SAP Transaction Code with description starting with M

SAP is the ERP system which can be used by the help of SAP transaction code, Sap transaction code are actually shortcuts for entering any transaction and getting any Report, in SAP there is round about 16,000 Sap transaction code.

The full list of transaction codes is maintained in the tables TSTC and TSTCT. So, you can have a look via SE16 in your own SAP system as well

In this article I am giving SAP transaction code along with reports code and there descriptions, I am arraigning it in alphabetical order.

INTRODUCTION AND DOWNLOAD ALL SAP Transaction Code with description

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with A to E

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with F to H

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with I to L

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with M

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with N to O

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with P to T

SAP Transaction Code with description starting with U to Z

TA     Report         Header Description

M/N2   SAPMV12A       Create free goods table

M/N3   SAPMV12A       Display free goods table

M/03   SAPMV12A       Create Conditions Table (Purchasing

M/04   SAPMV12A       Change Conditions Table (Purchasing

M/05   SAPMV12A       Displ. Conditions Table (Purchasing

M/13   SAPMV12A       Create Condition Table (Service)

M/14   SAPMV12A       Change Condition Table (Services)

M/15   SAPMV12A       Display Condition Table (Services)

M/56   SAPMV12A       Messages: Create Cond. Table: RFQ

M/57   SAPMV12A       Messages: Change Condition Table

M/58   SAPMV12A       Messages: Display CondTab: RFQ

M/59   SAPMV12A       Messages: Create CondTab: Pur. Orde

M/60   SAPMV12A       Messages: Change CondTab: Pur. Orde

M/61   SAPMV12A       Messages: Disp. CondTab: Pur. Order

M/62   SAPMV12A       Messages: Create CondTab: Del. Schd

M/63   SAPMV12A       Messages: Change CondTab: Del. Schd

M/64   SAPMV12A       Messages: Disp. CondTab: Del. Sched

M/65   SAPMV12A       Messages: Create CondTab: O. Agmt.

M/66   SAPMV12A       Messages: Change CondTab: O. Agmt.

M/67   SAPMV12A       Messages: Disp. CondTab: Outl. Agmt

M/70   SAPMV12A       Messages: Create CondTab.: Entry Sh

M/71   SAPMV12A       Messages: Change CondTab.: Entry Sh

M/72   SAPMV12A       Messages: Disp. CondTab.: Entry Sh.

M_LA   SAPMV14A       Purchasing: Condition List

M_LB   SAPMV14A       Change Condition List

M_LC   SAPMV14A       Display Condition List

M_LD   SAPMV14A       Execute Condition List

MAL1   SAPMMG01       Create material via ALE

MAL2   SAPMMG01       Change material via ALE

MAP1   SAPMF02K       Create contact person

MAP2   SAPMF02K       Change contact person

MAP3   SAPMF02K       Display contact person

MASS   SAPMMSDL       Mass Change

MASSD  MASSD_DIALOG   Mass Maintenance

MBBM   RM07MMBL       Batch Input: Post Material Document

MBBR   RM07RRES       Batch Input: Create Reservation

MBBS   RM07MBWS       Display valuated special stock

MBC1   SAPMV13H       Create MM Batch Search Strategy

MBC2   SAPMV13H       Change MM Batch Determ. Strategy

MBC3   SAPMV13H       Display MM Batch Determ. Strategy

MBGR   RM07MGRU       Displ. Material Docs. by Mvt. Reaso

MBLB   RM07MLBB       Stocks at Subcontractor

MBNK   SAPMSNUM       Number Ranges; Material Document

MBNL   SAPMM07M       Subsequent Delivery f. Material Doc

MBN1   SAPMV13N       Free goods – Create (Purchasing)

MBN2   SAPMV13N       Free goods – Change (Purchasing)

MBN3   SAPMV13N       Free goods – Display (Purchasing)


MBRL   SAPMM07M       Return Delivery for Matl Document

MBSF   SAPMM07M       Release Blocked Stock via Mat. Doc.

MBSI   RM07SINV       Find Inventory Sampling

MBSL   SAPMM07M       Copy Material Document

MBSM   RM07MSTO       Display Cancelled Material Docs.

MBST   SAPMM07M       Cancel Material Document

MBSU   SAPMM07M       Place in Stor.for Mat.Doc: Init.Scr

MBVR   RM07RVER       Management Program: Reservations

MBWO   RM07MWOFF      test

MBW1   SAPMMBW1       Special stocks via WWW

MBXA   SAPLMBXA       Printout of XAB Documents

MB0A   SAPMM07M       Post Goods Receipt for PO

MB00   MENUMB00       Inventory Management

MB01   SAPMM07M       Post Goods Receipt for PO

MB02   SAPMM07M       Change Material Document

MB03   SAPMM07M       Display Material Document

MB04   SAPMM07M       Subsequ.Adj.of “Mat.Provided”Consmp

MB05   SAPMM07M       Subseq. Adjustmt: Act.Ingredient Ma

MB1A   SAPMM07M       Goods Withdrawal

MB1B   SAPMM07M       Transfer Posting

MB1C   SAPMM07M       Other Goods Receipts

MB11   SAPMM07M       Goods Movement

MB21   SAPMM07R       Create Reservation

MB22   SAPMM07R       Change Reservation

MB23   SAPMM07R       Display Reservation

MB24   RM07RESL       Reservation List

MB25   RM07RESL       Reservation List

MB26   PP_PICK_LIST   Picking list

MB31   SAPMM07M       Goods Receipt for Production Order

MB5B   RM07MLBD       Stocks for Posting Date

MB5C   RM07MCHS       Pick-Up List

MB5K   RM07KO01       Stock Consistency Check

MB5L   RM07MBST       List of Stock Values: Balances

MB5M   RM07MMHD       BBD/Prod. Date

MB5S   RM07MSAL       Display List of GR/IR Balances

MB5T   RM07MTRB       Stock in transit CC

MB5U   RM07AUMD       Analyze Conversion Differences

MB5W   RM07MBST       List of Stock Values

MB51   RM07DOCS       Material Doc. List

MB52   RM07MLBS       List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand

MB53   RM07MWRKK      Display Plant Stock Availability

MB54   RM07MKBS       Consignment Stocks

MB55   RM07MMST       Display Quantity String

MB56   RVBBWULS       Analyze batch where-used list

MB57   RM07MCHW       Compile Batch Where-Used List

MB58   RM07MKON       Consgmt and Ret. Packag. at Custome

MB59   RM07DOCS       Material Doc. List

MB9A   RM07MAAU       Analyze archived mat. documents

MB90   MM70AMEA       Output Processing for Mat. Document

MC.A   RMCB0300       INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection; Rec/Iss

MC.B   RMCB0300       INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection; Turnover

MC.C   RMCB0300       INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection; Coverage

MC.D   RMCB0400       INVCO: MRP Cntrllr.Anal.Sel. Stock

MC.E   RMCB0400       INVCO: MRP Cntrllr Anal.Sel. Rec/Is

MC.F   RMCB0400       INVCO: MRP Cntlr Anal.Sel. Turnover

MC.G   RMCB0400       INVCO: MRP Cntlr.Anal.Sel. Coverage

MC.H   RMCB0500       INVCO: Business Area Anal.Sel. Stoc

MC.I   RMCB0500       INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss

MC.J   RMCB0500       INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Turnove

MC.K   RMCB0500       INVCO: Bus. Area Anal. Sel. Coverag

MC.L   RMCB0600       INVCO: Mat.Group Analysis Sel. Stoc

MC.M   RMCB0600       INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss

MC.N   RMCB0600       INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Turnove

MC.O   RMCB0600       INVCO: Mat.Group Anal. Sel. Coverag

MC.P   RMCB0700       INVCO: Division Analysis Sel. Stock

MC.Q   RMCB0700       INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Rec/Iss

MC.R   RMCB0700       INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Turnover

MC.S   RMCB0700       INVCO: Division Anal. Sel. Coverage

MC.T   RMCB0800       INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Selection Stoc

MC.U   RMCB0800       INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Rec/Issue

MC.V   RMCB0800       INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Turnover

MC.W   RMCB0800       INVCO: Mat.Type Anal.Sel. Coverage

MC.1   RMCB0100       INVCO: Plant Anal. Selection: Stock

MC.2   RMCB0100       INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection; Rec/Is

MC.3   RMCB0100       INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection;Turnove

MC.4   RMCB0100       INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection;Coverag

MC.5   RMCB0200       INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection; Stock

MC.6   RMCB0200       INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection: Rec/Is

MC.7   RMCB0200       INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection;Turnove

MC.8   RMCB0200       INVCO: SLoc Anal.Selection; Coverag

MC.9   RMCB0300       INVCO: Material Anal.Selection;Stoc

MC(A   RMCV0100       SIS: Customer;Inc.Orders – Selectio

MC(B   RMCV1300       SIS: Variant Configuration

MC(E   RMCV0200       SIS: Material;Inc.Orders – Selectio

MC(I   RMCV0300       SIS: SalesOrg. Inc.Orders Selection

MC(M   RMCV0600       SIS: Sales Office; Inc.Orders Selec

MC(Q   RMCV0500       SIS: Employee; Inc.Orders Selection

MC(U   RMCV0400       SIS: Shipping Point Deliveries Sel.

MC+A   RMCV0100       SIS: Customer Returns; Selection

MC+E   RMCV0100       SIS: Customer; Sales – Selection

MC+I   RMCV0100       SIS: Customer Credit Memos – Selec.

MC+M   RMCV0200       SIS: Material Returns; Selection

MC+Q   RMCV0200       SIS: Material; Sales – Selection

MC+U   RMCV0200       SIS: Material Credit Memos; Selec.

MC+Y   RMCV0300       SIS: Sales Org. Returns; Selection

MC+2   RMCV0300       SIS: SalesOrg.Invoiced Sales; Selec

MC+6   RMCV0300       SIS: SalesOrg.Credit Memos Selectio

MC$<   RMCE0300       PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchVal Selection

MC$>   RMCE0300       PURCHIS: MatGrp PurchQty Selection

MC$:   RMCE0200       PURCHIS: Vendor Freqs. Selection

MC$A   RMCE0300       PURCHIS: MatGrp DelRelblty Selectio

MC$C   RMCE0300       PURCHIS: MatGrp QtyRelblty Selectio

MC$E   RMCE0300       PURCHIS: MatGrp Freq. Selection

MC$G   RMCE0400       PURCHIS: Material PurchVal Selectio

MC$I   RMCE0400       PURCHIS: Material PurchQty Selectio

MC$K   RMCE0400       PURCHIS: Material DelRelib Selectio

MC$M   RMCE0400       PURCHIS: Material QtyRel Selection

MC$O   RMCE0400       PURCHIS: Material Freqs. Selection

MC$0   RMCE0100       PURCHIS: PurchGrp PurchVal Selectio

MC$2   RMCE0100       PURCHIS: PurchGrp Freqs. Selection

MC$4   RMCE0200       PURCHIS: Vendor PurchVal Selection

MC$6   RMCE0200       PURCHIS: Vendor DelRelblty Selectio

MC$8   RMCE0200       PURCHIS: Vendor QtyRelblty Selectio

MC-A   RMCV0600       SIS: Sales Office Returns; Selectio

MC-E   RMCV0600       SIS: Sales Office – Sales Selection

MC-I   RMCV0600       SIS: Sales Office Credit Memos Sele

MC-M   RMCV0500       SIS: Employee – Returns; Selection

MC-Q   RMCV0500       SIS: Employee – Sales; Selection

MC-U   RMCV0500       SIS: Employee – Credit Memos; Selec

MC-0   RMCV0400       SIS: Shipping Point Returns; Selec.

