SAP Transaction Code with description starting with N to O

SAP is the ERP system which can be used by the help of SAP transaction code, Sap transaction code are actually shortcuts for entering any transaction and getting any Report, in SAP there is round about 16,000 Sap transaction code.

The full list of transaction codes is maintained in the tables TSTC and TSTCT. So, you can have a look via SE16 in your own SAP system as well

In this article I am giving SAP transaction code along with reports code and there descriptions, I am arraigning it in alphabetical order.

INTRODUCTION AND DOWNLOAD ALL SAP Transaction Code with description

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with A to E

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with F to H

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with I to L

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with M

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with N to O

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with P to T

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with U to Z

TA     Report         Header Description

N      RK_SE16N       Quickstart SE16N

NACE   SAPLWMCW       WFMC: Initial Customizing Screen

NACO   SAPLWMCW       Conditions for Output Control

NACQ   SAPMV12A       WFMC: Maintain Condition Tables

NACR   SAPMV13B       WFMC: Maintain Output Condition Rec

NACT   SAPMVNV2       WFMC: Maintain Condition Types

NACU   SAPMVNV2       WFMC: Customizing Output Types

NACY   RVNNACY0       WFMC: Field Catalog

NAWF   RVNWF001       Start Customizing Control Flow

NEFE   RMCFCSCP       Statistical Setup: SFIS / Versions

NEWTON SAPLFF08       Mathematical Tests

NPRT   RMCSNPRT       LIS/setup/log

NWTM   SAPLNWTM       Monitoring Network Dates

OAAD   SAPLOPTF       ArchiveLink Administration Document

OAAQ   RACSTABL       Take back FI-AA year-end closing

OAAR   RAVCLUST       C AM Year-end closing by area

OAAT   OAILQBAT       SAP ArchiveLink: Create ILQBATCH

OAAW   RACSTABL       FI-AA: Memo value for asset class

OAAX   RACSTABL       FI-AA: Asst class for grp asset onl

OAAY   RACSTABL       FI-AA: Hist. layout set-asset class

OAAZ   RACSTABL       FI-AA: Settlement profile

OAA1   OAARCCON       SAP ArchiveLink: Maint. user st.sys

OAA3   OAKOMM00       SAP ArchiveLink protocols

OAA4   OAKOMM06       SAP ArchiveLink applic. maintenance

OABC   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/value transfer

OABD   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/param. transfer

OABE   RACSTABL       Deprec. areas/gross transfer

OABK   RACLSDEL       Delete asset class

OABL   SAPMA10C       C AM Reset Company Code

OABM   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/Transfer of resv

OABN   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/ordinary deprec.

OABO   OABARCOX       Displaying Open Bar Codes

OABS   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/Special deprec.

OABT   RACSTABL       Deprec. areas/parallel currencies

OABU   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/Unplanned deprec

OABW   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/Replacement vals

OABX   RACSTABL       Deppreciation areas/Investmt suppor

OABY   SAPMSTBM       C AM Maintain Table T093Y

OABZ   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas / Interest

OACB   RAMODWRD       Customer name for evaluation group

OACC   RAMODWRD       Customer name for evaluation group

OACD   RAMODWRD       Customer name for evaluation group

OACE   RAMODWRD       Customer name for evaluation group

OACF   RAMODWRD       Customer name for evaluation group

OACH   OACHECK        SAP ArchiveLink: Link check


OACK   OACUSTOM       SAP ArchiveLink: Syntax check

OACS   RACSTABL       C FI-AA View maint. substitutions

OACV   RACSTABL       C FI-AA View maint. validations

OAC0   SCMS0          CMS Customizing Content Repositorie

OADB   RACSTABL       Define depreciation areas

OADC   RACSTABL       Depreciation Areas: Area type

OADD   OADISPPR       ArchiveLink: Print List Display

OADR   OADLSETP       SAP ArchiveLink: Print list search

OADX   RACSTABL       Posting in G/L

OAD5   OACUSWIZ       ArchiveLink: Customizing Wizard

OAER   BDSFIND_1      SAP ArchiveLink: Document search

OAF1   SAPLOPTG       SAP ArchiveLink: Form management

OAGL   SAPMA10C       Reset posted depreciation

OAG1   SAPLOPTF       SAP ArchiveLink Basic Settings

OAG2   SAPLOPTF       SAP ArchiveLink Basic Settings

OAG3   SAPLOPTF       SAP ArchiveLink Basic Settings

OAG4   SAPLOPTF       SAP ArchiveLink Basic Settings

OAHT   SCMS_HTTP_CERT_Send Certificate

OAI5   RACSTABL       C FIAA Time-dependent inv. support

OAK1   RACAFAPL       C AM Consist. Chart of Depreciation

OAK2   RACBUKRS       C AM Consist. Company Code

OAK3   RACAFABE       C AM Consist. Depreciation Area

OAK4   RACKONT1       C AM Consist. G/L Accounts

OAK5   RACKONT2       C AM Customizng reconc. acct. contr

OAK6   RACHECK0       C AM Consist. G/L accounts

OAK7   RACKAR00       Reconc. acct. as stat. cost element

OAM1   SAPLOPTR       ArchiveLink: Monitoring

OAM3   SAPLOPTR       ArchiveLink: Monitoring

OANR   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ARCHIVELN

OAOH   OANEWCON       ArchiveLink: Create Documents

OAOR   BDSFIND_1      Business Document Service: Document

OAPL   RACSTABL       C FI-AA: Set Chart of Depreciation

OAQI   ILQAPI00       SAP ArchiveLink: Create Queues

OAR1   OAREQUES       SAP ArchiveLink: Request Management

OASV   SAPMA03B       Enter G/L Account Posting

OATB   RACSTABL       Asgmt of dep.area to cross-sys.area

OATR   SAPMKKB5       Define Report Selection


OAVA   RACSTABL       C AM Eval. Group View Maintenance

OAVB   RACSTABL       C AM View Maintenance Prop.Indicato

OAVC   RACSTABL       C AM Manual Valuat. View Maintenanc

OAVD   RACSTABL       C AM Insurance Data View Maintenanc

OAVE   RACSTABL       C AM View Maintenance Classif.NWTax

OAVF   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Insurance Companie

OAVG   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Report Simul.(Dep)

OAVH   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Period Control

OAVI   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Sort Versions

OAVJ   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Trans.Type Group

OAVL   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Locations

OAVM   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Field Groups

OAVN   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Fld.Grp. Asset Dat

OAVO   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Screen Control

OAVP   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Deprec.Trace Texts

OAVR   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Dep.Check Rules

OAVS   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Period Rule

OAVT   RACSTABL       C AM View Maint. Insurance Premium

OAVX   RACSTABL       C AM view maint no.periods shtd f.y

OAVZ   RACSTABL       C AM Call up report

OAV5   RAVCLUST       Index figures

OAV8   RACSTABL       FI-AA C Def. Eval. Group; 8 places

OAV9   RACSTABL       C AM Asset hist. group view maint.

OAWD   OAPREUSE       SAP ArchiveLink: Store documents

OAWF   RAWFCU         Assign Workflow Tasks

OAWS   OAPRESET       Maintain presettings

OAWT   RAVCLUST       AW01- define value field texts

OAWW   OAWFLWIZ       ArchiveLink: Workflow Wizard

OAW1   SAPMSVMA       Reason for investment

OAXB   RAVCLUST       Deprec. areas for transaction types

OAXC   RAVCLUST       Deprec. areas for transaction types

OAXD   RAVCLUST       Deprec. areas for transaction types

OAXE   RAVCLUST       Deprec. areas for transaction types

OAXF   RAVCLUST       Define Transaction Type

OAXG   RACSTABL       Define Transaction Type

OAXH   RAVCLUST       Deprec. areas for transaction types

OAXI   RAVCLUST       Deprec. areas for transaction types

OAXJ   RAVCLUST       Deprec. areas for transaction types

OAYA   RAVCLUST       Deprec. areas for transaction types

OAYB   RAVCLUST       Limiting transaction type groups

OAYC   RAVCLUST       Legacy data transfer: Depr. terms

OAYD   RAVCLUST       Legacy data transfer: Man. entry FC

OAYE   RAVCLUST       Legacy data transfer: Sequence

OAYF   RAVCLUST       Legacy Data Transfer: Accumul. Depr

OAYG   RAVCLUST       Legacy data transfer: Calc.repl.val

OAYH   RAVCLUST       Depreciation area currency

OAYI   RAVCLUST       Memo value of area

OAYJ   RAVCLUST       Net book value is changeover amount

OAYK   RAVCLUST       Low-value assets

OAYL   RAVCLUST       Individual period weighting

OAYM   RAVCLUST       Permit group asset for area

OAYN   RAVCLUST       Assign bal.sheet/inc.stmt to area

OAYO   RAVCLUST       Rounding specific. for deprec. area

OAYP   RAVCLUST       Shortening rules for shortened FY

OAYQ   RAVCLUST       Gross/net resrvs.for special deprec

OAYR   RAVCLUST       Posting rules for depreciation

OAYS   RAVCLUST       Special treatment of retirement

OAYT   RAVCLUST       Transact.type for proportional vals

OAYU   RAVCLUST       Capitaliztn of dwn-paymnts (transfr

OAYZ   RAVCLUST       Asset class:  Depreciation areas

OAY1   RAVCLUST       Special handling of transfer postin

OAY2   RAVCLUST       Asset class: Low value asset check

OA01   RACSTABL       Gain/loss substitution -Fixed asset

OA02   RACSTABL       Substitution: Mass Changes to Asset

OA03   RAMUST00       C AM Asset Class Index

OA05   SAPMSTBM       C AM Maintain Table T499S

OA07   RDDSRCG0       Generate C AM BALTD Record Layout

OA11   ROOLAC00       C AM Asset Master Matchcode

OA13   RAALTD01       FI-AA Legacy Data Transfer

OA14   RAALTD11       Direct import of data

OA15   SAPMSTBM       C AM Maintenance Table T094P

OA79   SAPMA06C       C AM Maintain Ast.Hist.Sheet Defin.

OA80   SAPMA06C       C AM Maint. Asset.Hist.Sheet Defin.

OA81   RAVCLUST       Maintain Transaction Types – Expert

OA84   RAPERGEN       Generate Period Control

OA85   RACSTABL       C FI-AA: Weighting periods

OBA1   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030

OBBH   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T001Q (Document

OBBT   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 Maintenance GLU+GLU

OBBV   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030 BI2+SPACE

OBBW   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030 BI3+A00

OBBX   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030 BI4+SPACE

OBBZ   SAPMFKM0       C FI Subst. FI/0005: Activate

OBB0   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain table T030 valuatn ad

OBCV   SAPMFKM0       C FI FAKP: T021R with SL-AX

OBFA   SAPMFKM0       C FI Corresp.Sort Variants/Corresp.

OBFB   SAPMFKM0       C FI Corresp.Sort Variants/Document

OBFC   SAPMFKM0       C FI Corresp.Sort Variants/Lne Item

OBG1   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain tbl T030 offsttng acc

OBG8   SAPMFKM8       C FI Copy G/L Accounts Acc.To Ref.A

OBG9   RFBISA39       C FI Maintain Table TSAKR

OBH1   SAPMFKM0       C FI Doc.No.Range: Copy Company Cod

OBH2   SAPMFKM0       C FI Doc.No.Range: Copy Fiscal year

OBJ1   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End Financial Statement

OBJ2   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End Compact Doc.Journal

OBJ3   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End Bill of Exchange List

OBJ4   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End G/L Account Balances

OBJ5   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End G/L Account List

OBJ6   SAPMS38M       Posting Totals

OBJ7   SAPMS38M       Bill of Exchange Charges Statement

OBKA   SAPMS38M       Account Statement Correspondence

OBKB   SAPMS38M       Internal Documents Correspondence

OBKC   SAPMS38M       Individual Letters Correspondence

OBKD   SAPMS38M       Document Statements Correspondence

OBKE   SAPMS38M       Customer Stmnt Corresp.Account Stmn

OBKR   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: FI_RECEIPT

OBK1   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End OI Customer List

OBK2   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End Customer Acct Balance

OBK3   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End Customer List

OBK4   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End OI Vendor List

OBK5   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End Vendor Acct Balances

OBK6   SAPMS38M       C FI Year End Vendor List

OBK7   SAPMS38M       Subledger Accts Bal.Carried Forward

OBK8   SAPMS38M       G/L Accounts Balance Carried Forwar

OBK9   SAPMS38M       Payment Notices Correspondence

OBL2   SAPMFKM0       Consistency Check: Auto.Pstg (ErAny

OBL4   SAPMFKM0       Consistency Check: Sp.G/L (Err.Anly

OBMD   SAPMFKM0       C FI Selec.Variants Dunning/Dun.lin

OBMK   SAPMFKM0       C FI Selec.Variants Dunning/Dunn.hd

OBM1   SAPMS38M       C FI Month End Advance Tax Return

OBM2   SAPMS38M       C FI Month End Financial Statement

OBM3   SAPMS38M       C FI Month End Foreign Trade Regns

OBM4   SAPMS38M       C FI Month End Compact Doc.Journal

OBM5   SAPMS38M       C FI G/L Balances Monthly Report

OBM6   SAPMS38M       Posting Data Reconciliation

OBNB   SAPMFKM2       Transaction Code for SAPMFKM2

OBN1   SAPMS38M       C FI Month End OI Customer List

OBN2   SAPMS38M       C FI Month End Financial Statement

OBN3   SAPMS38M       C FI Month End OI Vendor List

OBN4   SAPMS38M       C FI Month End Vendor Acct Balances

OBOB   SAPMFKM0       C FI FAKP Line Item Line Layout

OBO1   SAPMFKM0       C FI FAKP Line Item Line Layout

OBO2   SAPMFKM0       C FI FAKP Credit Mangmnt Line Layou

OBPE   RFFMFKM0       C FI Penalty Interests

OBPL   RGUREC50       Subsequently post CO to G

OBPM4  RFOBPM40       Payment Medium Selection Variants

OBPM5  RFMPAYCUST     Cross-Payment Run Payment Medium

OBPN   SAPMFKM0       C FI Penalty Interests

OBP5   RFDELPLN       Delete FI planning data

OBRD   SAPMKKB5       Customers: maintain report selectio

OBRK   SAPMKKB5       Vendors: maintain report selection

OBRS   SAPMKKB5       G/L: maintain report selection

OBRX   SAPMKKB5       Flexible G/L: Maintain Report Selec

OBS1   SAPMGCU0       C FI Create Ledger

OBS2   SAPMGCU0       C FI Change Ledger

OBS3   SAPMGCU0       C FI Display Ledger

OBS4   SAPMGCU0       C FI Delete Ledger

OBT1   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (KNA1)

OBT10  SAPMFKM0       C FI Maint. Table TTXID (DOC_ITEM)

OBT2   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (KNB1)

OBT3   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (KNKK)

OBT3Z  SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (KNKA)

OBT4   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (LFA1)

OBT5   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (LFB1)

OBT6   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (SKA1)

OBT7   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (SKB1)

OBT8   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (BELEG)

OBT9   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TTXID (MR01)

OBU1   SAPMS38M       Document Type/Posting Key Options

OBV1   SAPMFKM0       C FI Int.For Dys Overdue Acct Deter

OBV2   SAPMFKM0       C FI G/L Acct Bal.Int.Calc.Acct Det

OBV3   SAPMFKM0       C FI Cust.Bal.Int.Calc.Acct Determ.

