKHI       Display Cost Center Group

KSII   SAPLKSPI       Actual Price Determination: CCtrs

KSI4   SAPLKAZB       Actual Overhead: Cost Centers

KSMN   MENUKSMN       Actual Menu


KSOV   RKSOV          Cycle Maintenance/Overview (CCA;ABC

KSO9   SAPLKAZB       Commitment Overhead: Cost Centers

KSPI   SAPLKSPI       Iterative Plan Price Calculation

KSPP   SAPLKSPP       Transfer Planning From Logistics

KSPU   SAPMKPU2       Execute Plan Revaluation

KSP4   SAPLKAZB       Plan Overhead: Cost Centers

KSRT   RKGALRTA       Allocations: Runtime Analysis

KSR4   RKSR0C10       User-Defined Strategies

KSS1   SAPLKSS0       Variance Calculation: Cost Centers

KSS2   SAPLKSS0       Actual Cost Splitting: Cost Centers

KSS3   SAPLKSS0       Calculate Target Costs

KSS4   SAPMKACT       Split Plan Costs

KSUA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Plan Assessment

KSUAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Plan Assessment

KSUB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Plan Assessment

KSUC   SAPMKGA1       Plan Assessment: Overview

KSUCN  SAPLKAL1       Plan Assessment: Overview

KSU1   SAPMKAL1       Create Actual Assessment

KSU1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Actual Assessment

KSU2   SAPMKAL1       Change Actual Assessment

KSU2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Actual Assessment

KSU3   SAPMKAL1       Display Actual Assessment

KSU3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Actual Assessment

KSU4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Actual Assessment

KSU4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Actual Assessment

KSU5   SAPMKGA2       Execute Actual Assessment

KSU6   SAPMKGA1       Actual Assessment: Overview

KSU6N  SAPLKAL1       Actual Assessment: Overview

KSU7   SAPMKAL1       Create Plan Assessment

KSU7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Plan Assessment

KSU8   SAPMKAL1       Change Plan Assessment

KSU8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Plan Assessment

KSU9   SAPMKAL1       Display Plan Assessment

KSU9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Plan Assessment

KSVA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Plan Distribution

KSVAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Plan Distribution

KSVB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Plan Distribution

KSVC   SAPMKGA1       Plan Distribution: Overview

KSVCN  SAPLKAL1       Plan Distribution: Overview

KSV1   SAPMKAL1       Create Actual Distribution

KSV1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Actual Distribution

KSV2   SAPMKAL1       Change Actual Distribution

KSV2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Actual Distribution

KSV3   SAPMKAL1       Display Actual Distribution

KSV3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Actual Distribution

KSV4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Actual Distribution

KSV4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Actual Distribution

KSV5   SAPMKGA2       Execute Actual Distribution

KSV6   SAPMKGA1       Actual Distribution: Overview

KSV6N  SAPLKAL1       Actual Distribution: Overview

KSV7   SAPMKAL1       Create Plan Distribution

KSV7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Plan Distribution

KSV8   SAPMKAL1       Change Plan Distribution

KSV8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Plan Distribution

KSV9   SAPMKAL1       Display Plan Distribution

KSV9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Plan Distribution

KSWA   SAPMKAL1       Delete Plan Periodic Reposting

KSWAN  SAPLKAL1       Delete Plan Periodic Reposting

KSWB   SAPMKGA2       Execute Plan Periodic Reposting

KSWC   SAPMKGA1       Plan Periodic Repostings: Overview

KSWCN  SAPLKAL1       Plan Periodic Repostings: Overview

KSWUSL KGALWUSL       Where-Used List: Cycles in CCA

KSW1   SAPMKAL1       Create Periodic Reposting

KSW1N  SAPLKAL1       Create Periodic Reposting