MC/B   SAPMMCY1       Schedule jobs: Exceptions INVCO

MC/E   SAPMMCY1       Create Exception: EWS/PURCHIS

MC/F   SAPMMCY1       Maintain exception: EWS/PURCHIS

MC/G   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: EWS/PURCHIS

MC/H   SAPMMCY1       Create groups exception: PURCHIS

MC/I   SAPMMCY1       Change groups exception: PURCHIS

MC/J   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: PURCHIS

MC/K   SAPMMCY1       Create job for exception: PURCHIS

MC/L   SAPMMCY1       Change jobs exceptions: PURCHIS

MC/M   SAPMMCY1       Display jobs exceptions: PURCHIS

MC/N   SAPMMCY1       Schedule jobs exceptions: PURCHIS

MC/Q   SAPMMCY1       Create exception: EWS/SIS

MC/R   SAPMMCY1       Maintain exception: EWS/SIS

MC/S   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: EWS/SIS

MC/T   SAPMMCY1       Create groups exception: SIS

MC/U   SAPMMCY1       Change groups exception: SIS

MC/V   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: SIS

MC/W   SAPMMCY1       Create job for exception: SIS

MC/X   SAPMMCY1       Change Jobs: Exceptions SIS

MC/Y   SAPMMCY1       Display Jobs: Exceptions SIS

MC/Z   SAPMMCY1       Schedule Jobs: Exceptions SIS

MC/1   SAPMMCY1       Create Exception: EWS/INVCO

MC/2   SAPMMCY1       Maintain exception: EWS/INVCO

MC/3   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: EWS/INVCO

MC/4   SAPMMCY1       Create groups exception: INVCO

MC/5   SAPMMCY1       Change groups exception: INVCO

MC/6   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: INVCO

MC/7   SAPMMCY1       Create job for exception: INVCO

MC/8   SAPMMCY1       Change jobs exceptions: INVCO

MC/9   SAPMMCY1       Display jobs exceptions: INVCO

MC?0   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Schedule Jobs – Exceptions

MC?1   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Create Exception

MC?2   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Maintain Exception

MC?3   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Display Exception

MC?4   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Create Exception Group

MC?5   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Change Exception Group

MC?6   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Display Exception Group

MC?7   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Create Jobs – Exceptions

MC?8   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Change Jobs – Exceptions

MC?9   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Display Jobs – Exceptions

MC:B   SAPMMCY1       Schedule jobs exceptions: RIS

MC:1   SAPMMCY1       Create exception: EWS/RIS

MC:2   SAPMMCY1       Maintain exception: EWS/RIS

MC:3   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: EWS/RIS

MC:4   SAPMMCY1       Create exception group: RIS

MC:5   SAPMMCY1       Change groups exception: RIS

MC:6   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: RIS

MC:7   SAPMMCY1       Create job for exception: RIS

MC:8   SAPMMCY1       Change jobs exceptions: RIS

MC:9   SAPMMCY1       Display jobs exceptions: RIS

MC=B   SAPMMCY1       Schedule jobs exceptions: SFIS

MC=E   SAPMMCY1       Create exception: EWS/PMIS

MC=F   SAPMMCY1       Maintain exception: EWS/PMIS

MC=G   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: EWS/PMIS

MC=H   SAPMMCY1       Create groups exception: PMIS

MC=I   SAPMMCY1       Change groups exception: PMIS

MC=J   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: PMIS

MC=K   SAPMMCY1       Create job for exception: PMIS

MC=L   SAPMMCY1       Change jobs exceptions: PMIS

MC=M   SAPMMCY1       Display jobs exceptions: PMIS

MC=N   SAPMMCY1       Schedule jobs exceptions: PMIS

MC=Q   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: EWS/QMIS

MC=R   SAPMMCY1       Maintain exception: EWS/QMIS

MC=S   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: EWS/QMIS

MC=T   SAPMMCY1       Display groups exception: QMIS

MC=U   SAPMMCY1       Change groups exception: QMIS

MC=V   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: QMIS

MC=W   SAPMMCY1       Create job for exception: QMIS

MC=X   SAPMMCY1       Change Jobs: Exceptions QMIS

MC=Y   SAPMMCY1       Display Jobs: Exceptions SIS

MC=Z   SAPMMCY1       Schedule Jobs: Exceptions QMIS

MC=1   SAPMMCY1       Create exception: EWS/SFIS

MC=2   SAPMMCY1       Maintain exception: EWS/SFIS

MC=3   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: EWS/SFIS

MC=4   SAPMMCY1       Create groups exception: SFIS

MC=5   SAPMMCY1       Change groups exception: SFIS

MC=6   SAPMMCY1       Display exception: SFIS

MC=7   SAPMMCY1       Create job for exception: SFIS

MC=8   SAPMMCY1       Change jobs exceptions: SFIS

MC=9   SAPMMCY1       Display jobs exceptions: SFIS

MCAA   SAPMMCS1       WFIS: Maintain Requirements

MCAC   SAPMMCS1       WFIS: Maintain Formulas

MCAE   SAPMMC0C       WFIS: Activate Updating

MCAF   SAPMMCS4       WFIS: Standard Analyses

MCAG   SAPMMCSC       WFIS: Customizing; Standard Analyse

MCAH   RMCAORG0       WFIS: Organization View – Selection

MCAI   RMCAPRO0       WFIS: Process View – Selection

MCAJ   RMCAOBJ0       WFIS: Object View – Selection

MCAK   RMCAGRU0       WFIS: Group View – Selection

MCAL   RMCAEXP0       WFIS: Sample Scenario – Selection

MCAM   RMCAKOMM       WFIS: Append Structure

MCAN   RMCAEXIT       WFIS: Selection Program

MCAO   RMCAAPP0       WIS: Application PM/QM/SM Selection

MCAP   RMCADELE       WIS: Delete Data

MCAQ   RMCAADJU       WIS: Correct Data

MCAR   RMCADATA       WIS: Transfer Data

MCAT   SAPMMCS7       WFIS: Display Evaluation Structure

MCAU   SAPMMCS7       WFIS: Change Evaluation Structure

MCAV   SAPMMCS7       WFIS: Create Evaluation Structure

MCAW   SAPMMCS2       WFIS: Display Evaluation

MCAX   SAPMMCS2       WFIS: Change Evaluation

MCAY   SAPMMCS2       WFIS: Create Evaluation

MCAZ   SAPMMCS2       WFIS: Execute Evaluation

MCA7   SAPMMCS2       INVCO: Execute Evaluation

MCB&   RMCBDISP       INVCO: Set up statis. for stck/reqt

MCB)   RMCB1200       INVCO: Long-Term Stock Selection

MCB%   RMCBPARA       INVCO: Set up stats. for parm. anal

MCBA   RMCB0100       INVCO: Plant Analysis Selection

MCBC   RMCB0200       INVCO: Stor. Loc. Analysis Selectio

MCBE   RMCB0300       INVCO: Material Analysis Selection

MCBG   RMCB0400       INVCO: MRP Cntrlr Analysis Selectio

MCBI   RMCB0500       INVCO: Business Area Anal. Selectio

MCBK   RMCB0600       INVCO: MatGrp Analysis Selection

MCBM   RMCB0700       INVCO: Division Analysis Selection

MCBO   RMCB0800       INVCO: Mat.Type Analysis Selection

MCBR   RMCB0900       INVCO: Batch Analysis Selection

MCBV   RMCB1000       INVCO: Parameter Analysis Selection

MCBZ   RMCB1100       INVCO: Stck/Reqt Analysis Selection

MCB1   MENUMCB1       Inventory Controlling

MCB2   SAPMMCS7       INVCO: Create Evaluation Structure

MCB3   SAPMMCS7       INVCO: Change Evaluation Structure

MCB4   SAPMMCS7       INVCO: Display Evaluation Structure

MCB5   SAPMMCS2       INVCO: Create Evaluation

MCB6   SAPMMCS2       INVCO: Change Evaluation

MCB7   SAPMMCS2       INVCO: Display Evaluation

MCC1   MENUMCC1       Inventory Controlling

MCC2   MENUMCC2       Inventory Information System

MCC3   RMCBNEUA       Set Up INVCO Info Structs. from Doc

MCC4   RMCBNEUB       Set Up INVCO Info Structs.from Stoc

MCDA   SAPMMCS2       PURCHIS: Create Evaluation

MCDB   SAPMMCS2       PURCHIS: Change Evaluation

MCDC   SAPMMCS2       PURCHIS: Display Evaluation

MCDG   SAPMMCS2       PURCHIS: Execute Evaluation

MCD7   SAPMMCS7       PURCHIS: Create Eval. Structure

MCD8   SAPMMCS7       PURCHIS: Change Eval. Structure

MCD9   SAPMMCS7       PURCHIS: Display Eval. Structure

MCE+   RMCE0900       PURCHIS: Reporting – Subseq. Settlm

MCEA   RMCE0600       PURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Vend.Analysis

MCEB   RMCE0700       PURCHIS:Lng-Term Plg Mat.Gr.Analysi

MCEC   RMCE0800       PURCHIS:Long-Term Plg Mat. Analysis

MCER   RMCE2000       PURCHIS: Service Purch.Qty-Selectio

MCES   RMCE2000       PURCHIS: Service Purch.Val-Selectio

MCE0   MENUMCE0       Purchasing Information System

MCE1   RMCE0100       PURCHIS: PurchGrp Analysis Selectio

MCE2   SAPMMCS3       PURCHIS: Update Diagnosis Purch.Doc

MCE3   RMCE0200       PURCHIS: Vendor Analysis Selection

MCE5   RMCE0300       PURCHIS: MatGrp Analysis Selection

MCE7   RMCE0400       PURCHIS: Material Analysis Selectio

MCE8   RMCE2000       PURCHIS: Service Analysis Selection

MCE9   MENUMCE9       Purchasing Information System

MCGC   RMCW1400       RIS: Season: Mvmts + Stk – Selectio

MCGD   RMCW1600       RIS: POS: Sales – Selection

MCGE   RMCW1700       RIS: POS: Matl Aggr. POS – Selectio

MCGF   RMCW1800       RIS: POS: Cashier – Selection

MCGG   RMCW1900       RIS: Cust./Material Grp – Selection

MCGH   RMCW2000       RIS: Customer/Material – Selection

MCGJ   RMCW2800       RIS: POS: POS Balancing – Selection

MCGK   RMCW2900       RIS: Matls w/ additionals- Selectio

MCGL   RMCW3000       RIS: Sales data: Customers- Sel.