OBV4   SAPMFKM0       C FI Vend.Bal.Int.Calc.Acct Determ.

OBV9   SAPMFKM0       C FI Act Det.Vendor Intrst on Arrs

OBWO   SAPMFKM0       C FI Withholding Tax

OBWS   SAPMFKM0       C FI Withholding Tax

OBWU   SAPMFKM0       C FI Withholding Tax

OBWW   SAPMFKM0       C FI Withholding Tax

OBWZ   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: WITH_CTNO

OBXA   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030

OBXB   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030

OBXC   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030

OBXD   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030

OBXE   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030

OBXH   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T041A/T041T

OBXI   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030

OBXJ   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030B

OBXK   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030

OBXL   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030

OBXM   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030

OBXN   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 GAU/GA0

OBXO   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 KDW

OBXP   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030 zaf

OBXQ   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 KDZ

OBXR   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T074

OBXS   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030

OBXT   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T074

OBXU   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030

OBXV   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030

OBXW   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030B Cleared Invoices

OBXY   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T074

OBXZ   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 G/L Accont Clearing

OBX1   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030B: G/L Acct Posting

OBYA   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030

OBYB   SAPMFKM0       Maintain automatic postings account

OBYC   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030

OBYD   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030

OBYE   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030

OBYF   RV61CKOS       Revenue Account Determination

OBYG   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030

OBYH   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030

OBYL   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 HRI + HRC

OBYM   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T074 Bill of Exchange

OBYN   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T074 Bill Receivable

OBYP   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T074 Check/Bill of Exch.

OBYR   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T074

OBYS   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T074 Tangible Fixed Asse

OBYT   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 HRI + HRD

OBYU   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 HRI + HRD

OBYY   SAPMFKM0       C FI Table T030 Maintenance KDT/KDT

OBY0   SAPMFKM8       C FI Copy CoCde with Ctry Chrt/Acct

OBY7   SAPMFKM8       C FI Copy Chart of Accounts

OBY8   SAPMFKM8       C FI Delete Chart of Accounts

OBY9   SAPMFKM8       C FI Transport Chart of Accounts

OBZA   RFABADAB       Reporting Selection: Global Menu

OBZM   SAPMFKM0       C FI Substitution FI/0005: Create

OBZN   SAPMFKM0       C FI Substitution FI/0005: Change

OBZT   RFT007ACV      Single Screen Transaction Tax Code


OBZ2   SAPMFKM0       C FI FBZP T042



OB00   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030 (RDF)

OB35   SAPMS38M       Customer Balance Confirmation

OB36   SAPMS38M       Vendor Balance Confirmation

OB40   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030

OB41   SAPMFKM0       Maintain Accounting Keys

OB48   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Matchcode SAKO

OB49   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Matchcode DEBI

OB50   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Matchcode KRED

OB53   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030

OB55   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table TFAV

OB75   RFT042D_CALL   Cust.Pmnt Program: Available Amnts

OB89   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T030

OB91   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T001F

OB92   SAPMFKM0       C FI Maintain Table T001G

OCAK   RGCT856        FI-LC: Print Transaction Types

OCAL   RGCT865        FI-LC: Print IC Eliminations

OCAM   RGCT868B       FI-LC: Print Inventory Mgmt Company

OCAN   RGCT868L       FI-LC: Print Supplying Company

OCAO   RGCT872        FI-LC: Print Changes in Net Income

OCAP   RGCT873        FI-LC: Print Hidden Reserves

OCAR   RGCT875E       FI-LC: Print Chgs in Trfr Depreciat

OCAS   RGCT875D       FI-LC: Print Asset Transfer

OCAT   RGCT858        FI-LC: Print Versions

OCAU   RGCT854S       FI-LC: Print Selected FS Items


OCBP   RGCEUR20       Upload extract from R/2

OCBV   RGCCDB00       Reconcile Extended G/L Accounts

OCBW   RGCMBU00       Consolidation: data input via MT

OCBY   RGCPOS01       Create Corporate Chart of Accounts

OCBZ   RGCCEDB0       Compare Extract / Cons.Data Base

OCB0   RGCHRY10       Step consolidation

OCB1   RGCAUS10       Bundle Standard Reports

OCB2   RGCIA400       Consolidation Documents

OCB5   RGCSTC00       Extract Subgroup

OCB6   RGCLST30       Totals file records

OCCC   RGCPOS02       Maintain Group Account

OCCE   SAPMGCU0       Change GL customizing company code

OCCF   SAPMGCU0       Create GL Customizing Company code

OCCI   SAPMF10C       Cons. Integration Settings

OCCM   RGUCOMP1       Reconcile G/L Accounts/Consolidatio

OCCP   RGCDDP00       Print G/L account / group account

OCCS   RGCDDC00       Validate GL acct  Group acct

OCCT   RGCPOS03       FS Items from Chart of Accounts

OCC0   SAPMF10C       Central Group Table

OCC8   RGC863LT       Info System: Report Selection

OCDL   RGUDEL00       Delete FI-LC Ledger Transaction dat

OCDM   RGCAUSHY       Hierarchy of Totals Reports

OCDN   RGCDOW40       Download MS ACCESS

OCDO   RGCPOS05       Delete FS chart of accounts

OCDZ   RGUDEL00       Cons stag. ledger: delete trans dat


OCHS   ROOLMB00       Set system messages

OCH0   MENUOCH0       Batch Management

OCI1   RSCITA00       Maintain TCUSC

OCL1   SAPMGCU0       FI-LC: Create Ledger

OCL2   SAPMGCU0       FI-LC: Change Ledger

OCL3   SAPMGCU0       FI-LC: Display Ledger

OCL4   SAPMGCU0       FI-LC: Delete Ledger

OCL5   RGCEISS1       Extract to EIS

OCL6   RGCRWIMP       Import Report definition

OCMI   RKMODIMP       Import models cost elements

OCM1   CO_OCM_OBJECT_LBackgrd Job: Processing Init.Object

OCM2   CO_OCM_ORDER_LIBackgd Job: Processing Proc.Element

OCM3   COOCMPICK_H    Background Job: OCM Goods Movements

OCNG   MENUOCNG       Graphic customizing

OCN1   RGUREC10       FI-LC: Repost FI data

OCN2   RGUREC30       FI-LC: Repost MM data

OCN3   RKEPCU40       FI-LC: Repost SD data

OCO2   RSCICO02       Customizing: Country Version


OCU0   MENUOCU0       Customizing Menu for Variants

OCVM   SAPMF100       View Maintenance: initial screen

OCZ1   SAPMGCU0       FI-SS: Create add. ledger

OCZ2   SAPMGCU0       FI-SS: Change Cons Staging Ledger

OCZ3   SAPMGCU0       FI-SS: Display Add. Ledger

OCZ4   SAPMGCU0       FI-SS: Delete Add. Ledger

OC50   RGCABG00       Gain/Loss from asset retirement

OC52   RGCANT00       Group Shares

OC53   RGCAUS00       Group Reports

OC55   RGCCHP00       Contra items/Retained earnings

OC56   RGCDOW10       Download for consolidation

OC57   RGCEQL00       Transfer chnges in invest./equity

OC58   RGCEQT00       Data transfer for affiliated co.s

OC59   RGCERH00       Print data entry forms/audit trail

OC60   RGCERH10       Bundle Data Entry Forms

OC61   RGCFK300       K3 form

OC62   RGCGLI10       List of Ownership

OC63   RGCGLI20       Changes in equity

OC64   RGCGLI30       Changes in investment

OC65   RGC884PR       Print Translation Method

OC66   RGCGLI50       Changes in hidden reserves

OC67   RGCGLI60       Investment in companies

OC68   RGCIAR00       Interactive consolidation reporting

OC69   RGCKAP00       Consolidation of investments

OC70   RGCKPD00       Print financial statement items

OC71   RGCLST00       Listing of Totals File Records

OC72   RGCLST10       Database list: Journal entries

OC73   RGCMBU00       Consolidation: data input via MT

OC74   RGCONS00       Bundle Consolidation Activities

OC75   RGCCUSKP       Print cons. of investments method

OC76   RGCPCU10       Data input via PC

OC77   RGCPLS00       Validate consolidation data

OC78   RGCPOS00       Copy FS items from RF Tables

OC79   RGCPOS10       Create D/E form from f/s item table

OC80   RGCPOS20       Build Standard Report from D.E.form

OC81   RGCPOS30       Change FS Item Numbers

OC82   RGCPOS40       Validation Check: Items/DE Forms

OC83   RGCPOS50       Exchange Item Numbers:Totals Record

OC84   RGCRNN00       Renumber Lines for Data Entry Forms

OC85   RGCRNN10       Renumber Standard Report Table

OC86   RGCSCD00       Copy Totals Records

OC87   RGCSEL00       Data selection for reporting

OC88   RGCPOS80       Layout of FS Chart of Accounts

OC89   RGCSKO00       Intercompany Elimination

OC90   RGCUMG00       Reclassifications

OC91   RGCUMR00       Currency Translation (Consolidation

OC92   RGCVTR00       Carry Forward Balances-Consolidatio

OC93   RGCWRF00       Currency devaluation

OC94   RGCZGE00       Elim.of Intercompany Profit/Loss

OC95   RGCVAL00       Validation Maintenance

OC96   RGCPOS60       Exchange Item Numbers: Documents

OC97   RGCPOS70       Upload FS Items and Texts

OC98   RGCPOS15       FI-LC: Rptg line layout frm Item tb

OC99   RGCSCD10       Totals recs: Delete (local values)

ODI1   SAPMSNUM       Number range for distr. order Id

ODI3   SAPMSNUM       Number range for dist.order pack. I

ODI4   SAPMSNUM       Number range for partial order Id

ODI5   SAPMSNUM       Number range for original files

ODI6   SAPMSNUM       Number range for recipient list

ODOC   SAPMOMBE       Activate Docmt Mgmt for Batches

ODP1   RDPPROF00      DIP Profile

ODP2   RDPPROF46      DIP Profile: Consistency Check

ODP2A  RDPPROF10      DIP Profile:Multiple Consist. Check

ODP2L  RDPPROF45      DIP Profile:Consistency Check (List

ODRV   RMIMGDIRECTODRVCustomizing for Derivation

OD00   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for documents

OD12   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range for Vaults

OD70   SAPMV12A       Create Conditions Table (DMS)

OD71   SAPMV12A       Change conditions table (DMS)

OD90   RDDSRCG0       Record Layout for Batch Input (Docs

OD91   RCVBI010       Document Data Transfer

OD92   RCVBI005       Document Batch Input Example File

OD93   RCCVBISC       Display Document File

OE00   RPUEMU99       HR Customizing: Maintenance T500C

OFBLBW RGUCBIW1_PI    Budgetary Ledger BW Extractors

OFDE   RFFMMDD1       FM: Delete Cmmt Items in FM Area

OFDF   RFFMMDD2       Delete Funds Centers in FM Area

OFDG   RFFMMDD3       Delete Funds Centr in Hierarchy Var

OFDH   RFFMDLCU       Funds Management: Delete CO Actuals

OFDM1  RFDLKBLA       Delete Earmarked Funds by Client

OFDM2  RFDLKBLX       Delete Selection of Earmarked Funds

OFDSM  RFFMMDD5       Delete Status Management Entries

OFD1   RFFMMDD1       Cash Bdgt Mgt: Delete Master Data

OFD2   RFFMDL52       Cash Budget Mgt: Delete Act.Data

OFD3   RFFMDL53       Cash Budget Mgt: Delete Plan Data

OFD5   RFFMMDD4       Delete Funds and Application of Fnd

OFD7   RFFMDL90_ISPS  Funds Management: Delete Budget

OFD8   RFFMDL03       Delete Commitment Item From G/L Acc

OFGA   RFFMRP51       CBM: FI Data Transfer in Full

OFGB   RFFMRP99       Funds Mgmt: Gradual FI Data Transfe

OFGC   RFFMRP99       Funds Mgmt: FI Data Transfer in Ful

OFGG   RFFMCP01       Copy Commitment Item To G/L Account

OFG1   RFFMRP50       Cash Bdgt Mgt: Take Over All Docs

OFG2   RFFMRP53       Cash Budget Mgt: Take Over MM Data

OFG3   RFFMRP56       Cash Bdgt Mgt:Take Over Fds Res Dat

OFG4   RFFMRP55       Cash Bdgt Mgt: Take Over Pymt Tsfr

OFG5   RFFMRP99       Funds Mgmt: Take Over All Documents

OFG6   RFFMRP99       Funds Mgmt: Take Over MM Data

OFG8   RFFMRP99       Funds Mgmt: Take Over Pymt Tfr Data

OFG9   RFFMRP52       CBM: Gradual FI Data Transfer

OFKA   SAPLFM11       Maintain Carryfwrd Values Tot. Rec.

OFK1   SAPL0FMK       Maintain Criteria Type Cmmt. Item

OFK2   SAPL0FMK       Maintain Criteria Category Group

OFK3   SAPL0FMK       Assign Crit.Cat. to Crit.Cat.Group

OFK4   SAPL0FMK       Maintain Criteria

OFO1   RFVIDOPO       OI List Per Real Estate Objects

OFPK   SAPMFKM0       FM budgetary ledger posting keys

OFPM   KFPR_VIEW_MAINTChange Message Control

OFP5   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Pack.obj.determin.

OFP6   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Pack.obj.determin.

OFP7   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Pack.obj.determin.