KSW2   SAPMKAL1       Change Periodic Reposting

KSW2N  SAPLKAL1       Change Periodic Reposting

KSW3   SAPMKAL1       Display Periodic Reposting

KSW3N  SAPLKAL1       Display Periodic Reposting

KSW4   SAPMKAL1       Delete Periodic Reposting

KSW4N  SAPLKAL1       Delete Periodic Reposting

KSW5   SAPMKGA2       Execute Actual Periodic Reposting

KSW6   SAPMKGA1       Periodic Repostings: Overview

KSW6N  SAPLKAL1       Periodic Repostings: Overview

KSW7   SAPMKAL1       Create Plan Periodic Reposting

KSW7N  SAPLKAL1       Create Plan Periodic Reposting

KSW8   SAPMKAL1       Change Plan Periodic Reposting

KSW8N  SAPLKAL1       Change Plan Periodic Reposting

KSW9   SAPMKAL1       Display Plan Periodic Reposting

KSW9N  SAPLKAL1       Display Plan Periodic Reposting

KS01   SAPLKMA1       Create cost center

KS02   SAPLKMA1       Change cost center

KS03   SAPLKMA1       Display cost center

KS04   SAPLKMA1       Delete cost center

KS05   SAPMKMAA       Cost Center: Display Changes

KS07   SAPMKMA1       Execute rough entry of cost center

KS08   SAPLKMA1       Execute list editing of cost center

KS12   SAPLKMA1       Change Cost Centers

KS13   SAPLKMA1       Cost Centers: Master Data Report

KS14   SAPLKMA1       Delete Cost Centers

KS30   SAPLKMA1       Cost Centers: Change Management

KVA0   SAPL0KOZ       Maintain Assignment Cost Ctr./KF

KVA1   SAPL0KOZ       Display Plan Assignment CCtr/KF

KVA2   SAPL0KOZ       Maintain Actual Assignment CCtr/KF

KVA3   SAPL0KOZ       Display Actual Assignment CCtr/KF

KVA4   SAPMKWM1       Transfer Plan Statistical Key Figur

KVA5   SAPMKWM1       Transfer Actual Stat. Key Figure

KVA6   SAPL0KOZ       Copy Assignment CCtr/KF

KVBI   RKAEP000       Sales Documents: Line Items Actual

KVBO   RKAEP000       Sales Documents: Commit. Line Items

KVB0   SAPL0KOZ       Maintain Plan Assignment Process/KF

KVB1   SAPL0KOZ       Display Plan Assignment Process/KF

KVB2   SAPL0KOZ       Change Actual Assignment Process/KF

KVB3   SAPL0KOZ       Display Actual Assignment Process/K

KVB4   SAPMKWM1       PROZ: Copy Plan Stat. Key Figures

KVB5   SAPMKWM1       PROZ: Copy Actual Stat. Key Figures

KVB6   SAPL0KOZ       Copy Assignment Processes/KF

KVC0   SAPL0KOZ       Change Plan Assignment CObj/KF

KVC1   SAPL0KOZ       Display Plan Assignment CObj/KF

KVC2   SAPL0KOZ       Change Actual Assignment CObj/KF

KVC3   SAPL0KOZ       Display Actual Assignment CObj/KF

KVC4   SAPMKWM1       KSRTG: Copy Plan Stat. Key Figures

KVC5   SAPMKWM1       KSRTG: Copy Actual Stat. Key Figure

KVC6   SAPL0KOZ       Copy Assignment Cost Object/Key Fig

KVD0   SAPL0KOZ       Maintain Plan Assignment ATyp/KF

KVD1   SAPL0KOZ       Display Plan Assignment ATyp/KF

KVD2   SAPL0KOZ       Change Actual Assignment ATyp/KF

KVD3   SAPL0KOZ       Display Actual Assignment ATyp/KF

KVD4   SAPMKWM1       LSTAR: Copy Plan Stat. Key Figures

KVD5   SAPMKWM1       LSTAR: Copy Actual Stat. Key Figure

KVD6   SAPL0KOZ       Copy Assignment ActType/Key Figure

KW3P   SAPLKW3P       WWW: Internal Price List

KXH1   SAPLKKHI       Create Group (Hierarchical)

KXH2   SAPLKKHI       Change Group (Hierarchical)

KXH3   SAPLKKHI       Display Hierarchy (Hierarchical)

KZA1   SAPMKACZ       Select Overhead

LAS0   SAPMSP00       Sequencing

LAS2   SAPLSP00       Change Sequence Schedule

LAS3   SAPLSP00       Display Sequence Schedule

LBWE   RMCEXCUC       LO Data Ext.: Customizing Cockpit

LBWF   RMCEX000       Log for Logistics Extract. Structur


LBW0   RMCSBIWC       Interface LIS Information Structure

LBW1   RMCSBIW0       Update Activation LIS/BW

LBW2   RMCSBIWF       Version Copier LIS/BW

LB01   SAPML02B       Create Transfer Requirement

LB02   SAPML02B       Change transfer requirement

LB03   SAPML02B       Display Transfer Requirement

LB10   SAPML02B       TRs for Storage Type

LB11   SAPML02B       TRs for Material

LB12   SAPML02B       TRs and Posting Change for Mat.Doc.