MCG1   MENUMCG1       Rough-Cut Planning Profiles

MCG2   SAPMMCSC       Var. standard anal. def. sett. IS-R

MCG3   SAPMMCS4       Call Self-Defined Analyses: Retail

MCH+   SAPMMCS7       RIS: Display Evaluation Structure

MCH:   RMCW0300       RIS: STRPS/Mvmts + Stock – Selectio

MCHA   RMCW2500       RIS: Till Receipt/Matl – Selection

MCHB   RMCW2700       RIS: Till Receipt – Selection

MCHC   RMCWAPRI_START Companion sales

MCHG   RMCW0600       RIS: Purchasing: Mvmt+Stck-Selectio

MCHP   RMCW0900       RIS: Material: Mvmt+Stck – Selectio

MCHS   RMCW1000       RIS: Promotion – Selection

MCHV   RMCW1100       RIS: Material/Add-On – Selection

MCHY   SAPMMCS7       RIS: Create Evaluation Structure

MCHZ   SAPMMCS7       RIS: Change Evaluation Structure

MCH0   MENUMCH0       Retail Information System

MCH1   SAPMMCS2       RIS: Execute Evaluation

MCH2   SAPMMCS2       RIS: Create Evaluation

MCH3   SAPMMCS2       RIS: Change Evaluation

MCH4   SAPMMCS2       RIS: Display Evaluation

MCH6   SAPMMC0C       Update Maintenance: RIS

MCH7   SAPMMCS3       RIS: Update Diagnosis; SP Change Do

MCH8   RMCW2300       RIS: Perishables – Selection

MCH9   RMCW2400       RIS: Inventory Controlling – Stores

MCIA   RMCI1000       PMIS: Customer Notification Analysi

MCIS   SAPMMCS4       Call Up PM Standard Analyses

MCIZ   RMCI1100       PMIS: Vehicle Consumption Analysis

MCI0   MENUMCI0       Plant Maintenance Information Syste

MCI1   RMCI0300       PMIS: Object Class Analysis

MCI2   RMCI0700       PMIS: Manufacturer Analysis

MCI3   RMCI0200       PMIS: Location Analysis

MCI4   RMCI0600       PMIS: Planner Group Analysis

MCI5   RMCI0800       PMIS: Object Damage Analysis

MCI6   RMCI0500       PMIS: Obj.Statistic.Analysis

MCI7   RMCI0100       PMIS: Breakdown Analysis

MCI8   RMCI0900       PMIS: Cost Evaluation

MCJB   RIEQS070       MTTR/MTBR for Equipment

MCJC   RITPS070       FunctLoc: Mean Time Between Repair

MCJE   MENUMCJE       PMIS: Info System

MCJ1   SAPMMCS2       PMIS: Create Evaluation

MCJ2   SAPMMCS2       PMIS: Change Evaluation

MCJ3   SAPMMCS2       PMIS: Display Evaluation

MCJ4   SAPMMCS2       PMIS: Execute Evaluation

MCJ5   SAPMMCS7       PMIS: Create Evaluation Structure

MCJ6   SAPMMCS7       PMIS: Change Evaluation Structure

MCJ7   SAPMMCS7       PMIS: Display Evaluation Structure

MCKA   RMCROIW0       OIW Metadata

MCKB   RMCSSLVS       TIS selection version tree

MCKC   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. TIS select. version tree

MCKH   RMCSSLVS       Selection version tree: Sales

MCKI   RMCSSLVS       Selection version tree: Purchasing

MCKJ   RMCSSLVS       Selection version tree: Stock

MCKK   RMCSSLVS       Selection version tree: Production

MCKL   RMCSSLVS       Selection version tree: Quality

MCKM   RMCSSLVS       Selection version tree: Plant Maint

MCKN   RMCSSLVS       Selection version tree: Retail

MCKO   RMCSSLVS       Selection version tree: General

MCKP   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. selec. vers. tree: Sales

MCKQ   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Purchas

MCKR   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Stock

MCKS   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Product

MCKT   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Quality

MCKU   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. sel. vers. tree: PM

MCKV   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. sel. vers. tree: Retail

MCKW   RMCSSLVS       User-spec. sel. vers. tree: General

MCKY   RMCSSLVS       WFIS: Selection Versions (User-Spec

MCKZ   RMCSSLVS       WFIS: Selection Versions (General)

MCK0   MENUMCK0       Plant Maintenance Information Syste

MCK1   SAPMMCSH       Create Hierarchy

MCK2   SAPMMCSH       Change hierarchy

MCK3   SAPMMCSH       Display hierarchy

MCK4   SAPMMCSH       Change SAP OIW Hierarchy

MCK5   SAPMMCSH       Display SAP OIW Hierarchy

MCK6   SAPMMCSH       Create Customer OIW Hierarchy

MCK7   SAPMMCSH       Change Customer OIW Hierarchy

MCK8   SAPMMCSH       Display Customer OIW Hierarchy

MCK9   SAPMMCSH       Maintain Customer OIW Info Catalog

MCLD   RMCB2300       WM: Material Flow – Selection

MCLH   RMCB2400       WM: Movement Types – Selection

MCL1   RMCB2000       WMS: Stck Placemt.+Remov. Selection

MCL5   RMCB2100       WMS: Flow of Quantities Selection

MCL9   RMCB2200       WM: Material Plcmt/Removal:Selectio

MCM+   SAPMMCSV       WFIS: Create Selection Version

MCM-   SAPMMCSV       WFIS: Change Selection Version

MCM/   SAPMMCSV       WFIS: Display Selection Version

MCM%   SAPMMCSV       RIS: Create Selection Version

MCM?   SAPMMCSV       RIS: Schedule Selection Version

MCMA   SAPMMCSV       INVCO: Display selection version

MCMB   SAPMMCSV       INVCO: SelecVers: Schedule job

MCMC   SAPMMCSV       PPIS: Create selection version

MCMD   SAPMMCSV       PPIS: Change selection version

MCME   SAPMMCSV       PPIS: Display selection version

MCMF   SAPMMCSV       PPIS: SelectVers: Schedule job

MCMG   SAPMMCSV       QMIS: Create selection version

MCMH   SAPMMCSV       QMIS: Change selection version

MCMI   SAPMMCSV       QMIS: Display selection version

MCMJ   SAPMMCSV       QMIS: Selection Version:Schedule Jo

MCMK   SAPMMCSV       PMIS: Create selection version

MCML   SAPMMCSV       PMIS: Change selection version

MCMM   SAPMMCSV       PMIS: Display selection verison

MCMN   SAPMMCSV       PMIS: SelectVers: Schedule job

MCMO   SAPMMCSV       Create selection version

MCMP   SAPMMCSV       Change selection version

MCMQ   SAPMMCSV       Display selection version

MCMR   SAPMMCSV       Selection Version: Create Variant

MCMS   SAPMMCSV       Selection Version: Change Variant

MCMT   SAPMMCSV       Selection Version: Display Variant

MCMV   SAPMMCSV       Selection version: Schedule job

MCMX   SAPMMCSV       RIS: Change Selection Version

MCMY   SAPMMCSV       RIS: Display Selection Version

MCMZ   SAPMMCSV       RIS: Selection Version: Schedule Jo

MCM0   SAPMMCSV       INVCO: Change selection version

MCM1   SAPMMCSV       SIS: Create selection version

MCM10  SAPMMCSV       TIS: Create selection version

MCM11  SAPMMCSV       TIS: Change selection version

MCM12  SAPMMCSV       TIS: Display selection version

MCM13  SAPMMCSV       TIS: Selection Version: Schedule Jo

MCM2   SAPMMCSV       SIS: Change selection version

MCM3   SAPMMCSV       SIS: Display selection version

MCM4   SAPMMCSV       SIS: Selec. version: Schedule job

MCM5   SAPMMCSV       PURCHIS: Create selection version

MCM6   SAPMMCSV       PURCHIS: Change selection version

MCM7   SAPMMCSV       PURCHIS: Display selection version

MCM8   SAPMMCSV       PURCHIS: SelectVers: Schedule job

MCM9   SAPMMCSV       INVCO: Create selection version

MCNB   RMCBINIT_BW    BW: Initialize Stock Balances

MCNR   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: MCLIS

MCOA   RMCQ1100       QMIS: Cust. analysis; Lot overview

MCOB   RMCQ2400       QMIS: General Results for Customer

MCOC   RMCQ1100       QMIS: Cust. Analysis Quant. Overvie

MCOD   RMCQ2500       QMIS: Quantitative Results for Cust

MCOE   RMCQ1100       QMIS: Customer Analysis Q Score

MCOG   RMCQ1100       QMIS: Customer Analysis Lot Counter

MCOI   RMCQ1100       QMIS: Customer Analysis Quantities

MCOK   RMCQ1100       QMIS: Customer Analysis Expense

MCOM   RMCQ1100       QMIS: Customer Analysis Level/Disp.

MCOO   RMCQ1100       QMIS: Customer analysis – insp. lot

MCOP   RMCQ0800       QMIS: Cust. Analysis Item Q Not.

MCOV   RMCQ0500       QMIS: Cust. Anal. Overview Q Not.