OFRA   SAPMKKB5       Report Selection

OFRB   SAPMKKB5       Report Selection

OFTC   MENUOFTC       Funds Management

OFTD   MENUOFTD       Cash Management Configuration Menu

OF03   SAPMFM00       Transfer Cash Holdings

OF07   SAPMFM00       Cash Budget Mgt Consistency Check

OF09   SAPMFM00       Funds Management Consistency Check

OF12   ROOBP100       FM: Maintain Budget Profile

OF19   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: FM_BELEG2

OF20   ROOBP100       FM Budget Avail.Control Tolerances

OF21   ROOBP100       FM: Budget Versions

OF22   ROOBP100       Financial Budgeting Versions

OF29   SAPLFMFS       Settings for the Payment Transfer

OF36   SAPLFMFS       User-Dependent Profile Maintenance

OF4C   BPCALC01       Calculate Budget Surcharges

OGS1   RPUBSIU1       Load tax authority codes

OGS2   RPUBSIU2       Load tax authorities

OGS3   RPUBSIU3       Update tax authorities

OGS4   RPUBSIU4       Load tax types

OGS5   RPUBSIU6       Load tax areas

OGS6   RPUBSIU8       Load zip codes

OGS7   RPUSCG00       Generate schema

OGS8   RPUTAXU0       Delete tax table entries

OGS9   RPUANRU0       Generate ADP number ranges

OG00   RPUCUS10       Personnel Administration Customizin

OG01   RPUCUS10       Personnel Administration Customizin

OG02   RPUCUS10       Recruitment Customizing

OG03   RPUCUS10       Generate calendar for cumulation

OG04   RPUCUS20       Customizing: Country-Spec. Features

OG05   RPUCUS30       Customizing: Dyn. Schema Selection

OG07   RPUCUS70       Current settings Time Management

OG30   RPUCUS10       HR:call SM30 subobjects individuall

OG42   RPMYPA42       Customizing Tool for PA42

OHPS   MENUOHPS       Org.Management Configuration

OHX2   RPURMW00       Maintain wage types for remittance

OH00   RPUCUS00       Access Subset View

OH02   RPUCUS50       Call View Cluster with Subset Views

OH04   RPUUMS00       Conversion of third party remittanc

OH11   SAPMPU30       Copy Wage Types

OH12   RPVIEW00       Access View for T512W

OH13   RPVIEW10       HR Customizing: Wage Type Grouping

OH14   RPUCUS14       Access Subset View for Check Table

OH16   RPUCUS16       Call RPUCTF00 with Var. SAP_OH16

OH17   RPUSVBD0       HR Customizing: SI Contrib.Statemen

OH18   RPDABWD0       HR Customizing: Absence Docu.

OH19   RPCCON00       Access Transaction OH20

OH20   SAPMOH20       Maintain Payroll Constants

OH21   RPUCUS21       Supply Parameters for PE51

OH23   RPUCUS23       Enter Parameters for PUFK

OIAC   SAPMSD20       Matchcode notifications

OIBC   RIOFSE00       List Task Lists (M.-Lev.) Eqpmt Dat

OIBD   RIOFSE00       List Task Lists (M.-Level) Loc. Dat

OIBS   SAPMBSVA       Maintain Status Profiles

OIBY   RIOCUS00       List Display of Goods Movements

OIB1   ROOBP100       Maintain inv.program budget profile

OIB3   ROOBP100       Budget profile: proj.->invst.prg.ty

OIB4   ROOBP100       Budg. profile order -> inv.prog.typ

OIB5   RACSTABL       Depreciation areas/value transfer

OIB9   RIOFSE00       TL list – production resource/tool

OICY   RIOT399J       Application ID for PM

OIDA   RIPRJUMP       PM Shop Papers for Notifications

OIDB   RIPRJUMP       PM Shop Papers by Notification Type

OIDC   RIPRJUMP       PM Notifs – User-SpecifPrintControl

OIDD   RIPRJUMP       PM Print Diversion for NotifPapers

OIDE   RIPRJUMP       PM NotifPrintDivers. by FldContent

OIDF   RIPRJUMP       PM Shop Papers for Orders

OIDG   RIPRJUMP       PM Shop Papers by Order Type

OIDH   RIPRJUMP       PM Orders – User-SpecifPrintControl

OIDI   RIPRJUMP       PM Shop Paper Print Diversion

OIDJ   RIPRJUMP       PM OrdPrintDivers. by FldContent

OIDP   RIPRJUMP       PD Order – Define Shop Papers

OIDQ   RIPRJUMP       PD Shop Papers by Order Type

OIDR   RIPRJUMP       PD Order – User Specif. Print Contr

OIDS   RIPRJUMP       PD Print Diversion f. Shop Papers

OIDT   RIPRJUMP       PD Order Print Diversion by FldCont

OIDV   RIACCESS       Download SAP Tables into MS Access

OIDW   RIACCCAT       Download catalog profile

OIEM   SAPMSD20       Matchcode for Equipment

OIEN   SAPMSNUM       Equipment Number Ranges

OIFL   RIOCUS01       Vehicle List

OIF1   RAIPAR00       Partner schema for app. request

OIF2   ROOBP100       Maint. of plan profile f. app.req.

OIF3   ROOBP100       Maint.- plan profile app.r. cash fl

OIGN   RIOCUS00       List Editing of Permits

OIKS   SAPMIKSC       Maintenance of Cost Estimate Versio

OIK1   RKP_ACPOS_MAINTMaintenance of PM value categories

OIK2   RKP_ACPOS_MAINTMaint. of PM value cat. assignments

OILG   SAPMSD20       Standard Task List Matchcode

OIL0   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges: FunctLoc.Task Lists

OIL4   SAPMSNUM       Task List Number Ranges

OIL5   SAPMSNUM       Equipment number ranges

OIL6   RIOCA41I       Operation Default Value Profiles

OIL8   SAPLC0VL       Standard Text

OIMF   SAPMIO10       Service Window

OIMN   RICUTQSCR      Customizing setting table TQSCR

OIM3   RIOTQ80A       Order Type by NotifType

OIOE   RIO399XS       Operation No. – AutoIncrement

OIOF   RIO399XK       Costing Parameters

OION   SAPMSNUM       Order number ranges

OIOR   RIOTCORU       Order Completion Confirmation

OIPG   SAPLIPCL       Maintenance of Permit Group

OIPM   SAPMSD20       Matchcode for Functional Locations

OIP1   ROOBP100       Maintain inv.prog. planning profile

OIRA   RIOFSE00       Field selectn serial no. RefurbOrde

OIRB   RIOCUS00       PM Object Contracts

OIRC   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level EquipList – Permit

OIRE   RIOFSE00       Field Sel. Serial No. Product. Orde

OIRE0  RIOFSE00       Field Sel. Serial No. Handling Unit

OIRE1  RIOFSE00       Field Selection Serial No. Inventor

OIRF   RIOCUS00       Measuring Point List

OIRG   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List – Permit

OIRH   RIOFSE00       Order List (M.-Lev.) – Iss. Permits

OIRI   RIOFSE00       Location List (Multi-Level) – Permi

OIRL   RIOCUS00       Measurement Document List

OIRM   RIOFSE00       FieldSelect. Ser.No. Goods Movement

OIRN   RIOFSE00       FieldSelect. Ser.No. Delivery

OIRO   RIOFSE00       FieldSelect. Ser.No. Inspection Lot

OIRP   RIOFSE00       FieldSelect. Ser.No. Sales Order

OIRQ   RIOFSE00       FieldSelect. Ser.No. PM Order

OIRR   RIOFSE00       Field Sel. Serial No PM Notificatio

OIRS   RIOFSE00       Multi-level Order List: Sub-Orders

OIRT   RIOFSE00       List Task Lists (M.-Level) – Header

OIRU   RIOFSE00       List Task Lists (M.-Lev) – Operatio

OIRV   RIOFSE00       List Task Lists (M.-Lev.) – Sub-Opt

OIRW   RIOFSE00       List Task Lists (M.-Lev.) – Relship

OIRX   RIOFSE00       List Task Lists (M.-Lv) – Component

OIRZ   RIOFSE00       List Task Lists (M.-Lv) – Maint.Pkg

OIR0   RIOFSE00       Task lists (multi-lvl)- Test eqpmt

OIR1   RIOFSE00       FieldSel. PartnType Customer

OIR2   RIOFSE00       FieldSel. PartnType Vendor

OIR3   RIOFSE00       FieldSel. PartnType Personnel No.

OIR4   RIOFSE00       FieldSel. PartnType Contact Person

OIR5   RIOFSE00       FieldSel. PartnType OrganiznUnit

OIR6   RIOFSE00       FieldSel. PartnType Position

OIR7   RIOFSE00       FieldSel. PartnType User

OIR8   RIOFSE00       Field Selection for General Address

OISK   MENUOISK       Funds Management

OISN   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: IRESTO

OIS0   MENUOIS0       Funds Management

OIS3   RIOFSE00       Task Lists (Multi-lvl)- ServPackage

OIS4   RIOFSE00       Task List (Mul.lev.) – ObjectDepend

OITM1  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 1

OITM10 RAMODWRD       User name for user field 10

OITM11 RAMODWRD       User name for user field 11

OITM12 RAMODWRD       User name for user field 12

OITM13 RAMODWRD       User name for user field 12

OITM14 RAMODWRD       User name for user field 12

OITM2  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 2

OITM3  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 3

OITM4  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 4

OITM5  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 5

OITM6  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 6

OITM7  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 7

OITM8  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 8

OITM9  RAMODWRD       User name for user field 9

OITN   RAIMAWFC       Assign workflow tasks

OITO   RAVC0ALA       Master Data Tab

OIT4   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint: IM_POSNR

OIT6   SAPMKKB5       Inv. Programs Report Selection

OIT7   SAPMKKB5       Approp. Request Report Selection

OIUB   RIOCUS00       Field Sel. Equipment Usage List

OIUC   RIOCUS00       Equipment List – CS

OIUF   RIOCUS00       Functional Location List – CS

OIUG   RIOFSE00       Service Order List

OIUI   RIOCUS00       Order List – CS

OIUK   RIOFSE00       Order list (multi-lev.) – goods mvm

OIUL   RIOFSE00       Order list (multi-lev.)-relationshi

OIUN   RIOFSE00       Order list (multi-lev.) costs/rev.

OIUO   RIOFSE00       Func.loc.list (multi-lev)-meas.poin

OIUOR  RIOFSE00       R.P. List (Multilev.)- Ref. Meas.Pt

OIUP   RIOFSE00       Func.loc.list (multi-lev)-meas.doc.

OIUQ   RIOFSE00       Equi.list(multi-lev)-measuring poin

OIUR   RIOFSE00       Equi.list(multi-lev)-measuring doc.

OIVC   RCNCC020       Check Report for Value Categories

OIVN   RIOT399J       Maintenance Plan No. Ranges

OIWD   RIOCUS00       Object Networks – Objects (FL)

OIWE   RIOFSE00       Equipment Structure Display

OIWI   RIOCUS00       PM Notification List

OIWK   RIOCUS00       CS Notification List

OIWL   RIOCUS00       PM order list

OIWM   RIOFSE00       Component Structural Display

OIWO   RIOCUS00       List of PM task lists

OIWP   RIOFSE00       Functional Location Structure

OIWQ   RIOFSE00       Installed Base Structural Display

OIWR   RIOFSE00       Reference Location Structure

OIWU   RIOCUS00       PM Operation List

OIWUN  RI_ORDER_OPERATOrder- and Operation List

OIWW   RIOCUS00       Maintenance plan list

OIWY   RIOCUS00       Maintenance item list

OIW0   RIOFSE00       Detail Info (MaintPlan)

OIW1   RIOCUS00       Activities list display

OIW3   RIOCUS00       List of Order Confirmations

OIW5   RIOCUS00       Maintenance dates list display

OIW6   RIOCUS00       FunctLocation list – PM

OIW7   RIOCUS00       Reference location list

OIW8   RIOCUS00       Material List

OIXA   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList – Document

OIXAR  RIOFSE00       R.P. List (Multilevel) – Document

OIXB   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList – Object Lin

OIXC   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.EquipList – Equipment

OIXD   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.EquipList – EquipUsage

OIXE   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level EqList – FunctLocation

OIXF   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.EquipList – Partners

OIXG   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.EquipList – Notification

OIXH   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.EquipList – Order

OIXI   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.EquipList – Class

OIXJ   RIOFSE00       Multi-level EqList – Characteristic

OIXK   RIOFSE00       Multi-level EqList – Document

OIXL   RIOFSE00       Multi-level EqList – Object Link

OIXM   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level NotifList – Notificatio

OIXN   RIOFSE00       Notif. List (M.-Lev.) – Funct. Loc.

OIXO   RIOFSE00       Notif. List (Multi-Lev.) – Equipmen

OIXP   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level NotifList – Partners

OIXQ   RIOFSE00       Notif. List (Multi-Level) – Item

OIXR   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level NotifList – Activity

OIXS   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level NotifList – Class

OIXT   RIOFSE00       Notif. List (Multi-Lev.) – Charact.

OIXU   RIOFSE00       Notif. List (Multi-Level) – Task

OIXV   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level NotifList – Order

OIXW   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List – Order

OIXX   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List – FunctLoc.

OIXY   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List – Equipment

OIXZ   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List – Notif.

OIX2   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList – FunctLoc.

OIX2R  RIOFSE00       R.P. List (Multilevel) – Ref. Locat

OIX3   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList – EquipUsage

OIX4   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList – Equipment

OIX5   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList – Partners

OIX6   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList – Notifictn

OIX7   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList – Order

OIX8   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList – Class

OIX8R  RIOFSE00       R.P. List (Multilevel): Class

OIX9   RIOFSE00       Multi-Lev.FunctLocList – Chrctrstic

OIX9R  RIOFSE00       R.P. List (Multilev)- Characteristi

OIYC   RIOCUS00       Equipment list

OIYG   RIOCUS00       Confirmations list for PM operation

OIYH   RIOCUS00       Serial number list

OIYJ   RIOCUS00       Object Links – Objects (EQ)

OIYL   RIOFSE00       Detail Info (Order Operation)

OIYM   RIOFSE00       Details (Order Header)

OIYP   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List – Partners

OIYQ   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List – Operation

OIYR   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List – Component

OIYS   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List – CompConf.