LB13   SAPML02B       TRs for Requirement

LCO1   RMCWMNMB       Set Up Warehouse Co/Material Docs.

LCO2   RMCWMNTA       Set Up Warehouse Co/Transport Order

LC10   RSLVCADM       liveCache Assistant

LC11   RSLVCCON       Creating the liveCache connection

LDAP   SAPMLDAP       LDAP Customizing and Test

LDA2   SAPLLD01       Change Takt Time

LDA3   SAPLLD01       Display Takt Time

LDB1   SAPLLD01       Create Line Hierarchy

LDB2   SAPLLD01       Change Line Hierarchy

LDB3   SAPLLD01       Display Line Hierarchy

LDD1   SAPLLD01       Create Line Balance

LDD2   SAPLLD01       Change Line Balance

LDD3   SAPLLD01       Display Line Balance

LDE1   RLDPS_PRINT_BY_Work Instruction for Routing

LDE2   RLDPS_PRINT_BY_Work Instruction for Line Hier.

LD00   MENULD00       Line Design

LD01   SAPML06D       Repost Communication Document

LD02   RLLD0200       Reposting multiple comm.records

LD03   SAPML06D       Display Communication Document

LD04   RLLD0400       Evaluation of Communication Doc.

LD05   SAPML06D       Check LDK01 Records (internal call)

LD06   SAPML06D       Check LDK02 Records

LD07   SAPML06D       Check LDK03 Records

LD08   SAPML06D       Check LDK04 Records (internal call)

LD09   SAPML06D       Check LDK05 records

LD10   SAPML06D       Clear decentralized inventory diff.

LD11   SAPML06D       Clear differences in R/2

LEAN   RVFTPRAN       Request long-term VendDecl. (vendor

LECI   SAPRLECHKIN    Register Means of Transport/Visitor

LECIW  SAPRLECHKIN    Register Means of Transport/Visitor

LEER   RVFTPRER       Create long-term VenDecl. (customer

LEMA   RVFTPRMA       Dun long-term vendor decl. (vendor)