MCOX   RMCQ1200       QMIS: Customer Analysis Defects

MCO1   CALLSTAOTB     RIS: OTB – Selection

MCO2   RMCACOP8       OTB: Copy Planning Type

MCO4   CALLOTB        Create OTB Planning

MCO5   CALLOTB        Change OTB Planning

MCO6   CALLOTB        Display OTB Planning

MCO7   CALLOTB        Create OTB Planning

MCO8   CALLOTB        Change OTB Planning

MCO9   CALLOTB        Display OTB Planning

MCPB   RMCF0200       Operation analysis: Dates

MCPD   RMCF0100       Production order analysis: Dates

MCPF   RMCF0300       Material analysis: Dates

MCPH   RMCF0400       Work center analysis: Dates

MCPI   MENUMCPI       Menu: Production Info System

MCPK   RMCF0200       Operation analysis: Quantities

MCPM   RMCF0100       Production order anal.: Quantities

MCPO   RMCF0300       Material analysis: Quantities

MCPQ   RMCF0400       Work center analysis: Quantities

MCPS   RMCF0200       Operation analysis: Lead time

MCPU   RMCF0100       Production Order Analysis: Lead Tim

MCPW   RMCF0300       Material analysis: Lead time

MCPY   RMCF0400       Work center analysis: Lead time

MCP0   MENUMCP0       Shop Floor Information System

MCP1   RMCF0200       SFIS: Operation Analysis Selection

MCP3   RMCF0100       SFIS: Material Analysis Selection

MCP5   RMCF0300       SFIS: Material Analysis Selection

MCP6   RMCFSERI       Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfg

MCP7   RMCF0400       SFIS: Work Center Analysis Selectio

MCP8   RMCF2500       Goods rcpt analysis: repetitive mfg

MCP9   RMCF0500       SFIS: Select Run Schedule

MCQ.   RMCFPK00       SFIS: Kanban analysis selection

MCQA   SAPMMCS4       Call Up QM Standard Analyses

MCR:   SAPMMCSC       Std Analyses: User Settings; CALL

MCRB   RMCSGENA       LIS: Generate Evaluations

MCRC   RMCS802T       Charact. Texts for Eval. Structures

MCRE   RMCF0600       Material Usage Analysis: Selection

MCRG   RMCFCUST       Change Settings: PPIS

MCRH   RMCFCUST       Display Settings: PPIS

MCRI   RMCF0700       Product Cost Analysis: Selection

MCRJ   RMCF2700       Prod. Cost Analysis: Repetitive Mfg

MCRK   RMCFSERI       Prod. Cost Analysis: Repetitive Mfg

MCRM   RMCF0800       Reporting Point Stats.: Selection

MCRO   RMCF2600       Matl consumptn anal.: repetitive mf

MCRP   RMCFSERI       Matl consumptn anal.: repetitive mf

MCRQ   SAPMMCS4       Call Standard Analyses: PP-IS

MCRU   RMCF0200       PP-PI: Operation Analysis Selection

MCRV   RMCF0100       PP-PI: Process Order Analysis

MCRW   RMCF0400       PP-PI: Resources Selection

MCRX   RMCF0600       PP-PI: Material Usage Analysis

MCRY   RMCF0700       PP-PI: Product Cost Analysis

MCR1   SAPMMCS2       SFIS: Create Evaluation

MCR2   SAPMMCS2       SFIS: Change Evaluation

MCR3   SAPMMCS2       SFIS: Display Evaluation

MCR4   SAPMMCS2       SFIS: Execute Evaluation

MCR7   SAPMMCS7       SFIS: Create Evaluation Structure

MCR8   SAPMMCS7       SFIS: Change Evaluation Structure

MCR9   SAPMMCS7       SFIS: Display Evaluation Structure

MCS/   RMCSISGN       Mass Generation: Info Struct./Updat

MCSA   SAPMMCS2       SIS: Create Evaluation

MCSB   SAPMMCS2       SIS: Change Evaluation

MCSC   SAPMMCS2       SIS: Display Evaluation

MCSG   SAPMMCS2       SIS: Execute Evaluation

MCSH   SAPMMCS4       Call Std. Analyses of Customer Appl

MCSI   SAPMMCS4       Call Standard Analyses of Sales

MCSJ   SAPMMCS4       Call Standard Analyses of Purchasin

MCSK   SAPMMCS4       Call Standard Analyses of Stocks

MCSL   SAPMMCS4       Call Shop Floor Standard Analyses

MCSM1  SAPMMCS2       TIS: Create evaluation

MCSM2  SAPMMCS2       TIS: Change evaluation

MCSM3  SAPMMCS2       TIS: Display evaluation

MCSM4  SAPMMCS2       TIS: Execute evaluation

MCSM5  SAPMMCS7       TIS: Create evaluation structure

MCSM6  SAPMMCS7       TIS: Change evaluation structure

MCSM7  SAPMMCS7       TIS: Display evaluation structure

MCSR   SAPMMCS4       Standard Analyses External Data

MCSS   SAPMMCS3       Display Log: Gen. Info Structure

MCST   SAPMMCS3       Display Log: Gen. Updating

MCSX   SAPMMCS4       Archive Statistical Data

MCSY   RMCSCORS       Reset Time Stamp: LIS Generation

MCSZ   SAPMMCS4       Convert LIS Statistical Data

MCS1   SAPMMCS4       Standard Analyses; General Logistic

MCS7   SAPMMCS7       SIS: Create Evaluation Structure

MCS8   SAPMMCS7       SIS: Change Evaluation Structure

MCS9   SAPMMCS7       SIS: Display Evalaution Structure

MCTA   RMCV0100       SIS: Customer Analysis – Selection

MCTC   RMCV0200       SIS: Material Analysis – Selection

MCTE   RMCV0300       SIS: Sales Org. Analysis – Selectio

MCTG   RMCV0600       SIS: Sales Office Analysis Selectio

MCTI   RMCV0500       SIS: Sales Empl. Analysis Selection

MCTK   RMCV0400       SIS: Shipping Pt. Analysis Selectio

MCTV01 RMCV0800       SIS: Sales Activity – Selection

MCTV02 RMCV0900       SIS: Sales Promotions – Selection

MCTV03 RMCV1000       SIS: Address List – Selection

MCTV04 RMCV1100       SIS: Address Counter – Selection

MCTV05 RMCV1200       SIS: Customer Potential Analysis

MCT0   MENUMCT0       Initial SIS Screen

MCT1   MENUMCT1       Standard SDIS Analyses

MCT2   MENUMCT2       Initial SIS Screen

MCUA   RMCT0100       TIS: Shpt analysis

MCUB   RMCT0200       TIS: Shipment Analysis: Routes

MCUC   RMCT0300       TIS: ShipmentAnaly: MeansOfTranspor

MCUD   RMCT0400       TIS: Shipment Analysis: Shipping

MCUE   RMCT0500       TIS: Shipment Analysis: Stages

MCUF   RMCT0600       TIS: Shipment Analysis: Material

MCU0   MENUMCU0       Transportation Info System (TIS)

MCU1   RMCSUNIT       Create LIS Unit

MCU2   RMCSUDEL       Delete LIS Unit

MCU3   SAPMMCS4       Call Standard Analyses: Transportat

MCVA   RMCQ0100       QMIS: Vendor Analysis Lot Overview

MCVB   RMCQ2200       QMIS: General Results for Vendor

MCVC   RMCQ0100       QMIS: Vendor Analysis – Qty Overvie

MCVD   RMCQ2300       QMIS: Quant. Results for Vendor

MCVE   RMCQ0100       QMIS: Vendor Analysis Quality Score

MCVG   RMCQ0100       QMIS: Vendor Analysis – Lot Numbers

MCVI   RMCQ0100       QMIS: Vendor Analysis – Quantities

MCVK   RMCQ0100       QMIS: Vendor Analysis – Effort

MCVM   RMCQ0100       QMIS: Vendor Analyis – Level & Disp

MCVO   RMCQ0100       Vendor Analysis – Lots Overview

MCVP   RMCQ0700       QMIS: vendor analysis items Q notif

MCVQ   MENUMCVQ       Quality Management Info System QMIS

MCVR   SAPMMCS3       SIS: update diagnosis – order

MCVS   SAPMMCS3       TIS: Update Diagnosis: Transportatn

MCVT   SAPMMCS3       SIS: update diagnosis – delivery

MCVV   SAPMMCS3       SIS: update diagnosis – billing doc

MCVVK  SAPMMCS3       SIS: Updating – Sales Activities

MCVW   SAPMMCS3       INVCO: Update Diagnosis MatDoc

MCVX   RMCQ1000       QMIS: Vendor analysis defects

MCVY   SAPMMCS3       INVCO: Update Diagnosis AcctngDoc

MCVZ   RMCQ0400       QMIS: Ven. Analysis- Q Not. Overvie

MCV0   MENUMCV0       Purchasing Information System

MCV1   RMCQ0100       QMIS: Vendor analysis – insp. lot

MCV3   RMCQ0200       QMIS: Material analysis – insp. lot

MCV5   /1SDBF12L/RV14ACall Up Price List w.Stepped Displa

MCV6   /1SDBF12L/RV14ACall Up Indiv. Customer Prices List

MCV7   /1SDBF12L/RV14ACall Up List of Price Groups

MCV8   /1SDBF12L/RV14ACall Up Material/MatPrcGroup List

MCV9   RVAUFERR       Call Up List of Incomplete Document


MCWIS  SAPMMCS3       FK Simulation Inventory Document

MCWRP  SAPMMCS3       FK Simulation Invoice Document

MCW1   RMCE5000       PURCHIS: Evaluate Payment Header

MCW2   RMCE5100       PURCHIS: Evaluate Payment Item

MCW3   RMCE5200       PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD Header

MCW4   RMCE5300       PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD Item

MCW5   SAPLMCW1_WLF   Payment: Simulate Updating

MCW6   RMCENEUB       LIS Setup for Agency Documents

MCXA   RMCQ0200       QMIS: Material Analysis-Lot Overvie

MCXB   RMCQ2000       QMIS: General Results for Material

MCXC   RMCQ0200       QMIS: Matl Analysis – Qty Overview

MCXD   RMCQ2100       QMIS: Quant. Results for Material

MCXE   RMCQ0200       QMIS: Matl Analysis – Quality Score

MCXG   RMCQ0200       QMIS: Matl Analysis – Lot Numbers

MCXI   RMCQ0200       QMIS: Material Analysis – Quantitie

MCXK   RMCQ0200       QMIS: Material Analysis – Effort

MCXM   RMCQ0200       QMIS: Matl Analysis – Level & Disp.

MCXP   RMCQ0600       QMIS: Matl. Analysis – Q Notif. Ite

MCXV   RMCQ0300       QMIS: mat. analysis overview Q not.

MCXX   RMCQ0900       QMIS: Material analysis defects

MCX1   SAPMMCS2       QMIS: Create Evaluation

MCX2   SAPMMCS2       QMIS: Change Evaluation

MCX3   SAPMMCS2       QMIS: Display Evaluation

MCX4   SAPMMCS2       QMIS: Execute Evaluation

MCX7   SAPMMCS7       QIS: Create Evaluation Structure

MCX8   SAPMMCS7       QIS: Change Evaluation Structure

MCX9   SAPMMCS7       QIS: display evaluation structure

MCYA   SAPMMCY1       Delete Jobs: Exceptions

MCYB   SAPMMCY1       Plan Jobs: Exceptions

MCYG   SAPMMCY1       Exception Analysis INVCO

MCYH   SAPMMCY1       Exception Analysis: PURCHIS

MCYI   SAPMMCY1       Exception Analysis: SIS

MCYJ   SAPMMCY1       Exception Analysis: PP-IS

MCYK   SAPMMCY1       Exception Analysis: PM-IS

MCYL   SAPMMCY1       Exception Analysis: QM-IS

MCYM   SAPMMCY1       Exception Analysis: Retail IS

MCYN   SAPMMCY1       Exception Analysis: LIS-General

MCYO   SAPMMCY1       Exception analysis: TIS

MCYO0  SAPMMCY1       Schedule Jobs: Exceptions: TIS

MCYO1  SAPMMCY1       Create Exception: EWS/TIS

MCYO2  SAPMMCY1       Maintain Exception: EWS/TIS

MCYO3  SAPMMCY1       Display Exception: EWS/TIS

MCYO4  SAPMMCY1       Create Exception Group: TIS

MCYO5  SAPMMCY1       Change Exception Group: TIS

MCYO6  SAPMMCY1       Display Exception: TIS

MCYO7  SAPMMCY1       Create Job for Exception: TIS

MCYO8  SAPMMCY1       Change Jobs: Exceptions: TIS

MCYO9  SAPMMCY1       Display jobs: Exceptions SIS

MCYY   SAPMMCY1       WFIS: Exception Analysis

MCY1   SAPMMCY1       Create Exception EWS/LIS

MCY2   SAPMMCY1       Maintain Exception EWS/LIS

MCY3   SAPMMCY1       Display Exception (EWS/LIS)

MCY4   SAPMMCY1       Create Group Exception

MCY5   SAPMMCY1       Change Group Exception

MCY6   SAPMMCY1       Display Exception

MCY7   SAPMMCY1       Create Job For Exception

MCY8   SAPMMCY1       Change Jobs: Exceptions

MCY9   SAPMMCY1       Display Jobs: Exceptions

MCZ1   SAPMMCSE       Create LIS Inbound Interface

MCZ2   SAPMMCSE       Change LIS Inbound Interface

MCZ3   SAPMMCSE       Display LIS Inbound Interface

MC0A   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: Key Figs.