OIYT   RIOFSE00       Multi-Level Order List – PRTs

OIYV   RIOFSE00       Notifictn list (multi-level) – caus

OIYW   RIOCUS00       List of Tasks

OIYZ   RIOCUS00       Notification Item List

OIY9   RIOCUS00       Scheduling Overview

OIZH   SAPMOMS0       Factory Calendar

OIZO   SAPMC68K       Capacity Default Values

OIZU   ROOP0011       Work Centers Screen Sequence

OIZ6   SAPLC0VL       Standard Text

OIZ7   SAPMSD20       Work Center Matchcode

OJIN1  SAPMV12A       Maintain Cond. Table: Sum. JIT Call

OKBA   RGUREC10       Transfer FI Documents to CO

OKBB   RGUREC30       Transfer MM Documents to CO

OKBC   RKEPCU40       Transfer SD Documents to CO

OKBF   RKCOBTR7       Import Planning Layouts

OKBG   RKANBU02       Post Down Payments

OKB1   SAPMKC01       Transfer G/L Acct: Display Defaults

OKB2   SAPMKC01       Transfer G/L Acct: Maintain Default

OKB3   RKBIKA00       Batch Input for Cost Elements

OKB6   RKKBBGEN       Generate Cost Center Acctg. Reports

OKCC   RKCDSM_1       Maintain Sender Structures

OKCDS  RKCSLICE       SAP-EIS: Data Slice Statistics

OKCE   RKCREPCU       SAP-EIS: Set up data collection rep

OKCG   SAPLKCD0       CO-BPC Maintain Transfer Rules

OKCI   RKC_CALL_VIEW_TDisplay Characteristic Values

OKCJ   RKC_CALL_VIEW_TChange Characteristic Values

OKCK   RKCCOMD0       Generate Master Data Maint. Modules


OKCP   RKCREOFC       Reorganize EIS field catalog

OKCSL  SAPMKCSL       Process Data Slices

OKCX   RKALLEWS       Change “All Currencies” Indicator

OKCY   SAPMSNUM       Number range record no. in EIS/BP

OKC3   RKSCUS01       Delete transaction data

OKC4   RKSCUS02       Delete Cost Centers

OKC5   RKSCUS03       Delete cost elements

OKC6   RKSCUS04       Delete Activity Types

OKD1   RKKBJBEX       Export CO-CCA Reports

OKD3   RKKBJBIN       Import CO-CCA Reports

OKD6   RKKBJBIN       Import Individual Reports

OKEA   SAPMKC05       Maintain Cost Center Matchcode IDs

OKEB   SAPMKC05       Display Cost Center Matchcode IDs

OKEC   SAPMKC05       Maintain Cost Element Matchcode IDs

OKED   SAPMKC05       Display Cost Element Matchcode IDs

OKEE   SAPMKC05       Maintain Activity Type Matchcode ID

OKEF   SAPMKC05       Display Activity Type Matchcode IDs

OKEG   RKSCUS05       Change Time-Based Fields/Cost Ctrs

OKEH   RKSCUS05       Display Time-Based Fields/Cost Ctrs

OKEI   RKSCUS05       Maintain Time-Based Fields/Act.Type

OKEJ   RKSCUS05       Display Time-Based Fields/Act.Types

OKEK   RKSCUS05       Maintain Time-Based Fields/CElems

OKEL   RKSCUS05       Display Time-Based Fields/CElems

OKEM   RKSARLDB       Display logical databank SAK

OKEN   RKSTDHIE       Display Standard Hierarchy

OKENN  KEO_START_NF_STDisplay Standard Hierarchy

OKENNX KEO_START_NF_STDisplay stand.hierarchy: UO active

OKEO   RKSTDHIE       Change Standard Hierarchy

OKEON  KEO_START_NF_STChange Standard Hierarchy

OKEONX KEO_START_NF_STChange standard hierarchy: UO activ

OKEP   SAPL0KO2       Down Payment: Maintain Default CEle

OKER   SAPMKOMP       Define Component/Switching Structur

OKET   SAPLKSPJ       Maintain Price Calculation Settings

OKET1  SAPLKNMJ       Maintain settings: plan reconciliat

OKET2  SAPLKNMJ       Maintain settings: target=actl IAA

OKEW   SAPLKSL7       Splitting: Assignment KOSTL -> SCNA

OKEX   RKCUTR01       Transport Planning Layouts

OKEY   RKSCUS05       Display Time-Dependent Field/Proces

OKEZ   RKSCUS05       Change Time-Dependent Field/Process

OKE1   RKSARLDB       Display logical databank CRK

OKE10  SAPMKC02       Transport Organization Customizing

OKE2   RKSARLDB       Display logical databank CEK

OKE3   RKSARLDB       Display logical databank CIK

OKE4   RKSARLDB       Display logical databank CPK

OKE5   SAPMKC02       Transport Organization Customizing

OKE6   SAPMKC02       Transport Mater Data Settings

OKE7   SAPMKC02       Transport Planning Settings

OKE8   SAPMKC02       Transport Actual Posting Settings

OKE9   SAPMKC02       Transport Tool Settings

OKF1   ROOBP100       Change Budget Planning Profile

OKGA   RKKTKKAR       Update for WIP Calculation

OKG2   RKKTKKAP       Results Analysis Versions

OKG4   RKKTKKAR       Update for Results Analysis

OKG6   SAPMSNUM       No. Ranges Results Analysis CO Doc.

OKG9   RKKTKKAP       Results Analysis Versions for WIP

OKI0   SAPL0EBB       Determine activity number: entry

OKKA   SAPMSVMA       Maintain Controlling Area

OKKB   RKKBSELC       Selection Screen Maintenance

OKKK   RKKKOKKK       Maintain Costing Tables

OKKP   SAPMSVMA       Maintain Controlling Area

OKKS   SAPLRKSR       Set Controlling Area

OKLB   SAPMKKB5       Maintain ABC Report Tree

OKLF   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Cost Objects

OKLH   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Engineer-to-Order

OKLI   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Process Manufacturing

OKLS   SAPMKKB5       Maintain CCA Report Tree

OKL1   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree for CO-OPA

OKL2   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Order-Related Prod.

OKL3   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Sales-Order-Rel. Prod.

OKL4   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Repetitive Mfg

OKL5   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Unit Costing

OKL8   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree: Product Costing

OKMI   RKMODIMP       Import models Cost Center Accountin

OKM0   RKIMG001       Display IMG Structure

OKM1   RKIMG001       IMG Controlling: General

OKM2   RKIMG001       IMG Controlling: General

OKOA   SAPMKOAU       Init. Screen-Customizing Settlement

OKOB   ROOBP100       CO Orders: Budgeting profiles

OKOD   BPFDPINI       Convert Avlability Cntrl Tol.Limits

OKOI   SAPL0KKD       Maintain Capitalization Percentages

OKOJ   SAPLKK0C       Results Analysis Key for Cap.Value

OKOL   RKOLISTV       Int.Orders: Maintain Screen Variant

OKOR   RKOTCODE       Selection Rules for Internal Orders

OKOS   ROOBP100       Struct.Planning Profiles – CO Order

OKOU   RKOTCODE       Substitution Rules – Internal Order

OKOV   RKOTCODE       Select. Variants for Internal Order

OKO1   SAPMKC05       Maintain Order Matchcode IDs

OKO2   SAPMKC05       Display Order Matchcode IDs

OKO5   RKODEL01       Delete CO Orders

OKO6   SAPLKOAS       Maintain Allocation Structure

OKP1   SAPMKCSP       Maintain Period Lock

OKP2   SAPMKCSP       Display Period Lock

OKQ0   RKKRXGEN       Classification Data (Summarization)

OKQ2   RKKRCLZM       Define Reference Characteristics

OKQ5   RKKROGEN       Maintain Hierarchy Struct. (General

OKRH   RKKBKKB1       Table Maintenance for Report List

OKRI   RKKBKKB2       Table Maintenance for Report Layout

OKRZ   RKKRTGEN       Hierarchy ID for Process Mfg

OKSA   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Internal Order

OKSB   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Repetitive Mfg

OKSC   RKKBJBEX       Export Reports for Make-to-Order

OKSD   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Make-to-Order

OKSE   RKKBJBEX       Export Reports for Process Mfg

OKSF   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Process Mfg

OKSH   RKKBJBEX       Export Reports for Unit Costing

OKSI   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Unit Costing

OKSJ   RKKBJBEX       Export Reports for Product Costing

OKSK   SAPMKKB3       Maintain Cost Element Group: Orders

OKSL   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Product Costing

OKSM   RKKBJBEX       Export Reports for Run Schedules

OKSN   RKKBJBIM       Import Reports for Run Schedules

OKSO   RKKBJBEX       Export Reports for Sales Orders

OKSP   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Production Ctrl

OKSQ   RKKBJBEX       Export Reports for Projects

OKSR   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Projects

OKSS   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Run Schedules

OKSU   SAPMKKB3       Maintain Cost Element Group

OKSV   SAPMKKB3       Maintain Cost Component Structure

OKS0   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Sales Orders

OKS1   RKKBBG00       Generate Reports for Int.Ord.: Batc

OKS2   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Repetitive Mfg

OKS3   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Make-to-Order

OKS4   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Process Mfg

OKS5   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Unit Costing

OKS6   RKKBBG00       Generate Reports for Cost Ctr: Batc

OKS7   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Projects

OKS8   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Product Costin

OKS9   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Run Schedules

OKTA   RKKBJBIN       General Cost Object Reports

OKTD   RKKBBGEN       Generate Reports for Process Mfg

OKTE   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Process Mfg

OKTG   RKCCOTX0       Generate text module

OKTJ   RKKBBGEN       Generate Rpts for Orders; Eng-to-Or

OKTK   RKKBJBIN       Import Reports for Orders;Eng-to-Or

OKTO   RKKTKKR0       Call Summariz. Hierarchy for Orders

OKTP   RKKTKKR0       Call Summar. Hierarchy for Projects

OKT0   RKKBJBIN       EC-PCA: Import Reports

OKT4   RGRLNG00       Define Report Writer Languages

OKT9   RKKBBGEN       Generate General Cost Object Report

OKUE   RKCSTATS       Database statistics

OKUH   RKCREODM       Reorganization of data transfer

OKUI   RKCDLST0       Display data structure

OKUK   RKCDBCH2       Consistency test SAP-EIS

OKUM   RKCDAMAP       Aspect summarization

OKUP   RKCCOASP       Copy aspect from another client

OKUQ   RKCDLASP       Deactivate aspect in this client

OKUU   RKCREOG1       Reorganize forms

OKUW   RKCCOPR1       Generate aspect summarization

OKUY   RKCPROT0       Display aspect (with environment)

OKUZ   RKCCOPR3       Define aspect archiving

OKU0   SAPMS38M       Maintain variants RKCSUB00

OKU4   RKCTRTX1       Translation tool

OKVF   RKKTKV05       Change Variance Vrnts for Cost Ctr

OKVG   RKKTKV05       Variance Variants for Orders

OKVH   RKKTKV05       Variance Variants for Cost Objects

OKVK   RKKVOKKV       Maintain Variance Tables

OKVO   RKKRKKR0       Call Summariz. Hierarchy for Orders

OKVZ   SAPMKKS1       Change Variance Key in Mat. Master

OKV0   RKKTKV01       Variance Keys for Cost Centers

OKV1   RKKTKV01       Variance Keys for Orders

OKV2   RKKTKV01       Variance Keys for Cost Objects

OKV5   RKKTKV09       Maintain Tgt Cost Vers for Cost Ctr

OKV6   RKKTKV09       Target Cost Versions for Orders

OKV7   RKKTKV09       Target Cost Versions for Cost Objs

OKWC   RKKBBGEN       Generate ABC Reports

OKWT   RKABCT01       Transport Planning Layouts

OKXB   SAPMKCTR       Transport Tool

OKXC   RKCREOMV       Reorg.view maintenance (master data

OKXE   RKCCOTB0       Enter aspect in control tables

OKXF   RKCDLTB0       Delete aspect from control tables

OKXG   SAPMKCTR       Import tool

OKXR   SAPMKKB5       Report Tree

OKXU   RKCMDFU0       Function modules for doc.connection

OKX0   RKCDSM_H       Maint.sender str.for hier

OKX1   SAPLKCD0       Maintain Transfer Rules

OKX3   RKCTRTX1       Where-used list

OKX4   RKCDSM_2       Maintain Sender Str. for Master Dat

OKX5   RKCDSM_3       Sender Structure Comments

OKX6   RKCDSM_6       Sender structures

OKX7   RKCDSM_7       sender str. comments on trans. data

OKX8   RKC_CALL_VIEW_TDisplay Hierarchy Directory

OKX9   RKC_CALL_VIEW_TMaintain Hierarchy Directory

OK01   SAPMSVMA       Controlling Area: Components/StKFs

OK02   SAPMBSVA       Maintain Status Profiles

OK03   SAPMBSVA       Display Status Profiles

OK11   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Cost Plg/Budgetin

OK12   RKBUDSDO       Reset “Budgeted” Status

OK13   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Reconcil. Ledger Nr. Range

OK15   RKSCUS09       Maintain authorization group versio

OK16   RKSCUS09       Planner Profiles: Maint. Auth.Group

OK17   SAPLKALO       Reconciliation Ledger: Acct Determ.

OK18   RKSCUS09       Maintain Authorization Groups

OK60   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: IRW_PFLEGE

OK91   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: BP_BPDK

OLE    RSOLETT1       OLE demo transaction

OLIA   MENUOLIA       C Maintenance Processing

OLIABW RMCENEUB       Setup: BW agency business

OLID   RMCVNEUC       SIS: Stat. Setup – Sales Activities

OLIE   RMCVNEUT       Statistical Setup – TIS: Shipments

OLIF   RMCFNEUD       SFIS: Setup-Repetitive Manufacturin

OLIFBW RMCFNEUD       Reorg. Rep. Manuf. Extr. Structs

OLIG   RWB2BNEUA      Reconstruct: Global Trade BW

OLIGBW RWB2BNEUA      Reconstruct GT: External TC

OLIH   RMCBMRP2       MRP Data Procurement for BW

OLIIBW RMCINEBW       Reorg. of PM Info System for BW

OLIM   RMCBS198       Periodic stock qty – Plant

OLIP   MENUOLIP       C Plant Maintenance Planning

OLIQ   RMCQNEUA       Reorganization of QM info system

OLIQBW RMCQNEBW       QM Infosystem Reorganization for BW

OLISBW RMCSNEBW       Reorg. of CS Info System for BW

OLIX   RMCSISCP       Stat. Setup: Copy/Delete Versions

OLIZ   RMCBNERP       INVCO Setup: Invoice Verification

OLIZBW RMCBNERP       INVCO Setup: Invoice Verification

OLI0   MENUOLI0       C Plant Maintenance Master Data

OLI1   RMCBNEUA       INVCO Stat. Setup: Material Movemts

OLI1BW RMCBNEUA       INVCO Stat. Setup: Material Movemts

OLI2   RMCBNEUB       INVCO Stat. Setup: Stocks

OLI2BW RMCBNEUB       INVCO Stat. Setup: Stor. Loc. Stock

OLI3   RMCENEUA       PURCHIS Statistical Setup

OLI3BW RMCENEUA       Reorg.PURCHIS BW Extract Structures

OLI4   RMCFNEUA       SFIS Statistical Setup

OLI4BW RMCFNEUA       Reorg. PPIS Extract Structures

OLI5   RIPMCO00       PMIS Statistical Setup

OLI6   RMCBS197       Periodic stock qty – Storage locatn

OLI7   RMCVNEUA       SIS Statistical Setup: Orders

OLI7BW RMCVNEUA       Reorg. of VIS Extr. Struct.: Order

OLI8   RMCVNEUL       Set Up SIS for Deliveries

OLI8BW RMCVNEUL       Reorg. VIS Extr. Str.: Delivery

OLI9   RMCVNEUF       SIS Statistical Setup: Billing Docs

OLI9BW RMCVNEUF       Reorg. VIS Extr. Str.: Invoices



OLML   RLDOLML1       IMG structure Warehouse Management


OLMS   MENUOLMS       C RM-MAT Master Data Menu


OLPA   MENUOLPA       SOP Configuration

OLPM   RIPMS001       Set Up: Plant Maintenance IS

OLQB   MENUOLQB       QM Customizing in Procurement

OLS1   MENUOLS1       Customizing for Rebates

OLVD   MENUOLVD       C SD     Shipping Menu

OLVF   MENUOLVF       C SD     Billing Menu

OLVS   MENUOLVS       C SD     Menu for Master Data

OL01   RLMIGR01       Display / change LDK34 (bins)

OL02   RLMIGR02       Display / change RLPLA (bins)

OL03   RLMIGR03       Display / change LDK33 (stock)

OL04   RLMIGR04       Display / change RLBES (stock)

OL05   RLMIGR05       Display / change LDK30 (mat.whse)

OL06   RLMIGR06       Display / change LDK31 (mat.type)

OL07   RLMG0000       Data transfer stor.bins LDK34->RLPL

OL08   RLPLAT00       Data transfer stor.bins RLPLA->B.I.