LEPA   SAPLV53F       Activate Determination Log

LEPD   SHPFPDELETE    Deletion of INDX Records

LEPS   SHPFPDISPLAY   Display Determination Log

LH01   SAPML03T       Assign Pick-HU to TO

LH03   SAPML03T       Assign Pick-HU to TO Display

LIBS   GUILSTCN       List layout

LICC   RLINV060       Cycle Counting per Quant

LISK   RKCSUB00       LIS: Data Collection in R/2

LI01   SAPML04I       Create System Inventory Record

LI01N  SAPML04I       Create System Inventory Record

LI02   SAPML04I       Change System Inventory Record

LI02N  SAPML04I       Change System Inventory Record

LI03   SAPML04I       Display System Inventory Record

LI03N  SAPML04I       Display System Inventory Record

LI04   SAPML04I       Print System Inventory Record

LI05   SAPML04I       Inventory History for Storage Bin

LI11   SAPML04I       Enter Inventory Count

LI11N  SAPML04I       Enter Inventory Count

LI12   SAPML04I       Change inventory count

LI12N  SAPML04I       Change inventory count

LI13   SAPML04I       Display Inventory Count

LI13N  SAPML04I       Display Inventory Count

LI14   SAPML04I       Start Inventory Recount

LI15   RLINV070       Evaluation of quant inventory

LI16   RLINV080       Cancel Physical Inventory Doc. Item

LI20   SAPML04I       Clear Inventory Differences WM

LI21   RLLI2110       Clear Inventory Differences in MM-I

LK01   BUSSTART       Create consumer

LK02   BUSSTART       Change consumer

LK03   BUSSTART       Display consumer

LLDEL  SBAL_DELETE    Delete application logs


LL01   RLLL0100       Warehouse Activity Monitor

LM00   RLOGON         Logon RF

LM01   RLMENU         Dynamic Menu

LM02   RLMOB001       Select by SU -Put Away

LM03   RLMOB001       Put Away – by TO

LM04   RLMOB005       Put Away -System Guided

LM05   RLMOB001       Picking by TO ID

LM06   RLMOB001       Picking – by Delivery ID

LM07   RLMOB008       Picking – System Guided

LM09   RLMOB001       Put Away by Delivery ID

LM11   RLMOB010       Posting Changes

LM12   RLMOB012       Material Inquiry

LM13   RLMOB013       Put Away Clustered

LM18   RLMOB018       Handling Unit Inquiry

LM19   RLMOB019       Handling Unit – Pack

LM22   RLMOB019       Handling Unit – Unpack

LM24   RLMOB019       Packing HU by Delivery

LM25   RLMOB019       Unpack HU by Delivery

LM26   RLMOB007       Picking by Delivery – W/O sel scree

LM27   RLMOB007       Put Away by Delivery – W/O sel scre

LM30   RLMOB030       Load Control – Load by Shipment

LM31   RLMOB031       Load Control – Load by Delivery

LM32   RLMOB032       Load Control – System Guide Load

LM33   RLMOB030       Load Control – UnLd by Shipment.

LM34   RLMOB031       Load Control – UnLd by Delivery

LM35   RLMOB035       Load Control – Detail by Shipping U

LM36   RLMOB036       Load Control – Detail by Delivery

LM37   RLMOB037       Load Control – Detail by Shipment

LM45   RLMOB045       Pick and Pack

LM46   RLMOB045       Pick and Pack by Delivery

LM50   RLMOB003       Count Inventory By System Guided

LM51   RLMOB003       Count Inventory By User Selection

LM55   RLBINPRI       Print Storage Bin Labels

LM56   RLMOB001       Select by SU – Interleaving

LM57   RLMOB005       System Guided Putaway – Interleavin

LM58   RXDCC001       Sys. guided dynamic inventory count

LM59   RXDCC001       User initiated dynamic invent. coun

LM60   RXDCC001       User guided dynamic invent. count

LM61   RLEMOBGRGIDEL  Goods Issue by Delivery

LM62   RLEMOBGRGIMSA  Goods Issue by MS area

LM63   RLEMOBGRGISHP  Goods Issue by Shipment

LM64   RLEMOBGRGIALL  Goods Issue by ALL

LM65   RLEMOBGRGIGRP  Goods Issue by Group

LM66   RLEMOBGRGIHU   Goods Issue by HU

LM71   RLEMOBGRGIDEL  Goods Receipt by Delivery

LM72   RLEMOBGRGIMSA  Goods Receipt by MS area

LM73   RLEMOBGRGISHP  Goods Receipt by Shipment

LM74   RLEMOBGRGIALL  Goods Receipt by ALL

LM76   RLEMOBGRGIHU   Goods Receipt by HU

LM77   RLQUEUE        Queue Assignment

LM80   RLMOBSER       Serial number capture

LNRMS  SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: TRM_MSGSE

LNRRQ  SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: TRM_REQES

LNRRS  SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: TRM_RSRC

LNRTK  SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: TRM_TASK

LN01   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Transfer Requirem

LN02   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Transfer Orders

LN03   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Quants

LN04   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Posting Changes

LN05   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges physical inventory

LN06   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Group Number

LN07   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for WM Communic.Rec.

LN08   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: LVS_LENUM


LPIN   SAPLLCPP       Info: Material Stock WM-PP

LPINW  SAPLLCPP       Info Transaction (IAC)

LPK1   SAPMMPKR       Create Control Cycle for WM

LPK2   SAPMMPKR       Change Control Cycle for WM

LPK3   SAPMMPKR       Display Control Cycle for WM

LPK4   RLWMPPC6       Create Contr.Cycles for Rel.Ord.Par

LPRO   MENULPRO       Material Forecast Menu

LPSC   R_SCREEN_CONVERRF Screen Conversion Tool

LPVAS  RLMBP011       VAS Management

LPYRD  RLMBP011       Yard Management

LP00   RLMBP011       Mobile Presentation

LP10   SAPLLCPP       Direct picking for PO

LP11   SAPLLCPP       WM staging of crate parts

LP11W  SAPLLCPP       WM Staging for Crate Parts (IAC)

LP12   SAPLLCPP       Staging release order parts (WM-PP)