MC0C   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: Info Sets

MC00   MENUMC00       Logistics Information System (LIS)

MC01   SAPMMCL1       Key Figure Retrieval Via Info Sets

MC02   SAPMMCL1       Key Fig.Retrieval Using Text String

MC03   SAPMMCL1       Key Fig Retrieval via Classificatio

MC04   SAPMMCL1       Create Info Set

MC05   SAPMMCL1       Change Info Set

MC06   SAPMMCL1       Display Info Set

MC07   SAPMMCL1       Create Key Figure

MC08   SAPMMCL1       Change Key Figure

MC09   SAPMMCL1       Create Field Catalog

MC1/   SAPMMCS1       External Data: Maintain Formulas

MC1A   SAPMMCS1       Maintain Formulas/Requirements

MC1AT  SAPMMCS1       Maintain Formulas/Requirements

MC1B   SAPMMCS1       SIS: Maintain Requirements

MC1BT  SAPMMCS1       TIS: Maintain requirements

MC1D   SAPMMCS1       SIS: Maintain Formulas

MC1DT  SAPMMCS1       TIS: Maintain formulas

MC1F   SAPMMCS1       PURCHIS: Maintain Requirements

MC1H   SAPMMCS1       PURCHIS: Maintain Formulas

MC1J   SAPMMCS1       SFIS: Maintain Requirements

MC1L   SAPMMCS1       SFIS: Maintain Formulas

MC1N   SAPMMCS1       INVCO: Maintain Requirements

MC1P   SAPMMCS1       INVCO: Maintain Formulas

MC1Q   SAPMMCS1       INVCO: Display Formulas

MC1R   SAPMMCS1       Display Formulas/Requirements

MC1S   SAPMMCS1       QMIS: Maintain Requirements

MC1T   SAPMMCS1       QMIS: Display Requirements

MC1U   SAPMMCS1       QMIS: Maintain Formulas

MC1V   SAPMMCS1       QMIS: Display Formulas

MC1W   SAPMMCS1       PMIS: Maintain Requirements

MC1X   SAPMMCS1       PMIS: Display Requirements

MC1Y   SAPMMCS1       PMIS: Maintain Formulas

MC1Z   SAPMMCS1       PMIS: Display Formulas

MC10   SAPMMCS2       Perform Analysis

MC11   SAPMMCS2       Create Evaluation

MC12   SAPMMCS2       Change Evaluation

MC13   SAPMMCS2       Display Evaluation

MC14   SAPMMCS1       TIS: Maintain requirements

MC15   SAPMMCS1       TIS: Maintain formulas

MC16   RMCSAUSW       LIS: Delete Evaluation Structure

MC18   SAPMMCS3       Create Field Catalog

MC19   SAPMMCS3       Change Field Catalog

MC20   SAPMMCS3       Display Field Catalog

MC21   SAPMMCS3       Create Info Structure

MC22   SAPMMCS3       Change Info Structure

MC23   SAPMMCS3       Display Info Structure

MC24   SAPMMCS1       Create Update

MC25   SAPMMCS1       Change Update

MC26   SAPMMCS1       Display Update

MC27   SAPMMCS7       Create Evaluation Structure

MC28   SAPMMCS7       Change Evaluation Structure

MC29   SAPMMCS7       Display Evaluation Structure

MC3V   RMCSV3VB       U3 update

MC30   RMCSSH02       Update Log

MC35   SAPMMCP6       Create Rough-Cut Planning Profile

MC36   SAPMMCP6       Change Rough-Cut Planning Profile

MC37   SAPMMCP6       Display Rough-Cut Planning Profile

MC38   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: MC_ERKO

MC40   RMCBAB20       INVCO: ABC Analysis of Usage Values

MC41   RMCBAB25       INVCO: ABC Analysis of Reqmt Values

MC42   RMCBRW30       INVCO: Range of Coverage by Usg.Val

MC43   RMCBRW40       INVCO: Range Of Coverage By Reqmts

MC44   RMCBUH30       INVCO:Analysis of Inventory Turnove

MC45   RMCBVW30       INVCO: Analysis of Usage Values

MC46   RMCBLH30       INVCO: Analysis of Slow-Moving Item

MC47   RMCBBE30       INVCO: Analysis of Reqmt Values

MC48   RMCBBW30       INVCO: Anal. of Current Stock Value

MC49   RMCBBW40       INVCO: Mean Stock Values

MC50   RMCBBS30       INVCO: Analysis of Dead Stock

MC59   SAPMMCP3       Revise Planning Hierarchy

MC6A   MENUMC6A       Sales and Operations Planning

MC6B   MENUMC6B       Sales and Operations Planning

MC61   SAPMMCP3       Create Planning Hierarchy

MC62   SAPMMCP3       Change Planning Hierarchy

MC63   SAPMMCP3       Display Planning Hierarchy

MC64   SAPMMCP6       Create Event

MC65   SAPMMCP6       Change Event

MC66   SAPMMCP6       Display Event

MC67   SAPMMCP3 screen: genl.plg.hier

MC7E   SAPLMCP2       ALE Configuration for Info Structur

MC71   RMCP2L01       Evaluation: Product Group Hierarchy

MC72   RMCP2L04       Evaluation: Product Group Usage

MC73   RMCP2L05       Evaluation: Material Usage; Prod.Gr

MC74   SAPMMCP6       Transfer Mat. to Demand Management

MC75   SAPMMCP6       Transfer PG to Demand Management

MC78   SAPMMCP6       Copy SOP Version

MC79   SAPL0MP0       User Settings for SOP

MC8A   SAPMMCP6       Create Planning Type

MC8B   SAPMMCP6       Change Planning Type

MC8C   SAPMMCP6       Display Planning Type

MC8D   RMCP6BCH       Mass Processing: Create Planning

MC8E   RMCP6BCH       Mass Processing: Change Planning

MC8F   RMCP6BCH       Delete Entry in Planning File

MC8G   RMCP6BRU       Schedule Mass Processing

MC8H   SAPMMCP6       Maintain User Methods

MC8I   RMCP6TST       Mass Processing: Check Planning

MC8J   RMCP6JOB       Reprocess Mass Processing

MC8K   RMCP6BRV       Copy/Delete Planning Versions

MC8M   RMCP6BAB       Read Opening Stocks

MC8N   RMCP6PRL       Delete forecast versions

MC8O   RMCSCORS       Reset Generation Time Stamp

MC8P   RMCPSOPP       Standard SOP: Generate Master Data

MC8Q   RMCP6ACO       Aggregate Copy

MC8R   RMCP6RES       RESET: Status for Planning Objects

MC8U   SAPMMCP6       Calculate Proportional Factors

MC8V   SAPMMCP6       LIS Planning: Copy Versions

MC8W   SAPMMCP6       LIS Planning: Delete Versions

MC8X   RMCP0100       SOP: Distribution Scenario – Select

MC8Y   RMCP0105       SOP: Distribution Scenario – Displa

MC8Z   SAPLMCP2       SOP => Key Figure Assignments

MC80   SAPMMCP6       Delete and activate versions

MC84   SAPMMCP3       Create Product Group

MC85   SAPMMCP3       Display Product Group

MC86   SAPMMCP3       Change Product Groups

MC9A   RMCP6FLS       Flexible Planning: Gen. Master Data

MC9B   RMCP6PAP       Calc. Proportions as in Pl.Hierarch

MC9C   SAPMMCP6       Reports for Flexible Planning

MC9E   RMCP3INS       Info Structure: Add to General Char

MC9F   RMCP3DEL       Info Structure: Delete All Charact.