OL09   RLMG0001       Data transfer stor.bins LDK34->LAGP

OL10   RLMGT000       Test storage bin data transfer

OL11   RLMG0010       Data transfer stock LDK33->RLBES

OL12   RLBEST00       Data transfer stock RLBES-> B.I.

OL13   RLMG0011       Data tranfer stock LDK33->LQUA

OL14   RLMGT010       Test stock data transfer

OL15   RLMG0050       Data transfer material whse no.view

OL16   RLMGT050       Test mat.master data transfer (MLGN

OL17   RLMG0060       Data transfer material storage type

OL18   RLMGT060       Test mat.master data transfer (MLGT

OL19   RLALEACU       Generate Distribution Model

OL20   RLWMSCH1       Consistency Check (Centr.Processing

OL21   RLWMSCH2       Consistency Check (Decentr.Process.

OL22   RLCHECKL       Check LE /HU Number Assignment

OMA1   SAPMV12A       Create Cond. Table: Batches in MM

OMA2   SAPMV12A       Change Cond.Table: Batches in MM

OMA3   SAPMV12A       Display Cond. Table: Batches in MM

OMA6   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion

OMA7   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Add Index

OMA8   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Change Index

OMBA   SAPMOMB0       Number Assgmt. for Accounting Docs.

OMBC   SAPMOMB0       Set Missing Parts Check

OMBF   ROOLMB00       Control BTCI Sessions for Goods Mvm

OMBG   SAPMOMB0       Set Stock Balance Display

OMBM   ROOLMB00       Control BTCI Sessions for Reserv.

OMBN   SAPMOMB0       Defaults for Reservation

OMBR   SAPMOMB0       General Print Settings

OMBS   SAPMOMB0       Reasons for Movements

OMBV   ROOLMB00       Control BTCI Sessions for Phys. Inv

OMBW   ROOLMB00       Set Screen Layout for Goods Movemen

OMBX   SAPMOMBA       Stock Balance Display

OMBZ   ROOLMB00       Rev. GR Despite Invoice

OMB0   ROOLMB00       List of document types

OMB1   SAPMOMB0       Dynamic Availability Check

OMB2   SAPMOMB0       Create SLoc. Automatically (GI)

OMB3   SAPMOMB0       Create SLoc. Automatically (GR)

OMB4   ROOLMB00       Maintain Print Indicator (GI)

OMB5   ROOLMB00       Maintain Print Indicator (GR)

OMB6   ROOLMB00       Change Manual Account Assgt.

OMB7   ROOLMB00       Test Data: Init.Entry of Stock Balc

OMB8   ROOLMB00       Test Data: Reservations Transfer

OMCC   SAPMOMB0       Generate Phys.Inv.Doc.for Goods Mvm

OMCE   SAPMOMBE       Define Batch Level

OMCF   SAPMOMB0       Print Label

OMCG   ROOLMB00       Search Procedures: Batch Determ. MM

OMCH   ROOLMB00       Set Manual Account Assignment (GR)

OMCJ   ROOLMB00       Screen Layout: Goods Receipt

OMCM   SAPMOMB0       Dynamic Availability Check: GR

OMCN   ROOLMB00       Control BTCI Sessions for Phys. Inv

OMCP   SAPMOMB0       Dynamic Availability Check: GI

OMCQ   ROOLMB00       Settings for System Messages

OMCS   SAPMOMBE       Activate Batch Status Management

OMCT   SAPMOMBE       Batch Definition

OMCZ   SAPMOMBE       Activate batch number allocation

OMC0   ROOLMB00       Tolerance Limits for Goods Receipt

OMC1   SAPMOMB0       Goods Receipt/Issue Slip Number

OMC2   SAPMOMB0       Number Assignment for Reservations

OMC4   RM07II34       BTCI Data Transfer: Inventory Count

OMC6   ROOLMB00       Test Data Transfer: Phys. Inventory

OMC7   RM07II38       BTCI Data Transfer: Inv.Count + Dif

OMC8   RM07II39       BTCI Data Tranfer: Inv. Doc./Count

OMC9   RM07II40       BTCI Data Tfr.: Inv.Doc./Count/Diff

OMDK   ROOLMD02       C RM-MAT MD Error Allocation

OMDN   SAPMSNUM       C MM-MRP No.RangeInterval – PurReq.

OMDO   RMMDBTCH       Create Planning File

OMDP   RMMDBTCH       Check Consistency for Planning File

OMDT   SAPMOPPQ       C MM-MRP External Procurement

OMDU   SAPMOMD7       C MD Activate MRP

OMDV   SAPMOMD4       C MD Convert Planning Run

OMDW   SAPMOMD5       C MD Rescheduling

OMDX   SAPMOMD6       C MD Planning Horizon

OMDY   SAPMOMD8       C MD Planning Run Abend

OMD5   ROOLMD01       C MM MRP Element Description T457

OMEE   ROOLME00       C MM-PUR Reorganization RFQ

OMEN   ROOLME00       C MM-PUR Reorg. Sched. Agrmnt Time

OMESCJ SAPMOMEW       Activate chargeable info records

OMEV   SAPMOMEV       Determine Consgt. Valuation Prices

OMEX   ROOLME00       C MM-PUR Reorganization: Requisitio

OMEY   ROOLME00       C MM-PUR Reorganization PO

OMEZ   ROOLME00       C MM-PUR Reorg. Contract Time

OMFJ   RDDSRCG0       C MM-PUR Rec. Layout for Batch Inpu

OMFL   RM06IBI0       C MM-PUR Transfer of Info Rec. Data

OMFT   D              Message Determination Requirements

OMGA   RMMEKRTE       C MM-PUR Texts: Creditor (Central)

OMGB   RMMEKRTE       C MM-PUR Texts: Creditor (Purch.)

OMGEN  OM_GEN         Generate Organizational Units

OMGENP OM_GEN         Generate Organizational Units

OMGQCK RM06BCUS       Release Procedure Checks

OMGSCK RM06BCUS       Release Procedure Checks

OMHA   SAPMV12A       Cr. Vol. Rebate Cond. Table (Purch.

OMHB   SAPMV12A       Change Volume Rebate Table: Purch.

OMHC   SAPMV12A       Cond. Table: Display Rebate (Purch.

OMHK   RM06BBI0       Batch Input; Purchase Requisitions

OMHL   ROOLMS00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Info Record

OMHM   ROOLMS00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Requisition

OMHN   ROOLMS00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purch. Document

OMHO   ROOLMS00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Source List

OMHS   RM06IBIS       Display Info Record Transfer File

OMHT   RM06BBIS       Display Requisition Transfer File

OMHU   RM06IBIE       Example File: Batch Input Info Rec.

OMHV   RM06BBIE       Example File; Batch Input Requisn.

OMID   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: Indep.Reqmts

OMIW   SAPMOPPS       BOM Explosion

OMI2   SAPMOMD1       C MM-MRP Number Ranges: Mat. plg.

OMI3   SAPMOMD2       C MM-MRP No. Ranges for Pld Ords

OMI4   SAPMOMD3       C MD Lot Sizes

OMI8   SAPMM61C       Plant Parameters

OMJA   ROOLMB00       Set Screen Layout for Goods Movemen

OMJC   SAPMOMB0       Generate Phys.Inv.Doc.for Goods Mvm

OMJD   SAPMOMB0       Set Missing Parts Check

OMJE   SAPMOMB0       Exp.Date at Plant Level and Mvmt Lv

OMJH   RM07EDMI       Maintain Dataset for Phys. Inventor

OMJI   SAPMOMBD       Set Material Block

OMJL   ROOLMB00       Maintain Print Indicator (autom.MvT

OMJM   ROOLMB00       Comprn plnt/val.area – divis.->BusA

OMJO   RM06IBKI       Convert MKOP into Consgt. Info Recs

OMJP   RM06IBI0       Batch Input: Consignment Info Recs.

OMJQ   RM06IMKI       Deletion Flag: Consg. Price Segment

OMJR   ROOLMB00       Printer Determin.: Message Type/Use

OMJS   ROOLMB00       Check expiration date at goods issu

OMJV   SAPMOMBD       Subsequent Calculation of Value

OMJW   ROOLMB00       Create Purchase Order Automatically

OMJ2   SAPMOMB0       Maintain Phys.Inv.Tolrnce->Employee

OMJ3   ROOLMB00       Printer Determination Plant/SLoc.

OMJ4   ROOLMB00       Printer Determ: Plant/SLoc./User Gr

OMJ5   SAPMOMB0       Exp.Date at Plant Level and Mvmt Lv

OMJ6   SAPMSNUM       Maintain No. Range for GR/GI Slips

OMJ7   SAPMOMB0       Plant/Val.Area – Divis. -> Busin.Ar

OMJ8   SAPMOMB0       Create Stor. Loc. Automatically

OMJ9   ROOLMB00       Change Manual Account Assgt.

OMKW   SAPMOLVI       Stock removal strategy “SLED”

OMKX   SAPMOLVI       Automatic Transfer Orders

OMKY   SAPMOLVI       Link to External System via ALE

OMKZ   SAPMOLVI       Automatic Transfer Orders

OMK0   SAPMOLVI       Link to PP interface

OMK1   SAPMOLVI       Batch search method for Whse Mgmt

OMK2   SAPMOLVI       Customer exits for strategies

OMK4   SAPMV12A       CondTable: Create (Batches; WM)

OMK5   SAPMV12A       CondTable: Change (Batches; WM)

OMK6   SAPMV12A       CondTable: Display (Batches; WM)

OMK7   SAPMOLVI       Batch WM….. (will be deleted)

OMLA   SAPMOLVI       Putaway Near Picking Bin

OMLB   RLOLML01       MObj.01: Critical TOs

OMLC   RLOLML01       MObj.02: Critical TRs

OMLD   RLOLML01       MObj.03: Critical Post. Chge Notice

OMLE   RLOLML01       M.Obj.04: Critical Deliveries

OMLF   RLOLML01       M.Obj.05: Negative Stocks

OMLG   RLOLML01       M.Obj.06: Stocks Interim Stor.Bins

OMLH   RLOLML01       M.Obj.07: Critical Stocks in Prod.

OMLP   RLOLML01       Plan Jobs for Whse Activity Monitor

OMLV   SAPMOLVI       Print Control for Whse Management

OMLW   SAPMOLVI       Number Ranges for Whse Management

OMLX   SAPMOLVI       Confirmation

OMLY   SAPMOLVI       Storage Type Search

OMLZ   SAPMOLVI       Storage Section Search

OML9   SAPMOLVI       Customizing MOB Interface

OMMB   SAPMOLVI       Inventory No.Ranges for Whse Mgmt

OMMO   RLVSCHEC       Consistency Check for MM-WM Tables

OMMP   SAPMOLVI       Decentralized Warehouse Management

OMM1   SAPMOLVI       Storage Bin Type Search

OMM2   SAPMOLVI       Haz.Material Stock Placement

OMM3   SAPMOLVI       Stock Placement Strat.for Pallets

OMM4   SAPMOLVI       Putaway Strategy for Bulk Storage

OMM8   SAPMOLVI       Stock Removal Strat. Stringent FIFO

OMM9   SAPMOLVI       Stock Removal Strat. Large/Small

OMNJ   SAPMOLVI       Link to Warehouse Control Unit

OMNN   RLCUST00       Conversion Exit SU Number

OMNU   SAPMOLVI       Print Control with SU Management

OMNV   SAPMOLVI       Number Range Intervals for Whse Mgm

OMO!   SAPMMCSC       Std Analyses: Std Settings; LO

OMO$   SAPMMCSC       QMIS: Std Settings; Gen.Std Analyse

OMO;   RMCSMCSI       Std Analyses: Delete Sel. Version

OMO=   SAPMMCSC       PMIS: Default Settings;Gnl.Std.Anal

OMOA   SAPMMC0C       LIS: Create Application

OMOB   SAPMMC0C       LIS: Change Application

OMOC   SAPMMC0C       LIS: Display Application

OMOD   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: SFIS

OMOE   RMCLGN00       Generate and Initialize LIL

OMOF   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: User-Defined Ap

OMOH   SAPMMCSC       Var.Std Analyses: Standard Settings

OMOJ   SAPMMCSC       Var.Std Analyses: SIS Std Settings

OMOK   SAPMMCSC       Var.Std Analyses: Ext. Std Settings

OMOL   SAPMMCSC       Var.Std Analyses: PURCHIS Std Set.

OMON   SAPMMCSC       Var.Std Analyses: INVCO Std Setting

OMOR   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: QMIS

OMOS   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: PMIS

OMOT   SAPMMC0C       Updating maintainence: TIS

OMOU   SAPMMCSC       Var. Std Analyses: TIS Std Settings

OMOY   SAPMMC0C       Maintain Updating: Warehouse Mgmt

OMOZ   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: Logistics Genrl

OMO0   SAPMMCSC       Self-Def.Anal.: Std.Settings PP-IS

OMO1   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: SIS

OMO2   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: PURCHIS

OMO3   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: External Data

OMO6   MENUOMO6       Maintain Applications

OMO9   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: INVCO

OMPA   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Version per Ref. Type

OMPC   SAPL0MPB       Customizing:PlgInd/Cons.Indep.Reqmt

OMPD   SAPL0MPB       Customizing:Indep.Reqmts Init.Scree

OMPE   RDDSRCG0       Takeover Structure

OMPH   SAPL0MPC       Period Split

OMPI   SAPL0MPC       Configuration

OMPJ   SAPL0MPC       Reqmts Type Message Control

OMPL   RM60IN00       Direct Input

OMPL1  ROOCMESG       Specify system messages

OMPM   RM60INEX       Create Example File

OMPP   SAPL0MPB       Internal Number Assignment

OMP0   MENUOMP0       Customizing: Demand Mngmt (Menu)

OMP1   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Requirements Types

OMP2   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Versions

OMP3   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Vers. per Reqmts Class

OMP4   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Indep. Reqmts History

OMP5   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Refer.Type (Dep.Reqmts

OMP6   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Consuming Indep. Reqmt

OMP8   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Reorganizing Indep.Req

OMP9   SAPL0MPB       Customizing: Fixing Indep. Reqmts

OMQM   ROOLMS00       C MM-PUR Matchcode: Entry Sheet

OMQ1   RM06EEI0       Transfer of Purchase Orders

OMQ2   RM06EEI1       Transfer of Purchase Order History

OMQ3   RSTXLITF       Transfer of PO Texts

OMQ4   RM06EEEX       Create PO Transfer File

OMQ5   RM06EESF       Edit PO Transfer File

OMQ6   RM06EET1       Create PO Text Transfer File

OMRA   ROOLMR02       C MM-IV Val.Cat./Subs.Debit/Credit

OMRE   SAPMV76A       Purchasing Document Lists Config.