LP21   RLLNACH1       WM replenishment for fixed bins

LP22   RLLNACH2       Replenishm. Planning for Fixed Bins

LP24   RLLNACH4       WM Replenishment for Random Whse

LQ01   RLLQ0100       Transfer Posting in Invent. Mgmt

LQ02   RLLQ0200       Transfer Posting in Invent. Mgmt

LRF1   SAPLLRFMON     RF Monitor; Active

LRF2   SAPLLRFMON     RF Monitor; Passive

LROUT  RTRM_LROUT     Creation or adjustement of routes

LRSW   RTRM_RES_MAINT Resource element maintenance  wizar

LSMW   /SAPDMC/SAPMLSMLegacy System Migration Workbench

LS01   SAPML01S       Create Warehouse Master Record

LS01N  SAPML01S       Create Warehouse Master Record

LS02   SAPML01S       Change Warehouse Master Record

LS02N  SAPML01S       Change Warehouse Master Record

LS03   SAPML01S       Display Warehouse Master Record

LS03N  SAPML01S       Display Warehouse Master Record

LS04   SAPML01S       Display Empty Storage Bins

LS05   SAPML01S       Generate Storage Bins

LS06   RLLS0600       Block Storage Bins

LS07   RLLS0700       Block Quants

LS08   RLLS0800       Block Storage Bins by Aisle

LS09   RLMS0010       Display Material Data for Stor.Type

LS11   RLLS0600       Change several stor.bins simultan.

LS22   SAPML01S       Change Quants

LS23   SAPML01S       Display Quants

LS24   SAPML01S       Display Quants for Material

LS25   SAPML01S       Display Quants per Storage Bin

LS26   SAPML01S       Warehouse stocks per material

LS27   SAPML01S       Display quants for storage unit

LS28   SAPML01S       Display storage units / bin

LS32   SAPML01S       Change storage unit

LS33   SAPML01S       Display storage unit

LS41   RLLS4100       List of control cycles for WIP loc.