MC9K   SAPMMCP6       Maintain Available Capacity

MC90   SAPMMCP6 Dm.Mgmt.: Mat.from any IS

MC91   SAPMMCP3       Initial Graphic: Product Groups

MC92   SAPMMCP3       Initial: Product Groups; Hierarchie

MC93   SAPMMCP6       Create Flexible LIS Planning

MC94   SAPMMCP6       Change Flexible LIS Planning

MC95   SAPMMCP6       Display Flexible LIS Planning

MC97   SAPMSNUM       Number Range Maintenance: MC_SAUF

MC98   SAPMMCP3       Maintain Planning Objects

MC99   SAPMMCP3       Display Planning Objects

MDAB   RMMDBTCH       Planning File – Set Up BATCH

MDAC   SAPMM61P       Execute Action for Planned Order

MDBA   MDBAPI01       BAPI planned order processing

MDBS   RMMDBTCH       MPS – total planning run

MDBT   RMMDBTCH       MRP Run In Batch

MDC7   SAPMM61R       Start MD07 by using report

MDLD   RMDLDR00       Print MRP List


MDL1   SAPLMD07       Create Production Lot

MDL2   SAPLMD07       Change Production Lot

MDL3   SAPLMD07       Display Production Lot

MDM1   RMDMAIL1       Mail To Vendor

MDM2   RMDMAIL2       Mail to Vendor

MDM3   RMDMAIL3       Mail to Customer

MDM4   RMDMAIL4       Mail to MRP Controller

MDM5   RMDMAIL5       Workflow: Mail to MRP Controller

MDPH   SAPMM60X       Planning Profile

MDPP   MENUMDPP       Demand Management

MDPV   SAPLM60K       Planning variant: Initial screen

MDP0   MENUMDP0       Independent Requirements

MDP1   SAPLCUTU       Create combination structure

MDP2   SAPLCUTU       Change combination structure

MDP3   SAPLCUTU       Display combination structure

MDP4   SAPLCUD2       Maintain combinations

MDP6   SAPLM60K       Modeling

MDRE   RMMDBTCH       Checking Plnng File In BCKGRND Mode

MDRP   MENUMDRP       Distribution Resource Planning

MDSA   SAPMM61S       Display Serial Numbers

MDSP   SAPMM61S       Change BOM Explosion Numbers

MDUM   RMMDBTCH       Convert Planned Orders into PReqs

MDUP   SAPMM61U       Maintain Project New Key Assignment

MDUS   SAPMM61U       Assign New Key to WBS Elements

MDVP   RLD05000       Collective Availability Check PAUF

MDW1   SAPMM61K       Access MRP control program

MD00   MENUMD00       MRP : external procurement

MD01   SAPMM61X       MRP Run

MD02   SAPMM61X       MRP – Single-item; Multi-level –

MD03   SAPMM61X       MRP-Individual Planning-Single Leve

MD04   SAPMM61R       Display Stock/Requirements Situatio

MD05   SAPMM61R       Individual Display Of MRP List

MD06   SAPMM61R       Collective Display Of MRP List

MD07   SAPMM61R       Current Material Overview

MD08   RMMDKP01       Reorg. MRP Lists

MD09   SAPMM61O       Pegging

MD11   SAPMM61P       Create Planned Order

MD12   SAPMM61P       Change Planned Order

MD13   SAPMM61P       Display Planned Order

MD14   SAPMM61P       Individual Conversion of Plnned Ord

MD15   SAPMM61P       Collective Conversion Of Plnd Ordrs

MD16   SAPMM61P       Collective Display of Planned Order

MD17   SAPLM61Q       Collective Requirements Display

MD19   SAPMM61P       Firm Planned Orders

MD20   SAPMM61R       Create Planning File Entry

MD21   RMDPFE00       Display Planning File Entry

MD25   SAPMM61I       Create Planning Calendar

MD26   SAPMM61I       Change Planning Calendar

MD27   SAPMM61I       Display Planning Calendar

MD4C   SAPMM61O       Multilevel Order Report

MD40   SAPMM61X       MPS

MD41   SAPMM61X       MPS – Single-item; Multi-level –

MD42   SAPMM61X       MPS – Single-item; Single-level –

MD43   SAPMM61X       MPS – Single-item; Interactive –

MD44   SAPMM61M       MPS Evaluation

MD45   SAPMM61M       MRP List Evaluation

MD46   SAPMM61M       Eval. MRP lists of MRP controller

MD47   SAPMM61M       Product Group Planning Evaluation

MD48   SAPMM61M       Cross-Plant Evaluation

MD50   SAPMM61X       Sales order planning

MD51   SAPMM61X       Individual project planning

MD61   SAPMM60X       Create Planned Indep. Requirements

MD62   SAPMM60X       Change Planned Indep. Requirements

MD63   SAPMM60X       Display Planned Indep. Requirements

MD64   SAPMM60X       Create Planned Indep.Requirements

MD65   SAPMM60X       Change Standard Indep.Requirements

MD66   SAPMM60X       Display Standard Indep.Requirements

MD67   RM60ROLL       Staggered Split

MD70   RM60FORC       Copy Total Forecast

MD71   RM60COPY       “Copy Reference Changes”

MD72   RM60COMB       Evaluation; Charac.Plnng Techniques

MD73   SAPMM60X       Display Total Indep. Requirements

MD74   RM60RR20       Reorganization: Adapt Indep.Reqmts

MD75   RM60RR30       Reorganization: Delete Indep.Reqmts

MD76   RM60RR40       Reorg: Delete Indep.Reqmts History

MD79   SAPMM60M       “PP Demand Mngmt – XXL List Viewer”

MD81   SAPMV45A       Create Customer Indep. Requirements

MD82   SAPMV45A       Change customer indep. requirement

MD83   SAPMV45A       Display Customer Indep. Requirement

MD85   SAPMV75A       List Customer Indep. Requirements

MD90   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range for MRP

MD91   SAPMSNUM       Maintain No. Range for Planned Orde

MD92   SAPMSNUM       Maint.No.Range for Reserv/Dep.Reqmt

MD93   SAPMSNUM       Maintain Number Range: MDSM

MD94   SAPMSNUM       Number range maint.: Total reqs

MEBA   RWMBON08       Comp. Suppl. BV; Vendor Rebate Arr.

MEBB   RWMBON10       Check Open Docs.; Vendor Reb. Arrs.

MEBC   RWMBON20       Check Customizing: Subsequent Sett.

MEBE   RWMBON11       Workflow Sett. re Vendor Reb. Arrs.

MEBF   RWMBONF0       Updating of External Busn. Volumes

MEBG   RWMBONE1       Chg. Curr. (Euro); Vend. Reb. Arrs.

MEBH   RWMBONE2       Generate Work Items (Man. Extension

MEBI   RWBNAAWN       Message; Subs.Settlem. – Settlem.Ru

MEBJ   RWMBON07       Recompile Income; Vendor Reb. Arrs.

MEBK   RWBNAAWS       Message.; Subs. Settlem.- Arrangmen

MEBM   RWMBON14       List of settlement runs for arrngmt

MEBR   RV130007       Archive Rebate Arrangements

MEBS   RWMBON13       Stmnt. Sett. Docs.; Vend. Reb. Arrs

MEBT   RWMBONF1       Test Data: External Business Volume

MEBV   SAPMV13A       Extend Rebate Arrangements (Dialog)

MEB0   RWMBON15       Reversal of Settlement Runs

MEB1   SAPMV13A       Create Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.

MEB2   SAPMV13A       Change Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.

MEB3   SAPMV13A       Displ. Reb. Arrangs. (Subseq. Sett.

MEB4   RWMBON01       Settlement re Vendor Rebate Arrs.

MEB5   RWMBON02       List of Vendor Rebate Arrangements

MEB6   RWMBON03       Busn. Vol. Data; Vendor Rebate Arrs

MEB7   RWMBON05       Extend Vendor Rebate Arrangements

MEB8   RWMBON04       Det. Statement; Vendor Rebate Arrs.

MEB9   RWMBON06       Stat. Statement; Vendor Rebate Arrs

MEDL   RM11KS00       Price Change: Contract

MEIA   RMEBEIK3       New Structure Doc.Ind. Cust. Sett.

MEIS   RMIMST00       Data Selection: Arrivals

MEI1   RMEBEIN1       Automatic Purchasing Document Chang

MEI2   RMEBEIN2       Automatic Document Change

MEI3   RMEBEIN3       Recompilation of Document Index

MEI4   RMEBEIN4       Compile Worklist for Document Index

MEI5   RMEBEIN5       Delete Worklist for Document Index

MEI6   RMEBEIN6       Delete purchasing document index

MEI7   RMEBEIN7       Change sales prices in purch. order

MEI8   RMEBEIZ3       Recomp. doc. index settlement req.

MEI9   RMEBEIL3       Recomp. doc. index vendor bill. doc

MEKA   RM06K000       Conditions: General Overview

MEKB   RM06K020       Conditions by Contract

MEKC   RM06K021       Conditions by Info Record

MEKD   RM06K022       Conditions for Material Group

MEKE   RM06K023       Conditions for Vendor

MEKF   RM06K024       Conditions for Material Type

MEKG   RM06K025       Conditions for Condition Group

MEKH   RM06K026       Market Price

MEKI   RM06K027       Conditions for Incoterms

MEKJ   RM06K028       Conditions for Invoicing Party

MEKK   RM06K029       Conditions for Vendor Sub-Range

MEKL   RM06K052       Price Change: Scheduling Agreements

MEKLE  RM06K082       Currency Change: Sched. Agreements

MEKP   RM06K050       Price Change: Info Records

MEKPE  RM06K080       Currency Change: Info Records

MEKR   RM06K051       Price Change: Contracts

MEKRE  RM06K081       Currency Change: Contracts

MEKX   SAPMSM29       Transport Condition Types Purchasin

MEKY   SAPMSM29       Trnsp. Calc. Schema: Mkt. Pr. (Pur.

MEKZ   SAPMSM29       Trnsp. Calculation Schemas (Purch.)

MEK1   SAPMV13A       Create Conditions (Purchasing)

MEK2   SAPMV13A       Change Conditions (Purchasing)

MEK3   SAPMV13A       Display Conditions (Purchasing)

MEK31  SAPMV13A       Condition Maintenance: Change

MEK32  SAPMV13A       Condition Maintenance: Change

MEK33  SAPMV13A       Condition Maintenance: Change

MEK4   SAPMV13A       Create Conditions (Purchasing)

MELB   RM06XB00       Purch. Transactions by Tracking No.

MEL0   MENUMEL0       Service Entry Sheet

MEPA   RMEEINJ1       Order Price Simulation/Price Info

MEPB   RMEEINJ2       Price Info/Vendor Negotiations

MEPO   RM_MEPO_GUI    Purchase Order

MEQB   RMMEBTCH       Revise Quota Arrangement

MEQM   RM06Q001       Quota Arrangement for Material

MEQ1   SAPDM06Q       Maintain Quota Arrangement

MEQ3   SAPDM06Q       Display Quota Arrangement

MEQ4   RM06QCD1       Changes to Quota Arrangement

MEQ6   RM06Q004       Analyze Quota Arrangement

MEQ7   RM06QRE0       Reorganize Quota Arrangement

MEQ8   RM06Q006       Monitor Quota Arrangements

MERA   RWMBON38       Comp. Suppl. BV; Cust. Rebate Arrs.

MERB   RWMBON40       Check re Open Docs. Cust. Reb. Arr.

MERE   RWMBON41       Workflow: Sett. Cust. Rebate Arrs.

MERF   RWMBONF2       Updating of External Busn. Volumes

MERG   RWMBONE3       Change Curr. (Euro) Cust. Reb. Arrs

MERH   RWMBONE4       Generate Work Items (Man. Extension

MERJ   RWMBON37       Recomp. of Income; Cust. Reb. Arrs.

MERS   RWMBON43       Stmnt. Sett. Docs. Cust. Reb. Arrs.

MER4   RWMBON31       Settlement re Customer Rebate Arrs.

MER5   RWMBON32       List of Customer Rebate Arrangement

MER6   RWMBON33       Busn. Vols.; Cust. Reb. Arrangement

MER7   RWMBON35       Extension of Cust. Reb. Arrangement

MER8   RWMBON34       Det. Statement: Cust. Rebate Arrs.