OMRM   RMCUST00       C MM-IV Customer-Specific Messages

OMRR   RV80C001       Transaction/Event Key Usage

OMR0H  SAPMO20M       C MM-IV Automatic Account Assignmnt

OMR4   SAPMOMR0       MM-IV Doc.Type/NK Incoming Invoice

OMR5   SAPMOMR0       MM-IV Doc.Type/NR Acct Maintenance

OMR6   ROOLMR00       Tolerance limits: Inv.Verification

OMR8   SAPMOMR0       C RM-MAT MR PO Supplement

OMSFIX SAPSMGFI       Maintain Lock-Relevant Indicator

OMSH   ROOLMS00       C MM-BD Matchcode for Material

OMSI   ROOLMS00       C MM-BD Matchcode for vendor

OMSJ   SAPMOMS0       C MM-BD Number Range for Vendor

OMSK   SAPMOMS0       C MM-BD Valuation Classes T025

OMSM   RMMMVERW       CS MM Set Up Administrative Data

OMST   RDDSRCG0       C MM-BD Record Layout f. BATCH INPU

OMSU   RMMMBIM0       C MM-BD Mat. Master Data Transfer

OMSV   RFBIKR00       C MM-BD Vendor Data Transfer

OMSW   RDDSRCG0       C MM-BD Record Layout f. BATCH INPU

OMS9   SAPSMGFL       Configure Field/Screen Selection

OMT1   RM07MCC1       C MM-BD Consistency Check Updating

OMT3C  SAPMMGC5       Copy Customer-Spec. Function Group

OMT4   SAPMMGC3       Customizing for EAN Messages

OMT8   RMDATIND       Transfer Material Master Data by DI

OMWA   SAPMOMW0       C RM-MAT MW Doc.Type/F-up Csts.D/C

OMWC   SAPMO10M       C MM-IV Split Material Valuation

OMWD   ROOLMB00       C RM-MAT MB Grouping Valuation Area

OMWE   SAPMOMBD       C LIFO/FIFO Valuation Active?

OMWL   SAPMOMBD       C LIFO/FIFO Global Setting

OMWM   SAPMOMBD       C MM IV Control: Accnt Determinatio

OMWN   ROOLMB00       MM-IM: Acct Group. Code for Mvt.Typ

OMWS   SAPMOMBE       Activate Proportion/Product Unit

OMWW   SAPLMB0D_WIZ   MM Account Determination Wizard

OMWW2  SAPM021M       Old MM Account Determination Wizard

OMW0   SAPMOMBD       C MM-IV Control Valuation

OMW9   SAPMOMW0       C RM-MAT MW Doc.Type/F-u.Csts.Pr.Ch

OMXL   SAPMOMBD       Configure empties processing

OMXX   SAPMOMEV       Update Contr. Release Order Docu. M

OMX4   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenence: ML-DOCU.

OMY0   RMDATSHO       Display Material Transfer File

OMY1   RMDATGEN       Create Input File from Material

OMZE   ROOLME00       C MM-PUR Reorg. Contract Extra

OMZN   ROOLME00       C MM-PUR Reorg. Sched. Agrmnt Extra

OM0F   RMDBVM00       Convert MDVM/MDVL for MRP Areas

OM00   MDCUOPP1       Customizing KANBAN

OM14   SAPMSNUM       No.Range Maintenance: Control Cycle

ONOT   SAPL0SAP       Maintain Quotation Types

ONP4   SAPMKES1       Create Ntwk Pl.Layout Statistical K

ONP5   SAPMKES1       Change Ntwk Pl.Layout Statistical K

ONP6   SAPMKES1       Display Nwk Pl.Layout Statistical K

OOAC   RHCUST01       HR: Authorization main switch

OOAE   RHCUST01       Settings for Appraisal Systems

OOAI   RPIT25APP      Appraisal Transfer Persons

OOAM   RHXPEACM       Change Appraisals Catalog

OOAP   RHCUST01       Set Active Plan Version

OOBC   RHCUST01       Pushbutton Control Batch Input

OOBD   RHCUST01       Cancellations

OOBE   RHCUST01       Budgeting Parameters

OOBI   RHCUST01       INTERN: PA-PD Integration in Batch

OOBS   RHCUST01       Staffing Schedule

OOBU   RHCUST01       Business Events Bookings

OOBX   RHCUST01       Appraisal Type: Standard Input

OOCA   RHCUST01       Activity Types

OOCB   RHCUST01       Customer Enhancement for Master Dat

OOCC   RHCUST01       Cost Center of Cost Object

OOCE   RHCUST01       Organizational Elements

OOCH   RHCHECK0       Consistency Check

OOCINH RHCUST01       Inheritance of Contr. Area in Pos.

OOCK   RHCUST01       Integ. Cost Plng & Cost Accounting

OOCM   RHCUST01       Compensation Management Settings

OOCO   RHCUST01       Integration HR Planning: Cost Acctn

OOCR   RHCUST01       Set up PD Transport Connection

OODA   RHCUST01       Online Process

OODC   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Requirements Entry

OODD   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Lock Settings

OODE   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Work Center View

OODF   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Abbrev. Proposal

OODG   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Standard Shift Grou

OODH   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Selection View

OODK   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Factory Calendar

OODL   RHCUST01       Default Values for Output

OODM   RHCUST01       Activate indicator for subst. types

OODN   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Dialog Box Cust.

OODO   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Different Payment

OODT   RHALTD00       Data Transfer

OODU   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Report Variant

OODV   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Substitution Type

OODW   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Messages

OODX   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Groupings

OODY   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Time Types/Balances

OOEC   RHXPEECATM     Change Development Plan Catalog

OOEE   RHCUST01       Settings for Development Plans

OOEF   RHCUST01       Firmly Book/Cancel

OOEW   RHCUST01       Booking Priorities

OOEX   RHCUST01       Print Shift Plan w/Microsoft Excel

OOFA   RHCUST01       Switch for Business Event Locations

OOFD   RHCUST01       Search Function

OOFF   RHCUST01       Passport photo

OOFK   RHCUST01       Factory Calendar

OOFT   RHCUST01       Customizing Quota Planning FTE

OOHCP1 RHCUST01       Basic Settings Pers. Cost Planning

OOHCP2 RHCUST01       Data Collection Settings PersCostPl

OOHCP3 RHCUST01       Planning Run Settings PersCostPl.

OOHCP4 RHCUST01       Detail Planning Settings PersCostPl

OOHCP5 RHCUST01       Posting Settings Pers. Cost Plannin

OOHP   RHINTE10       Set Up PD – PA Integration

OOHQ   RHINTE30       Integration: PLOG – PREL

OOIL   RHCUST01       Integration Cost Allocation

OOIO   RHCUST01       Initialization Object Type

OOIV   RHCUST01       Initial Business Event/Resource Typ

OOKF   RHCUST01       Cost Center Determination

OOKP   RHCUST01       Cost Planning

OOKR   RHCUST01       Fee Handling

OOKV   RHCUST01       Conflict Reaction

OOKY   RHCUST01       Set up Current Year for YEA Korea

OOLA   RHCUST01       List Entry

OOLE   RHCUST01       Current Settings

OOLW   RHCUST01       Workflow connection – Ctry Reassign

OOMA   RHCUST01       Mail Connection

OOMG   RHCUST01       Control Elements Materials Mgmt

OOML   RHCUST01       Room Administration Mail Connection

OOMM   RHCUST01       Integration Materials Management

OOMP   RHCUST01       Organization Elements Materials Mgm

OOMV   RHMOVE00       Create Sequential File for PD

OOMW   RHMOVE40       Display Sequential File for PD

OONC   RHCUST01       No. Assignment for All Plan Version

OONF   RHCUST01       Note Function

OOPC   RHCUST01       Administration: Personnel No. Check

OOPD   RHCUST01       HR Master Data

OOPE   RHCUST01       Organizer Types

OOPH   RHINTE00       Set Up PA – PD Integration

OOPM   RHCUST01       HR Planning: Search Function

OOPP   RHINTE20       Consistency Check for Integration

OOPS   RHCUST01       HR Master Data Integration

OOPT   RHCUST11       Participate in Integration

OOQA   RHXPEQCM       Change Qualifications Catalog

OOQB   RHQINTE1       Qualification Transfer: Applicants

OOQI   RHQINTE0       Transfer Qualifications – Employee

OOQM   RHPEPRFM       Qual. Profile: Mass Data Maintenanc

OOQU   RHCUST01       Settings for Personnel Development

OOQ4   RHPECPAM       Maintain Career Model

OOQ5   RHQCOPY1       Copy Requirements Profile to Holder

OORP   RHCUST01       Plan Version for Room Reservation

OORU   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Proposal Strategy

OORV   RHCUST01       Strategy for Automatic Assignment

OORW   RHCUST01       Work Schedule: Rule Values

OOSD   RHCUST01       Integration Billing

OOSE   RHCUST01       Organizational Elements

OOSF   RHCUST01       Search Function

OOSG   RHCUST01       Settings for Credit Memo

OOSH   RHCUST01       Control Elements Day-To-Day Actys

OOSK   RHCUST01       Cost Accounting Control

OOSR   RHCUST01       Settings for Invoice

OOSS   RHCUST01       Prices; Taxes; Account Assignment

OOTK   RHCUST01       Integration Appointment Calendar

OOTO   RHCUST01       Specify Appointment Types

OOTS   RHCUST01       Breakpoints

OOTT   RHCUST01       Attendee Types

OOTV   RHCUST01       Prebookings

OOUM   RHCUST01       Integration Cost Transfer Posting

OOUR   RHCUST01       C. Enhancement Resource Reservation

OOVA   RHCUST01       Business Event Catalog

OOVB   RHCUST01       Vacancy Editing

OOVO   RHCUST01       Prebooking Business Event Types

OOVW   RHCUST01       Service for Lock

OOWB   RHCUST01       TEM-ESS : Standard values

OOWFAC RHCUST01       Activate Workflow Event Linkage

OOWIZ1 SAPLHRTEM00_WIZWizard: Cost Transfer Posting

OOWIZ2 SAPLHRTEM00_WIZWizard: Activity Allocation


OOWIZ4 SAPLHRTEM00_WIZWizard Customizing Correspondence

OOWIZ5 SAPLHRTEM00_WIZWizard: Cost Transfer Posting

OOW4   SAPLRHWW       Workflow/Org.Mgmt Prefix Numbers

OOZI   RHCUST01       Dynamic Menus Additional Info

OOZO   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Simulate Attendence

OOZS   RHCUST01       Attendance Types Time Management

OOZT   RHCUST01       Shift Planning: Employee Status

OOZW   RHCUST01       Integration with Time Management

OO0D   RHDESC20       Object Description Profile

OPCF   SAPMUNIT       Time units

OPCI   SAPMOUT1       Setup group key/category

OPDD   SAPMOMS0       Factory calendar

OPDK   ROOP0010       Define standard overview

OPDL   ROOP0010       Cap. plan. detailed cap.list maint.

OPDM   ROOP0010       Define detail list (leveling)

OPDT   ROOP0010       Define detail list

OPDV   SETCOPY1       Com-file (Rel-Info/OLPK) KOP. Set´s

OPDW   SETCOPY2       Com-file (Rel-Info/OLPK) KOP. Set´s

OPENPS OPENPS         Download Activities to Palm Pilot

OPE9   SAPMS01C       Maintain User Profile

OPFP   SAPMKFPC       Configuring the Fixed Price Version


OPF0   SAPMS01J       Maintain User

OPH1   RFFMDL82       CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: Delete Actual Dat

OPH2   RKFMDL83       PS Cash Management: Delete Plan Dat

OPH3   RFFMMDD1       CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: Delete Master Dat

OPH4   RFFMRP20       CO Cash Bgt Mgmt: MM Data Transfer

OPH5   RFFMRP82       CO CBM: Successive FI Data Transfer

OPH6   RFFMRP81       CO CBM: Take Over FI Completely

OPH7   RFFMRP85       CO-CBM: Take Over All Data

OPIN   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintnce:  VHU_PINST

OPI1   RKP_ACPOS_MAINTMaintain Value Categories

OPI2   RKP_ACPOS_MAINTValue Categories for Cost Elements

OPI4   RKP_ACPOS_MAINTCommitment Item Value Categories

OPI5   RKP_ACPOS_MAINTValue Categories for Stag.Key Figs

OPI8   RKP_ACPOS_MAINTDisplay Value Category

OPJA   SAPMOUT1       Maintain setup group/group category

OPJB   ROOP0016       Specify system messages

OPJO   SAPMUNIT       C MM-BD units of measurement

OPJU   ROOP0013       Production order control parameters

OPJX   SAPMOMS0       Factory Calendar C

OPJ0   SAPMS01J       Maintain User

OPJ1   SAPMS01C       Maintain User Profiles

OPJ3   SAPMS01C       Maintain Authorizations

OPJ4   COWORKDISPATCH_Schedule batch function request

OPJ6   SAPMBSVA       Maintain Status Profiles

OPKK   SAPLC0VL       Standard Text

OPKQ   SAPMOUT4       Customizing: Matchcode for Proc.Ord

OPKR   PPSFCAJB       Print flag

OPKT   SAPMKOAU       Initial Screen: Settlement Structur

OPKV   PPPRBTCM       Print Flag

OPKW   PPPRBSCM       Print shop papers

OPKX   PPREJOB1       Deletion Flag/Indicator

OPKZ   SAPMOUT4       Customizing Matchcode for ProdOrder

OPK7   PPCOBDEC       Accessing Customizing PDC transfer

OPLB   SAPMV12A       CondTab: Create (batch; prod.)

OPLC   SAPMV12A       CondTab: Change (batchs; prod.)

OPLD   SAPMV12A       CondTab: Display (batches; prod.)