LS51   SAPMV13H       Create Batch Search Strategy – WM

LS52   SAPMV13H       Change Batch Search Strategie – WM

LS53   SAPMV13H       Display Batch Search Strategy – WM

LTRA   RTRMALERT      TRM Alert Monitor

LTRCC  RTRM_CONSISTENCTRM Customization Consistency Check



LT0A   SAPML03T       Pre-plan storage units

LT0B   RLLT0B00       Putaway Pre-Picked Handling Units

LT0C   RLLT0C00       Removal of Pre-Picked HUs from Stoc

LT0D   RLLT0D00       Transfer of Existing Handling Units

LT0E   SAPML03T       Create Removal TO for 2-Step Pickin

LT0F   SAPML03T       Create TO for Inbound Delivery

LT0G   RLLT0G00       Return delivery to stock

LT0H   RLLT0E00       Putaway/Stock Transfer of HUs

LT0I   RLLT0F00       Removal of Handling Units from Stoc

LT0J   SAPML03T       Put Away Handling Unit

LT0R   RLLT0R00       Request replenishment manually

LT0S   SAPML03T       Create TO for multiple deliveries

LT01   SAPML03T       Create Transfer Order

LT02   SAPML03T       Create TO for Inventory Difference

LT03   SAPML03T       Create TO for Delivery

LT04   SAPML03T       Create TO from TR

LT05   SAPML03T       Process Posting Change Notice

LT06   SAPML02B       Create TO for Material Document

LT07   SAPML03T       Create TO for mixed storage unit

LT08   SAPML03T       Manual Addition to Storage Unit

LT09   SAPML03T       ID point function for storage units

LT1A   SAPML03T       Change Transfer Order

LT1B   SAPML03T       Confirm TO-Item Pick

LT1C   SAPML03T       Confirm TO-Item Transport

LT1D   SAPML03T       Confirm Transfer Order Pick

LT1E   SAPML03T       Confirm Transfer Order Transport

LT1F   SAPML03T       Confirm TO for SU Pick

LT1G   SAPML03T       Confirm TO for SU Transport

LT10   RLS10034       Create Transfer Order from List

LT11   SAPML03T       Confirm Transfer Order Item

LT12   SAPML03T       Confirm transfer order

LT13   SAPML03T       Confirm TO for storage unit

LT14   SAPML03T       Confirm preplanned TO item

LT15   SAPML03T       Cancelling transfer order

LT16   SAPML03T       Cancelling TO for storage unit

LT17   SAPML03T       Single Entry of Actual Data

LT21   SAPML03T       Display Transfer Order

LT22   RLLT2200       Display Transfer Order / Stor. Type

LT23   RLLT2300       Display Transfer Orders by Numbers

LT24   RLLT2400       Display Transfer Order / Material

LT25   RLLT2500       Display Transfer Order / Group

LT25A  RLLT2501       Display Transfer Order / Group

LT25N  RLLT2502       Confirm Transfer ORder / Group

LT26   RLLT2600       Transfer orders for storage bin

LT27   RLLT2700       Transfer order for storage unit

LT28   RLLT2800       Display Transfer Order / Reference

LT31   SAPML03T       Print TO Manually

LT32   SAPML03T       Print transfer order for stor.unit

LT41   SAPML05S       Prepare TRs for Multiple Processing

LT42   SAPML05S       Create TOs by Multiple Processing

LT43   SAPML05S       Forming groups for deliveries

LT44   SAPML05S       Release for Multiple Processing

LT45   RLSAMM10       Evaluation of reference numbers

LT63   RLLT6300       Control: Single Entry of Actual Dat

LT64   RLLT6400       Single Entry of Actual Data

LT72   SAPLL2PIK      Determine 2-step relevance

LT73   SAPLL2PIK      Display 2-step

LU01   SAPML02B       Create Posting Change Notice

LU02   SAPML02B       Change Posting Change Notice

LU03   SAPML02B       Display Posting Change Notice

LU04   SAPML02B       Selection of Posting Change Notices

LVASA  RLVALERT       VAS Alert Monitor


LVASNR SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: LXVAS_VOI

LXDCA  RCDALERT       Cross Docking Alert Monitor

LXDCK  RXDMONITOR     Cross-Docking Monitor

LX01   RLS10010       List of Empty Storage Bins

LX02   RLS10020       Stock list

LX03   RLS10030       Bin Status Report

LX04   RLS10040       Capacity load utilization

LX05   RLS10050       Block Bins in Bl.Storage w.Time Lim

LX06   RLS10060       Fire Department Inventory List

LX07   RLS10070       Check storage

LX08   RLS10080       Accident Regulations List

LX09   RLB10010       Overview of All Transf.Requirements

LX10   RLT10010       Activities per Storage Type

LX11   RLT10020       Document overview

LX12   RLT10030       Document Overview: Landscape Format

LX13   RLT10040       Analysis of differences

LX14   RLT10050       Matl mvmt frequency

LX15   RLINV010       Selection of Bins for Annual Invent

LX16   RLINV015       Selection of Bins for Continuous In

LX17   RLINV020       List of Inventory Differences

LX18   RLINV030       Statistics of Inventory Differences

LX19   RLBEST00       Inventory Data Takeover by Btch Inp

LX20   RLVST333       Generate interim storage bins

LX21   RLKOMM40       Pick List for Several Transfer Ord.

LX22   RLI30010       Process Inventory from Overview

LX23   RLABGL00       Stock comparison IM – WM

LX24   RLS10240       Display of hazardous mat.numbers

LX25   RLINV040       Inventory Status

LX26   RLINV050       Inventory in WM via cycle counting

LX27   RLS30010       Stock levels by shelf life

LX28   RLSUB000       Relevant TO item for ext.system

LX29   RLS10090       Fixed bin supervision

LX30   RLSUB010       Overview of WM messages ext.system

LX31   RLVSDR20       Analysis of print control tables

LX32   RLRT0001       Archived transfer orders

LX33   RLRB0001       Archived transfer requirements

LX34   RLRU0001       Archived posting change notices

LX35   RLRI0001       Archived system inventory records

LX36   RLRH0001       Archived inventory histories

LX37   RLSUB020       Linked objects

LX38   RLOLML02       Check Report Customizing Strategy K

LX39   RL2STK00       Evaluation Reference No. for 2-S.Pc

LX40   RLWMPPC1       Material Situation Prod. Storage Bi

LX41   RLWMPPC3       Bin Status Report WM/PP Interface

LX42   RLWMPPC4       Evaluation PP Order from WM View

LX43   RLWMPPC5       Consistency Check for Control Cycle

LX44   RLL10010       Inward and outward movements

LX45   RLVERIFY       Verification Field in Storage Bin

LX46   RLT1HR00       Transmission WM perform. data to HR

LX47   RLLX4700       Analysis of Delayed Delivery Update

LYCHP  RLYREGISTER    Check-in / Check-out transaction

LYLDP  RLYREGISTER    Load & unload transaction

LYRDA  RLYALERT       Yard Alert Monitor

LYRDM  RLYMONITOR     Yard Monitor

LYSCH  RLXYRD_SCHDL_CHYard Scheduling Chart

LYVHC  RLYREGISTER    Yard Inventory