MER9   RWMBON36       Statement: Customer Reb. Arr. Stats

MEU2   SAPLWN50       Perform Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate

MEU3   SAPLWN50       Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate

MEU4   SAPMNB01       Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate

MEU5   SAPMNB01       Display Busn. Volume Comp.: Rebate

MEWP   SAPMMEWP       Web based PO

MEWS   SAPLMEW5       Service Entry (Component)

MEW0   SAPMMWE0       Procurement Transaction

MEW1   SAPMMWE1       Create Requirement Request

MEW10  SAPLMEW5       Service Entry in Web

MEW2   SAPMMWE1       Status Display: Requirement Request

MEW3   SAPMMWE2       Collective Release of Purchase Reqs

MEW5   SAPMMWE3       Collective Release of Purchase Orde

MEW6   SAPMMWE6       Assign Purchase Orders WEB

MEW7   SAPLMEW4       Release of Service Entry Sheets

MEW8   SAPLMEW4       Release of Service Entry Sheet

MEW9   SAPMMEW9       mew9

ME0M   RM06W001       Source List for Material


ME01   SAPLMEOR       Maintain Source List

ME03   SAPLMEOR       Display Source List

ME04   RM06WCD1       Changes to Source List

ME05   RM06W003       Generate Source List

ME06   RM06W004       Analyze Source List

ME07   RM06WRE0       Reorganize Source List

ME08   RBDSESRC       Send Source List

ME1A   RM06IR30       Archived Purchasing Info Records

ME1B   RMMEBTCH       Redetermine Info Record Price

ME1E   RM06IAP0       Quotation Price History

ME1L   RM06IL00       Info Records Per Vendor

ME1M   RM06IM00       Info Records per Material

ME1P   RM06IBP0       Purchase Order Price History

ME1W   RM06IW00       Info Records Per Material Group

ME1X   RM06EVBL       Buyer’s Negotiation Sheet for Vendo

ME1Y   RM06EVBM       Buyer’s Negotiat. Sheet for Materia

ME11   SAPMM06I       Create Purchasing Info Record

ME12   SAPMM06I       Change Purchasing Info Record

ME13   SAPMM06I       Display Purchasing Info Record

ME14   RM06ICD1       Changes to Purchasing Info Record

ME15   SAPMM06I       Flag Purch. Info Rec. for Deletion

ME16   RM06ILV0       Purchasing Info Recs. for Deletion

ME18   RBDSEINF       Send Purchasing Info Record

ME2A   RM06ENBE       Monitor Confirmations

ME2B   RM06EB00       POs by Requirement Tracking Number

ME2C   RM06EC00       Purchase Orders by Material Group

ME2J   RM06EKPS       Purchase Orders for Project

ME2K   RM06EK00       Purch. Orders by Account Assignment

ME2L   RM06EL00       Purchase Orders by Vendor

ME2M   RM06EM00       Purchase Orders by Material

ME2N   RM06EN00       Purchase Orders by PO Number

ME2O   RM06ELLB       SC Stock Monitoring (Vendor)

ME2S   RMSRVPO1       Services per Purchase Order

ME2V   RM06EWE0       Goods Receipt Forecast

ME2W   RM06EW00       Purchase Orders for Supplying Plant

ME21   SAPMM06E       Create Purchase Order

ME21N  RM_MEPO_GUI    Create Purchase Order

ME22   SAPMM06E       Change Purchase Order

ME22N  RM_MEPO_GUI    Change Purchase Order

ME23   SAPMM06E       Display Purchase Order

ME23N  RM_MEPO_GUI    Display Purchase Order

ME24   SAPMM06E       Maintain Purchase Order Supplement

ME25   SAPMM06B       Create PO with Source Determination

ME26   SAPMM06E       Display PO Supplement (IR)

ME27   SAPMM06E       Create Stock Transport Order

ME28   RM06EF00       Release Purchase Order

ME29N  RM_MEPO_GUI    Release purchase order

ME3A   RBDSERED       Transm. Release Documentation Recor

ME3B   RM06EB00       Outl. Agreements per Requirement No

ME3C   RM06EC00       Outline Agreements by Material Grou

ME3J   RM06EKPS       Outline Agreements per Project

ME3K   RM06EK00       Outl. Agreements by Acct. Assignmen

ME3L   RM06EL00       Outline Agreements per Vendor

ME3M   RM06EM00       Outline Agreements by Material

ME3N   RM06EN00       Outline Agreements by Agreement No.

ME3P   RMMEBTCH       Recalculate Contract Price

ME3R   RMMEBTCH       Recalculate Sched. Agreement Price

ME3S   RMSRVR20       Service List for Contract

ME308  RBDSECON       Send Contracts with Conditions

ME31   SAPMM06E       Create Outline Agreement

ME31K  SAPMM06E       Create Contract

ME31L  SAPMM06E       Create Scheduling Agreement

ME32   SAPMM06E       Change Outline Agreement

ME32K  SAPMM06E       Change Contract

ME32L  SAPMM06E       Change Scheduling Agreement

ME33   SAPMM06E       Display Outline Agreement

ME33K  SAPMM06E       Display Contract

ME33L  SAPMM06E       Display Scheduling Agreement

ME34   SAPMM06E       Maintain Outl. Agreement Supplement

ME34K  SAPMM06E       Maintain Contract Supplement

ME34L  SAPMM06E       Maintain Sched. Agreement Supplemen

ME35   RM06EF00       Release Outline Agreement

ME35K  RM06EF00       Release Contract

ME35L  RM06EF00       Release Scheduling Agreement

ME36   SAPMM06E       Display Agreement Supplement (IR)

ME37   SAPMM06E       Create Transport Scheduling Agmt.

ME38   SAPMM06E       Maintain Sched. Agreement Schedule

ME39   SAPMM06E       Display Sched. Agmt. Schedule (TEST

ME4B   RM06EB00       RFQs by Requirement Tracking Number

ME4C   RM06EC00       RFQs by Material Group

ME4L   RM06EL00       RFQs by Vendor

ME4M   RM06EM00       RFQs by Material

ME4N   RM06EN00       RFQs by RFQ Number

ME4S   RM06ES00       RFQs by Collective Number

ME41   SAPMM06E       Create Request For Quotation

ME42   SAPMM06E       Change Request For Quotation

ME43   SAPMM06E       Display Request For Quotation

ME44   SAPMM06E       Maintain RFQ Supplement

ME45   RM06EF00       Release RFQ

ME47   SAPMM06E       Create Quotation

ME48   SAPMM06E       Display Quotation

ME49   RM06EPS0       Price Comparison List

ME5A   RM06BA00       Purchase Requisitions: List Display

ME5F   RM06BF00       Release Reminder: Purch. Requisitio

ME5J   RM06BKPS       Purchase Requisitions for Project

ME5K   RM06BK00       Requisitions by Account Assignment

ME5R   RM06BR30       Archived Purchase Requisitions

ME5W   RM06BW00       Resubmission of Purch. Requisitions

ME51   SAPMM06B       Create Purchase Requisition

ME51N  RM_MEREQ_GUI   Create Purchase Requisition

ME52   SAPMM06B       Change Purchase Requisition

ME52N  RM_MEREQ_GUI   Change Purchase Requisition

ME52NB RM_MEREQ_GUI   Buyer Approval: Purchase Requisitio

ME53   SAPMM06B       Display Purchase Requisition

ME53N  RM_MEREQ_GUI   Display Purchase Requisition

ME54   SAPMM06B       Release Purchase Requisition

ME54N  RM_MEREQ_GUI   Release Purchase Requisition

ME55   RM06BF00       Collective Release of Purchase Reqs

ME56   RM06BZ00       Assign Source to Purch. Requisition

ME57   RM06BZ00       Assign and Process Requisitions

ME58   RM06BB00       Ordering: Assigned Requisitions

ME59   RM06BB10       Automatic Generation of POs

ME59N  RM06BB30       Automatic generation of POs

ME6A   RM06LA00       Changes to Vendor Evaluation

ME6B   RM06LB00       Display Vendor Evaln. for Material

ME6C   RM06LC00       Vendors Without Evaluation

ME6D   RM06LD00       Vendors Not Evaluated Since…

ME6E   RM06LE00       Evaluation Records Without Weightin

ME6F   RM06LF00       Print

ME6G   RMMEBTCH       Vendor Evaluation in the Background

ME6H   RMCE0130       Standard Analysis: Vendor Evaluatio

ME6Z   SAPMSM29       Transport Vendor Evaluation Tables

ME60   MMTEST         Screenpainter Test

ME61   SAPMM06L       Maintain Vendor Evaluation

ME62   SAPMM06L       Display Vendor Evaluation

ME63   RM06LAUB       Evaluation of Automatic Subcriteria

ME64   RM06LSIM       Evaluation Comparison

ME65   RM06LBEU       Evaluation Lists

ME80   SAPMM06R       Purchasing Reporting

ME80A  SAPMM06R       Purchasing Reporting: RFQs

ME80AN RM06EAAW       General Analyses (A)

ME80F  SAPMM06R       Purchasing Reporting: POs

ME80FN RM06EAAW       General Analyses (F)

ME80R  SAPMM06R       Purchasing Reporting: Outline Agmts

ME80RN RM06EAAW       General Analyses (L;K)

ME81   RM06ENHI       Analysis of Order Values

ME81N  RM06EBWA       Analysis of Order Values

ME82   RM06ER30       Archived Purchasing Documents

ME84   RM06EFLB       Generation of Sched. Agmt. Releases

ME84A  SAPLEINL       Individual Display of SA Release

ME85   RM06NEUN       Renumber Schedule Lines

ME86   RM06REOR       Aggregate Schedule Lines

ME87   RM06EKBE       Aggregate PO History

ME88   RM06CUMF       Set Agr. Cum. Qty./Reconcil. Date

ME9A   RM06ENDR_ALV   Message Output: RFQs

ME9E   RM06ENDR_ALV   Message Output: Sch. Agmt. Schedule

ME9F   RM06ENDR_ALV   Message Output: Purchase Orders

ME9K   RM06ENDR_ALV   Message Output: Contracts

ME9L   RM06ENDR_ALV   Message Output: Sched. Agreements

ME91   RM06ENMA       Purchasing Docs.: Urging/Reminding

ME91A  RM06ENMA       Urge Submission of Quotations

ME91E  RM06ENMA       Sch. Agmt. Schedules: Urging/Remind

ME91F  RM06ENMA       Purchase Orders: Urging/Reminders

ME92   RM06ENAB       Monitor Order Acknowledgment

ME92F  RM06ENAB       Monitor Order Acknowledgment

ME92K  RM06ENAB       Monitor Order Acknowledgment

ME92L  RM06ENAB       Monitor Order Acknowledgment

ME99   MM70AEFA       Messages from Purchase Orders

MFBF   SAPLBARM       Backflushing In Repetitive Mfg

MFHU   SAPLVHURM      Backflushing In Repetitive Mfg

MFI2   SAPLKAZB       Actual Overhead: Run Schedule Heade

MFN1   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.:  PrCstCol.   Ind.Pro

MFN2   SAPLKAZB       Actual Reval.:  PrCstCol.   Col.Pro

MFPR   RMSERIPR       Process Inspection Lot for Versions

MFS0   SAPMM61R       LFP: Change Master Plan

MF00   MENUMF00       Run Schedules

MF02   SAPMM61G       Change Run Schedule Header

MF03   SAPMM61G       Display Run Schedule Header

MF12   RMSERI12_ALV   Display Document Log (With ALV)

MF20   SAPLBARM       REM Cost Controlling

MF22   RMSERI01       Versions: Overview

MF23   RMSERI05       Linking Versions Graphically

MF26   RMSERI15_ALV   Display Reporting Point Quantity

MF27   RMSERI20       Update Stats for Planned Quantities

MF30   RMSERI40       Create PrelimCostEst – ProdCostColl

MF4R   SAPLBARM       Resetting Reporting Points

MF41   SAPLBARM       Reverse Backflush (With ALV)

MF42   SAPLBARM       Collective Backflush

MF42N  SAPLBARM       New Collective Entry

MF45   SAPLBARM       Reprocessing Components: Rep.Manuf.