OPLI   PPGOMOVE       Background job for goods movements

OPLJ   PPPRECONF      Job “Fast entry confirmation”

OPLL   PPORPFSE       Order progress: Displayed fields

OPLP   PPGOMOVE2      Job “Convert planned order”

OPMI   RKMODIMP       Import models activities

OPMJ   PPORPPLA       Determine progress values

OPN1   SAPMOUT1       Maintain Profiles for Master Recipe

OPO1   SAPMKES1       Create Cost Element Planning Layout

OPO2   SAPMKES1       Change Cost Element Planning Layout

OPO3   SAPMKES1       Display Cost Element Planning Layou

OPO4   SAPMKES1       Create Stat. KF Planning Layout

OPO5   SAPMKES1       Change Stat. KF Planning Layout

OPO6   SAPMKES1       Display Stat. KF Planning Layout

OPPB   SAPMOPPR       Direct Procurement

OPPE   SAPMOMDB       Conversion Plnnd Order -> Prod.Orde


OPPE12 AVC_PPETABSTRIPDetermine Tabs for iPPE Worbench

OPPE13 SAPLPPEGIENG   User Assignment: iPPE Workbench


OPPJ   SAPMOMD9       MRP Checking Rule


OPPM   SAPT457G       Evaluation Profiles

OPPQ   SAPMM61C       C M MRP Plant Parameters for MRP

OPPR   SAPMM61C       C M MRP MRP Group

OPPZ   SAPMM61C       MRP Group

OPP1   MDCUOPP1       Customizing MRP


OPP3   MDCUOPP1       Customizing Repetitive Manufacturin

OPP5   SAPMM61C       List Profile Component List

OPSB   ROOBP100       Cost Planning Profile

OPSI   SAPLCNGX       Edit PS validation rules

OPSM   SAPL0PSR       Maintain Overall Profile PS InfoSys

OPSN   SAPLCNGX       Edit PS substitution rules

OPSO   SAPL0PSD       Maintain Project Types

OPSP   ROOP0014       Capacity availability check

OPST   RIOTCORU       Network Confirmation Parameters

OPSX   RKBUDSDP       PS: Reset “Budgeted” Status

OPS5   ROOPSS10       Maintain Standard Network Profile

OPS9   ROOBP100       Budget Management Profile

OPTH   R0PSR000       PS info system maintenance

OPTM   ROOBP100       Fincl Budgeting Profile for Project

OPTX   SAPL0PSR       Maint. PS Info System database set.

OPTZ   SAPMOUT4       Matchcode for standard WBS elements

OPT2   SAPMOUT4       Matchcode for project definition

OPT3   SAPMOUT4       Matchcode for WBS elements

OPT4   SAPMOUT4       Matchcode for standard network

OPT5   SAPMOUT4       Customizing matchcode for network

OPUZ   ROOP0015       Control parameters plant maintenanc

OPU0   SAPMOUT4       Matchcode for standard project def.

OPU3   ROOP0015       Production order control parameters

OPU6   ROOP0015       Production order control parameters

OPU7   ROOP0015       Control parameters plant maintenanc

OPVC   BPFDPINI       Convert Avlability Cntrl Tol.Limits

OPVP   SAPMM61C       Collective availibility checkProfil

OP01   MENUOP01       Customizing Routing/Work Center

OP03   SAPMOMS0       Factory Calendar C

OP07   SAPLC0VL       Standard Text

OP08   SAPLC0VL       Standard Text

OP13   ROOP0011       Maintain Screen Sequence

OP18   SAPMOUT1       Maintain Setup Group/Setup Group Ca

OP36   SAPMC68K       Maintain Capacity Default Values

OP41   SAPMOUT4       Matchcode for work center

OP49   SAPMOUT4       Matchcode for Routings/Ref. Op. Set

OP58   SAPMOUT1       Maintain Default Value Profiles

OP61   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: ROUTING_3

OP62   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for routings

OP63   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges for Ref.Operation Set

OP7A   SAPMOUT4       Customizing matchcode for PRTs

OP73   ROOP0010       PRT Authorization Group

OP77   ROOP0010       Engineering Workbench for Task List

OP8C   RDDSRCG0       Record layout for background (APL)

OP8D   RCPTRA01       Data transfer APL

OP8H   ROOP0010       Profiles: Default Values for Rtgs.

OP84   ROOP0010       Profiles: Default Values for Rtgs.

OP85   ROOP0010       Profiles: Default Values for QM

OQBA   RIOCUS00       Variants-maintain all-QINF in DB

OQBB   RQOCST01       Activate Customizing doc. types

OQBC   RQOCST01       Deactivate Customizing doc. types

OQIA   RIOCUS00       Maintain variant: Q-level evaluatio

OQIC   RIOCUS00       Work list variant for results rec.

OQID   RIOCUS00       Order maint. variant for material

OQIE   RIOCUS00       Usage var. for QM order in material

OQIF   RIOCUS00       Customize Lot Selection for QVM1

OQIG   RIOCUS00       Customize Lot Selection for QVM2

OQIH   RIOCUS00       Customize Lot Selection for QVM3

OQII   RIOCUS00       Customize Lot Selection for QA16

OQIJ   RIOCUS00       Field select. maintain results hist

OQIK   RIOCUS00       Field sel. PhysSampDraw with ref.

OQIL   RIOCUS00       Field sel. insp. lots for physSamps

OQIM   RIOCUS00       Field sel. deletion program Q-level

OQIN   RIOCUS00       Results recording for insp. points

OQIO   RIOCUS00       Results recording for insp. lots

OQIP   RIOCUS00       Results recording for insp. charac.

OQIQ   RIOCUS00       Results recording variant for sampl

OQIR   RIOCUS00       Results recording variant for equip

OQIS   RIOCUS00       Res. recording variant for fnct. Lo

OQIT   RIOCUS00       Settings for Insp. Method List

OQIU   RIOCUS00       Settings for Master Insp. Char. Lis

OQIV   RIOCUS00       Results History for Task List Chara

OQIW   RIOCUS00       Results History for Task List Chara

OQIX   RIOCUS00       Test Equipment Usage List

OQIY   RIOCUS00       Test Equipment Tracking

OQI3   RIOCUS00       Storage Data Maintenance

OQI4   RIOCUS00       Customize Lot Selection for QA32/33

OQI5   RIOCUS00       List of control charts for insp. lo

OQI6   RIOCUS00       List of control charts for task lis

OQI7   RIOCUS00       Results Recording Worklist: New

OQI8   RIOCUS00       Work list variant automatic UD

OQI9   RIOCUS00       Cntrl chart lists for master charac

OQNC   RIOCUS00       Set field selection for notif. list

OQND   RIOCUS00       Set field selection for task list

OQNE   RIOCUS00       Set field selection for item list

OQNF   RIOCUS00       Variant: Work list activities

OQNL   RIOFSE00       Field selec. multi-lvl list – notif

OQNM   RIOFSE00       Field selec. mul.lev. list – partne

OQNN   RIOFSE00       Field selec. mul.level list – item

OQNO   RIOFSE00       Field selec. multi-lvl list – activ

OQNP   RIOFSE00       Field selec. multi-level list – tas

OQNU   RIOFSE00       Multi-lev. list fld selection-cause

OQR0   RQTQREO        Organize QM Archiving

OQS8   RIOCUS00       Customizing for IQS8

OQS9   RIOCUS00       Customizing for IQS9

OQZ7   SAPMV12A       Create cond. table for certificates

OQZ8   SAPMV12A       Change cond. table for certificates

OQZ9   SAPMV12A       Disp. cond. table for certificates

OQ02   RQIFORM0       Maintain Forms

OQ49   SAPMSD20       Routing matchcode

OQ62   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for inspection plans

OQ63   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for ref.operation set

OQ77   ROOP0010       Engineering Workbench for QM

OQ84   ROOP0010       Profile def. values: Task list/gen.

OQ85   ROOP0010       Profile def. values: Task list/char

ORDO   RAIM_DOWNLOAD  Download of an Investment Program

ORET   SAPMKKB5       Report Selection

ORFA   RAORFA_IMG     Asset Accounting Customizing


ORIS   RMCWNEUU       Stat. Setup: Sales Price Revaluatio

ORISBW RMCBWEXUSEG    Reorg: BW Sls Price Revaluation Doc

ORKA   MENUORKA       C CO-OPA Configuration Menu: Orders


ORKL   MENUORKL       Reconciliation Ledger Menu


ORK0   MENUORK0       Configuration menu gen. controlling

ORK1   MENUORK1       Customizing: Account-Based EC-PCA

ORK2   RKEIMG00       EC-PCA: Call IMG

ORMI   RKMODIMP       Import models orders

ORUP   RAIM_UPLOAD    Upload of an Investment Program

OSPI   SAPMSNUM       Number Range for Backflush Discrep.

OSPJ   SAPMSNUM       No.Range Maintenance f. Document Lo

OSPM   RMSERI14       Background Job Reprocessing REM

OSPN   RMSERI36       Background Job: Adjmt. of Dep. Reqs

OSPO   RMSERI71       Backgr. Job – Agg. Coll. Backflush

OSPR   SAPMRMCU       Number Ranges in REM

OSPT   SAPMRMCU       Repetitive Mfg Profile Assistant

OSPY   MDBFUPDT       Conversion for withdrawal seq. grp

OSS1   RSEFA910       Logon to SAPNet

OS01   RSHOST14       LAN check with ping

OS02   RSHOST01       Operating system configuration

OS03   RSHOST02       O/S Parameter changes

OS04   RSHOST03       Local System Configuration

OS05   RSHOST04       Remote System Cconfiguration

OS06   RSHOST05       Local Operating System Activity

OS07   RSHOST06       Remote Operating System Activity

OS40   RDDSRCG0       Generate BOM Transfer File

OS41   RCSBI010       Transfer BOM without Long Text

OS42   RCCSBISC       Process Transfer File

OS43   RCSBI020       Copy BOM changes

OS44   RCSBI030       Copy BOM variants

OS45   RCSBI040       Copy BOM with description

OS46   RCCSBIST       Edit transfer file (long text)_

OS53   SAPMSNUM       Number ranges for change master

OS61   SAPMCC02       Effectivity Type


OTLA   SAPMKKB5       Report Selection

OTPM   SAPMF40M       Define El.Bank Stmt Search String

OT20   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges of Memo Records

OT30   RFFDKU00       Open item account

OT31   RFFUEB00       Not an open item account

OT35   RFFDMM10       Purchase orders

OT38   RFBIDE00       C FI Batch Input Program

OT39   RFBIKR00       C FI Batch Input Program

OT43   SAPMFKM0       C Maintain version: Man. bank stmt

OT45   SAPMFKM0       C Maintain variants: check deposit

OT48   RFFDIS00       C FT CMF reorganization

OT50   SAPMFKM0       C Elec acct assignment /checks recd

OT58   SAPMFKM0       C Elec acct determntn (manual acct)

OT59   SAPMFKM0       C Elec.bkng ac.assignment (

OT60   SAPMFKM0       C TR Acct determin G/L acct bal int

OT62   SAPMFKM0       C acct determination dep./loan mgmt

OT69   RFFDSD10       Reorganize CM data from orders

OT75   RFFDLF00       Reconstruct CM from Vendor Bill.Doc

OT76   RFFDDA00       Reconstruct CM from Loans

OT77   RFFDWP00       Reconstruct CM from Securities

OT78   RFFDTR00       Reconstruct FC; Money Mkt; Deriv.

OT81   FIBL_RPCODE_MAIProcess Repetitive Codes

OV/1   RDDSRCG0       Generate Record Layout

OV/2   RFBIDE00       RV Batch Input Program

OV/3   RFBIKR00       RV Batch Input Program

OV/4   RMMMBIM0       RV Batch Input Program

OV/5   RV14BTCI       RV Batch Input Program

OV/6   RVINVB00       RV Transfer Program

OV/7   RVINVBT0       Test Data for Data Transfer

OV/8   RVBTCI01       Test Data – Transfer Data – Cond.

OV/9   RVBTCI02       Display Test Data

OVAA   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. VAG  Rejection Reasons

OVAC   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab  VCPA “Copy Documents

OVAE   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. VEP   Orders

OVAF   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. 184  Item Category Determ

OVAG   SAPL080I       C SD Tab. VAG  Rejection Reasons

OVAQ   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. VAU  Order Block Reasons

OVAR   SAPL080V       C SD Tab. ROAZ  Route Determination

OVAS   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. VAST “Order: Block Reason

OVAT   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TXVR  Copy Document Text

OVAU   SAPL080I       C SD Tab. VAU  Other Reasons

OVAV   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. MVFU  Avail.Check Criteri


OVAY   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. 184E   Sched.Line Determ.

OVAZ   SAPL080K       C SD Tab. VAKZ  Order Type/Organiz.

OVA0   SAPL080I       C_RV_Tab. VVVS “Status group”

OVA5   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab.VHA Ord.Type Group Itm Det

OVBT   SDFPLA02       Modification Report Billing Plan

OVB3   RV15B001       Rebate: Reorganiz. of Billing Index

OVCB   SAPLO81C       Structure of Reporting View

OVCC   SAPL081C       Assign View to User

OVCD   SAPL081C       Definition of Reporting View

OVCE   SAPL081C       Control Update of Perform.Measures

OVCF   RVCAS001       Control Reporting – Info Blocks

OVCM   SAPL080G       RVCust:TVKK:Planning:Sales Act. Typ

OVE6   SAPL080E       C RV Table T616 “Exp/Import Proced.

OVE7   SAPL080E       C SD Table T616Z “BusTransTypeProp.

OVE8   SAPL080E       C SD Table TVFM “MatPrGrp-Imp/Exp



OVFK   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table VFK    Billing Documents



OVF3   SAPL080C       C_RV_Tab. VAUK    “Cost Centers”

OVG1   RV15B003       Redetermine subtotal

OVH1   SAPL0V02       C RV Tab. THIT    Hierarchy Type

OVH2   SAPL0V02       C SD Tab. THIZU  AcctGrpAssignment

OVH3   SAPL0V02       C RV Tab. THIOZ  Org.assignments

OVK0   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table STE     “Tax Categories”

OVK1   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table V_TST “Tax Catg./Country

OVK3   SAPL080D       C SD Table TSKD “Cust.Tax Indicator

OVK4   SAPL080D       C SD Table TSKM  “Mat.Tax Indicator

OVK5   SAPL080C       V Table VKM    Material Acct Grp

OVK7   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table T459 “Reqt/PlanOrd.Type”

OVK8   SAPL080C       C SD Tab. TVKT   Customer Acct Grp

OVK9   RVTSTLSA       Tax Records for Each Country

OVLA   SAPL080V       C SD Tab T173       Shipping Types



OVLD   SAPL080V       SD Table VKN Trans.connection point

OVLE   SAPL080V       SD Table VTR Mode of Transport


OVLG   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TVLG   Weight Grp/Deliver

OVLH   SAPL080V       SD Table VRO         Routes

OVLL   SAPL080S       C SD Tab T630L     Loading Times

OVLM   SAPL080S       C RV Tab. TROLZ    “Route determ.”

OVLN   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab TVLSP     Delivery Blockin

OVLR   SAPL080V       C SD Tab TROAL

OVLS   SAPL080I       C SD Tab TVLS Delivery Block Reason

OVLU   SAPL080V       c_rv_tab. vro       “Transit time”

OVLV   SAPL080S       C SD Tab T630R    Shipping Times

OVLW   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab.T644

OVLX   SAPL080I       C SD Tab TVLSP  Delivery Blocks

OVL1   SAPL080V       C SD Tab. VRO   Transportat.Plannin

OVL5   SAPL080V       Maintain Transit Time

OVNA   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table T685B

OVNB   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TVST  Shipping Point Info

OVNC   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TNAPR  Layouts

OVND   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab TNAPN  Output/Part.Functio

OVNE   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TVKO Sales Org.Informatio

OVNF   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table T685B

OVNG   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TVAK Assign Ouput

OVNI   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TVLK Assign Output

OVNJ   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TVFK Assign Output

OVNK   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table 077D Higher-level Output

OVNL   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table T685B

OVNM   SAPMSTBM       C SD Background job messages

OVNN   SAPMSTBM       C SD Output Variants

OVNO   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table TVKO  Form for Sales Off

OVPS   MENUOVPS       Document Mgmt Customizing

OVP3   SAPMW01V       Change price point group

OVRB   SAPL081K       Statistical Currency per Sales Org.

OVRC   SAPMSTBM       C SD Variants for Orders on Hand

OVRD   SAPMSTBM       C SD Background Jobs f. Ord. on Han

OVRE   SAPMSTBM       C SD Top Cust/Mat Variants

OVRF   SAPL080K       C SD Table TVSM Material Stats Grps

OVRG   SAPMSTBM       C SD Background Jobs f. Top Cust/Ma

OVR0   SAPL0V01       SD Table 171     Sales Regions

OVR1   SAPL080V       SD Table ZONE  Transportation Zones

OVR2   SAPL080F       c_rv_Tab. T016  “Sectors”

OVR3   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. Customer Calendar

OVR4   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. Billing Schedules

OVSA   SAPL080K       C SD Table T130W  “Plant Fld Selec.

OVSB   SAPL080I       C SD Tab.T176 “Purchase Order Types

OVSC   SAPL080H       C SD Table TVWA “GoodsReceivingHrs.

OVSD   SAPL080H       C SD Tab.TPRIO “Delivery Priorities

OVSF   SAPL080V       C SD Table TVSB  “Shipping Cond.”

OVSG   SAPL080H       C SD Table TINC    “Incoterms”

OVSH   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table TVBO    Rebate Groups

OVSI   SAPMSTBM       C SD View V_T189 “Price List Categ.

OVSJ   SAPL080Z       C SD Table T178 “Mat.Cond.Group”

OVSK   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table TVPR   Commission Groups

OVSL   SAPL080Z       Pricing groups for customers

OVSM   SAPL080S       C SD Table TVAV   Buying Habits

OVSN   SAPL080S       C SD Table TPFK

OVSP   SAPMM03C       C SD MS Material Types

OVSQ   SAPL080S       C SD Table TSAB   Departments

OVSR   SAPL080S       C SD Table TVPV   Decision Authorit

OVSU   SAPL08OH       C SD Table TUMS    “Material Status

OVSV   RVPHCUST       C RV Customizing Product Hierarchy

OVSW   SAPL080S       C SD Table TVBR      Call Frequency

OVSX   SAPL080V       C SD Table TLGR

OVSY   SAPL080D       C SD Table TGR

OVS0   SAPMSD20       C SD Matchcodes Product Proposals

OVS1   SAPMSD20       SD Matchcodes Materials

OVS2   SAPMSD20       C SD Matchcodes Customers

OVS3   SAPMSD20       C SD matchcode for contact person

OVS4   SAPMSD20       C SD Matchcodes Vendors

OVS5   SAPMSD20       C SD Matchcodes Sales Personnel

OVS6   SAPL080H       C SD Table TKUKL “Customer Classif.

OVS7   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab.TKUPA “PartnerGrp/Customer

OVS9   SAPL080H       C SD Table T151    “Customer Groups

OVTH   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table T079V  “Screen Selection

OVT0   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table 077D “Accnt Grp Customer

OVT1   SAPMSTBM       C SD Table 142    Storage condition

OVT2   SAPMSTBM       SD Table 143

OVT4   SAPMOMS0       C SD Valuation Classes Materials

OVT5   SAPL0F04       C SD Table 077K  Vendor Account Grp

OVT6   SAPL080V       View V_TVRL

OVVX   RV080VSA       Collective Document Types for SD

OVV0   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TVCPA  Order Copying Rule

OVV1   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab.VCPL Delivery Copying Rule

OVV2   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab.TVCPF Billing copying rule

OVV3   SAPL080F       C SD Table TVFS   Billing Block

OVXA   RVOTVKOS       Division -> Sales organization

OVXC   RVOTVSWZ       Shipping point -> Plant

OVXE   SAPMSTBM       C RV Tab. VSTZ     Plant/Ship.Point

OVXF   SAPMSTBM       C RV Tab. VRSZ     “Legs/Route

OVXG   RVOTVTA        Define sales areas

OVXH   SAPMSTBM       C RV Tab. VTR      “Carrier

OVXJ   RVOTVBVK       Sales group -> Sales office

OVXK   RVOTVKOV       Distrib.channels->Sales organiz.

OVXM   RVOTVKBZ       Sales office -> Sales area


OVXZ   SAPL080S       C SD Table NLS  “Nielsen ID

OVX2   RVOT134G       Business area->Plant/Division

OVX3   RVOTVKO        Company code -> Sales organization

OVX6   RVOTVKWZ       Plants->Sales org./

OVX8   RVOCHECK       Check Report Organization Sales

OVZA   SAPMSNUM       C SD Number Ranges/Product Proposal

OVZB   SAPMSNUM       C SD Number Ranges/Material Master

OVZC   SAPMSNUM       C SD Number Ranges/Customer Master

OVZD   SAPMSNUM       C SD Inactive !!! NR contact person

OVZE   SAPMSNUM       C SD Number Ranges/Vendors

OVZF   SAPMSNUM       C SD Number Ranges/Sales Personnel

OVZ1   SAPL080C       C SD Tab. TMVFP Avail.check criteri

OVZ2   SAPL080C       C SD Tab. MVF  Avail. check control

OVZ3   SAPMSTBM       C SD Tab. TMVFU Avail.check criteri

OVZ4   SAPMOMS0       C SD Factory Calendar

OVZ5   SAPMS01J       C SD User Maintenance

OV05   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion

OV06   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion

OV07   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Listing/Exclusion

OV08   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Add Index

OV09   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Change Index

OV10   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Display Index

OV16   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Material Substit.

OV17   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Material Substit.

OV18   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Material Substit.D

OV20   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Create Rebate

OV21   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Change Rebate

OV22   SAPMV12A       Condition Table: Display Rebate

OV46   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Cross-selling H

OV47   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Cross-selling Ä

OV48   SAPMV12A       Condition table: Cross-selling A

OV50   RFDKAG00       Comparison of master data for cust.

OV51   RFDABL00       Display of Changes for Customer

OV52   SAPV019        Del.Customers Pre-Production Startu

OV61   SAPMV12A       Recon. account det.: Create table

OV62   SAPMV12A       Rec. account det.: Change table

OV63   SAPMV12A       Rec. account det.: Display table

OV7Z   RMQUOT01       Create Characteristics for Rem.Allo

OV71   SAPMV12A       Cash account det.: Change table

OV72   SAPMV12A       Cash account det.: Display table

OV8Z   RMQUOT00       Check Settings

OV80   SAPMV12A       Acc. det.- credit cards: Create tab

OV81   SAPMV12A       Acc. det.- credit cards: Change tab

OV82   SAPMV12A       Acc. det.- credit cards: Displ. tab

OV9Z   RMQUOT10       Suitable Statistical Structures

OV90   SAPMV12A       COPA project: Create table

OV91   SAPMV12A       COPA project: Change table

OV92   SAPMV12A       COPA project: Display table

OWA1   SAPMV76A       Configuration: Generate Foll.Docs A

OWBA   RWB2OWBA       Trading Contract: Inc. Costs Sales

OWBC   RWB2OWBA       Trading Contract: Incid. Costs Purc

OWB10  SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: WB2B

OWD1   SAPL0WCL       Maintain rounding profiles

OWEA   RTLABELC       Output Determination; Mat. Maint.

OWEB   RTLABELE       Delete Label Messages (GR)

OWEK   SAPMV13B       Labeling: Conditions

OWET   SAPMV12A       Labeling: Condition Table

OWS0   MENUOWS0       Batch Management

OWTY   RWTYIMG0       Customizing Warranty Processing

OWTYCU RWTYATAB       WTY Tabstrip Customizing

OWV0   MENUOWV0       Customizing Pricing

OW00   RWVIEWPF       Default values for fields in views

OXA1   RIOCUS00       List: Service Master Records

OXK1   RBKNTSTA       Coding Block: Maintain Subscreens

OXK2   RBKNTSTA       Display Coding Block Subscreens

OXK3   RBKNTSTB       Coding Block: Maintain CustomerFiel

OXK4   RBKNTSTB       Coding Block: Display CustomerField

OX01   RMOT024E       Company Code -> Purchasing Org.

OX06   SAPMSVMA       Controlling Area: Basic Data

OX14   SAPMOMBD       C MM-IV Valuation area – val. level

OX17   RMOT024W       Plants -> Purchasing organization

OX18   RMOT001K       Plants->company code

OX19   SAPMSVMA       Controlling Area: Assgn. to CCode

OYEA   RSEADMIN       IDoc administration

OYEB   RSEINBEV       Event coupling for IDoc inbound

OYEC   RSE2XDEL       Delete codes for process technology


OYSM   SAPMSNRO       Number Range tRFC Port

OYSN   SAPMSNRO       Number Range IDoc

OYSO   SAPMSNRO       Number Range R/2 Mailbag

OYSP   RSEDF46A       Process codes <-> standard tasks

OYSQ   SAPMSNRO       Number range for R/2-R/3 linkage

OYS1   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: EDIPORT

OY04   RUMTCURX       C Decimal Places for Currencies

OY18   RSTBHIST       Table history

OY19   SAPLSCT1       Customizing Cross-System Viewer

O000   MENUO000       C RM-MAT Menu – Classification

O020   RDDSRCG0       Record Layout for BTCI (Classes)

O021   RCCLBI01       Class Data Transfer

O023   RCCLBISH       Display Class Maintenance Data File

O024   RCCLDI01       Transfer Class Data: Direct Input

O035   SAPMCICO       Country version delivery sys create

O037   RPUCNT10       HR Customizing User Parameters

O052   RSIMG006       Set up Clients

O053   RSIMG053       Customizing Request Management

O06C   SAPL0C58       Define Process Manufacturing Cockpi

O07C   SSFPSEMAINT    Obsolete transaction

O2CL   SAPLCLPR       Profile for User Settings

O20C   RCIIC002       ProcMgmt: Copy Settings betw. Plant

O21C   RCOCB001       PP-PI: Where-Used List for Charact.

O22C   RCIIC001       Copy SAP Messages (Standard)

O23C   RCIIC003       Client Copy of PP-PI Characteristic

O24C   RCIIC005       Copy SAP Messages (Generic)

O25C   SAPLCTMV       Create Charac. with PP-PI Attribute

O25X   SAPMCTAV       Create Charac. with PP-PI Attribute

O26C   SAPLCTMV       Change Charac. with PP-PI Attribute

O26X   SAPMCTAV       Change Charac. with PP-PI Attribute

O27C   SAPLCTMV       Display Charac. with PP-PI Attribut

O27X   SAPMCTAV       Display Charac. with PP-PI Attribut

O28C   RCIIC006       Copy SAP Messages (Central)

O285   ROOP0010       Master Recipe/QM Data

O29C   RCIIC007       Copy SAP Messages (Decentralized)

O7E1   SAPMFKM0       Payment advice note entry screens.

O7E3   SAPMFKM0       Acnt assignment model entry screens

O7E4   SAPMFKM0       Preliminary posting entry screens

O7E5   SAPMFKM0       Vendor inv./cr.mem. entry screens

O7E6   SAPMFKM0       G/L item fast entry screens

O7FA   SAPMFKM0       Pyt Adv.Notes Field Sel.Ext.Sel.Fld

O7FB   SAPMFKM0       Auto.Pymt Fld Sel.Sort Payment

O7FC   SAPMFKM0       Auto.Pymt Fld.Sel.Find Payment

O7FD   SAPMFKM0       Auto.Pymt Fld.Sel.Sort Payment

O7FE   SAPMFKM0       Auto.Pymt Fld.Sel.Find Line Item

O7F1   SAPMFKM0       Clearing field selection conditions

O7F2   SAPMFKM0       Clearing field selection search

O7F3   SAPMFKM0       Clearing Field Selection Sort

O7F4   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Field Sel.Conditions

O7F5   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Field Selection Search

O7F6   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Field Selection Sort

O7F7   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Field Selection Total

O7F8   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Field Sel.Addit.Fields

O7F9   SAPMFKM0       Paymnt Adv.Notes Field Selction Fld

O7L0   FIIMGLNK       FI IMG Link

O7R1   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Totals Variants

O7R2   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Master Record Info.

O7R3   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Special Fields

O7S1   SAPMFKM0       Pyt Medium Correspondence Sort Varn

O7S2   SAPMFKM0       Pyt Medium Line Items Sort Variant

O7S3   SAPMFKM0       Credit Management Sort Variants

O7S4   SAPMFKM0       General Correspondence Sort Variant

O7S5   SAPMFKM0       Correspondence Int.Docs Sort Varian

O7S6   SAPMFKM0       Line Item Corresp.Sort Variant

O7S7   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Sort Variants

O7V1   SAPMFKM0       Document Display Default Line Layou

O7V2   SAPMFKM0       Item Display Default Line Layout

O7V3   SAPMFKM0       Clearing Default Line Layout

O7V4   SAPMFKM0       Automatic Paymnt Default Line Layou

O7V5   SAPMFKM0       Auto.Pyt Line Item Dflt Line Layout

O7V6   SAPMFKM0       Paymt Adv.Notes Default Line Layout

O7V7   SAPMFKM0       Credit Management Dflt Line Layout

O7Z1   SAPMFKM0       Document Display Line Layout

O7Z2   SAPMFKM0       Document Posting Line Layout

O7Z3   SAPMFKM0       Document Display Line Layout

O7Z4   SAPMFKM0       Clearing Line Layout

O7Z4D  SAPMFKM0       Clearing Line Layout

O7Z4K  SAPMFKM0       Clearing Line Layout

O7Z4S  SAPMFKM0       Clearing Line Layout

O7Z5   SAPMFKM0       Auto.Payment Line Layout

O7Z6   SAPMFKM0       Auto.Pyt Line Item Line Layout

O7Z7   SAPMFKM0       Payment Adv.Notes Line Layout

O7Z8   SAPMFKM0       External Documents Line Layout

O7Z9   SAPMFKM0       Credit Management Line Layout

O984   RSMVPROJ       Customizing doc converter program