MF46   SAPLBARM       Collective Reprocessing; Backflush

MF47   RMSERI11       Open Reprocessing Records / Pr.Line

MF50   SAPMM61R       Planning Table – Change

MF51   RMSERIDR       Print Production Quantities

MF52   SAPMM61R       Planning Table – Display

MF53   RMSERIMA       Maintaining Variants-Production Lis

MF57   SAPMM61R       Planning Table – By MRP Lists


MF63   RMPU_SEL_SCREENStaging Situation

MF65   RMPU_PICK_LIST_Stock Transfer for Reservation

MF68   RMPU_DISPLAY_LOLog for Pull List

MF70   RMSERI70       Aggregate Collective Backflush

MGWA   SAPLMGW3       Change Components for Prepack

MGWB   SAPLMGW3       Change Components for Full Product

MGW0   SAPLMGW3       Create Components for Set Material

MGW1   SAPLMGW3       Display Components for Set Material

MGW2   SAPLMGW3       Create Components for Display Matl

MGW3   SAPLMGW3       Display Components for Display Matl

MGW4   SAPLMGW3       Create Components for Prepack Matl

MGW5   SAPLMGW3       Display Components for Prepack Matl

MGW6   SAPLMGW3       Create Components for Full Product

MGW7   SAPLMGW3       Display Components for Full Product

MGW8   SAPLMGW3       Change Components for Set Material

MGW9   SAPLMGW3       Change Components for Display Matl

MIBC   RMCBIN00       ABC Analysis for Cycle Counting

MICN   RM07ICN1       Btch Inpt:Ph.Inv.Docs.for Cycle Ctn

MIDO   RM07IDOC       Physical Inventory Overview

MIE1   RM07IE31       Batch Input: Phys.Inv.Doc. Sales Or

MIGO   SAPLMIGO       Goods movement

MIGR1  RSIWB090       KW: Conversion of enh./rel. (global

MIGR2  RSIWB096       KW: Conver. of Enh/Rel/Origin (sel.

MIK1   RM07IK31       Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.Vendor Cons

MILES  RSAL_MONITOR_FRInfrastructure Navigator

MIMD   RM07IMDE       Tansfer PDC Physical Inventory Data

MIM1   RM07IM31       Batch Input: Create Ph.Inv.Docs RTP

MIO1   RM07IO31       Batch Input: Ph.Inv.Doc.:Stck w.Sub

MIQ1   RM07IQ31       Batch Input: PhInvDoc. Project Stoc

MIRA   SAPLMR1M       Fast Invoice Entry

MIRCMR VHUMI_RECONCILIMaterial Reconciliation

MIRO   SAPLMR1M       Enter Invoice

MIR4   SAPLMR1M       Call MIRO – Change Status

MIR6   SAPMM08N       Invoice Overview

MIR7   SAPLMR1M       Park Invoice

MIS1   SAPMM07S       Create Inventory Sampling – R/3

MIS2   SAPMM07S       Change Inventory Sampling

MIS3   SAPMM07S       Display Inventory Sampling

MIS4   SAPMM07S       Create Inventory Sampling – R/2

MIS5   SAPMM07S       Create Inventory Sampling – Other

MITT   SAPMMITT       Test Tool Administration

MIV1   RM07IV31       Batch I.:PhInDoc Cust

MIW1   RM07IW31       Batch I.;PhInDoc f. Consigt at Cust

MI00   MENUMI00       Physical Inventory

MI01   SAPMM07I       Create Physical Inventory Document

MI02   SAPMM07I       Change Physical Inventory Document

MI03   SAPMM07I       Display Physical Inventory Document

MI04   SAPMM07I       Enter Inventory Count with Document

MI05   SAPMM07I       Change Inventory Count

MI06   SAPMM07I       Display Inventory Count

MI07   SAPMM07I       Process List of Differences

MI08   SAPMM07I       Create List of Differences with Doc

MI09   SAPMM07I       Enter Inventory Count w/o Document

MI10   SAPMM07I       Create List of Differences w/o Doc.

MI11   SAPMM07I       Recount Physical Inventory Document

MI12   RM07ICDD       Display changes

MI20   RM07IDIF       Print List of Differences

MI21   RM07IDRU       Print physical inventory document

MI22   RM07IMAT       Display Phys. Inv. Docs. f. Materia

MI23   RM07IINV       Disp. Phys. Inv. Data for Material

MI24   RM07IDIF       Physical Inventory List

MI31   RM07II31       Batch Input: Create Phys. Inv. Doc.

MI32   RM07II32       Batch Input: Block Material

MI33   RM07II33       Batch Input: Freeze Book Inv.Balanc

MI34   RM07II34       Batch Input: Enter Count

MI35   RM07II35       Batch Input: Post Zero Stock Balanc

MI37   RM07II37       Batch Input: Post Differences

MI38   RM07II38       Batch Input: Count and Differences

MI39   RM07II39       Batch Input: Document and Count

MI40   RM07II40       Batch Input: Doc.; Count and Diff.

MI9A   RM07IAAU       Analyze archived phy. inv. docs

MKH1   RMLFMH00       Maintain vendor hierarchy

MKH2   RMLFMH00       Display vendor hierarchy

MKH3   RMCHACTK       Activate vendor master (online)

MKH4   RMCHACTB       Activate vendors (batch input)

MKVG   RM06IA00       Settlement and Condition Groups

MKVZ   RMKKVZ00       List of Vendors: Purchasing

MKVZE  RM06KLFM       Currency Change: Vendor Master Rec.

MK01   SAPMF02K       Create vendor (Purchasing)

MK02   SAPMF02K       Change vendor (Purchasing)

MK03   SAPMF02K       Display vendor (Purchasing)

MK04   SAPMF01A       Change Vendor (Purchasing)

MK05   SAPMF02K       Block vendor (Purchasing)

MK06   SAPMF02K       Mark vendor for deletion (purch.)

MK12   SAPMF02K       Change vendor (Purchasing); planned

MK14   SAPMF01A       Planned vendor change (Purchasing)

MK18   SAPMF02K       Activate planned vendor changes (Pu

MK19   SAPMF02K       Display vendor (purchasing); future

MLRP   RMFPLA01       Periodic Invoicing Plans

MLS5   RMSTLV01       Import Standard Service Type

MLS6   RM11STLV       Report for Standard Service Catalog

MLV1   SAPMV13A       Conditions: Services

MLV2   SAPMV13A       Create Total Price (PRS)

MLV5   RM06KSRV       Change Currency (Contracts)

MLV6   SAPMV13A       Create Other

ML01   SAPLMLST       Create Standard Service Catalog

ML02   SAPLMLST       Maintain Standard Service Catalog

ML03   SAPLMLST       Display Standard Service Catalog

ML05   RM11MS00       Purchasing Object for Service

ML10   SAPLMLSM       Create Model Service Specifications

ML11   SAPLMLSM       Change Model Service Specifications

ML12   SAPLMLSM       Display Model Service Specification

ML15   RMSRVR01       List of Model Service Specification

ML20   SAPMV13A       Create Conditions

ML30   SAPMV13A       Create Vendor Conditions

ML31   SAPMV13A       Change Vendor Conditions

ML32   SAPMV13A       Display Vendor Conditions

ML36   SAPMV13A       Create Vendor Conditions

ML37   SAPMV13A       Change Vendor Conditions

ML38   SAPMV13A       Display Vendor Conditions

ML42   SAPMV13A       Create Service Conditions

ML43   SAPMV13A       Change Vendor Conditions

ML44   SAPMV13A       Display Vendor Conditions

ML48   SAPMV13A       Create Conditions

ML49   SAPMV13A       Change Conditions

ML50   SAPMV13A       Display Conditions

ML60CK RM06BCUS       Release Procedure Checks

ML81   RM11RL00       Maintain Service Entry Sheet

ML81N  SAPLMLSR       Service Entry Sheet

ML82   RM11RL00       Display Service Entry Sheet

ML83   RM11RNDR       Message Processing: Service Entry

ML84   RMSRVF11       List of Service Entry Sheets

ML85   RMSRVF00       Collective Release of Entry Sheets

ML86   RM11RL01       Import Service Data

ML87   RM11RL02       Export Service Data

ML92   RM11MS00       Entry Sheets for Service

ML93   RM11MS00       Purchasing Object for Service

ML95   RM11MS00       List Display: Contracts for Service

ML96   RM11MS00       Purchase Requisitions for Service

MMAM   SAPMM03Z       Change Material Type

MMBE   RMMMBEST       Stock Overview

MMB1   SAPMMG01       Create Semifinished Product &

MMDE   RMMMDE00       Delete All Materials

MMD1   SAPMM03D       Create MRP Profile

MMD2   SAPMM03D       Change MRP Profile

MMD3   SAPMM03D       Display MRP Profile

MMD6   SAPMM03D       Delete MRP Profile

MMD7   RMMMDP01       Display MRP Profile Usage

MMF1   SAPMMG01       Create Finished Product &

MMG1   SAPMMG01       Create Returnable Packaging &

MMH1   SAPMMG01       Create Trading Goods &

MMI1   SAPMMG01       Create Operating Supplies &

MMK1   SAPMMG01       Create Configurable Material &

MML1   SAPMMG01       Create Empties &

MMM1   SAPMV13B       Create Message: Material Master

MMNR   SAPMSNUM       Define Material Master Number Range

MMN1   SAPMMG01       Create Non-Stock Material &

MMPI   RMMMINIT       Initialize Period

MMPV   RMMMPERI       Close Periods

MMP1   SAPMMG01       Create Maintenance Assembly &

MMRV   SAPMM03Y       Allow Posting to Previous Period

MMR1   SAPMMG01       Create Raw Material &

MMSC   SAPMM03M       Enter Storage Locations Collectivel

MMS1   SAPMMG01       Create Service &

MMU1   SAPMMG01       Create Non-Valuated Material &

MMVD   SAPMM03M       Change Decentr. for Decentr.Shippin

MMVH   SAPMM03M       Create Centrally: Decentral.Shippin

MMVV   SAPMM03M       Change Centr. for Decentr. Shipping

MMV1   SAPMMG01       Create Packaging &

MMW1   SAPMMG01       Create Competitor Product &

MMZ1   SAPMM03M       Create Material; General (Old MM01)

MMZ2   SAPMM03M       Change Material (Old MM02)

MMZ3   SAPMM03M       Display Material (Old MM03)


MM01   SAPMMG01       Create Material &

MM02   SAPMMG01       Change Material &

MM03   SAPMMG01       Display Material &

MM04   SAPMM03A       Display Material Change Documents

MM06   SAPMM03G       Flag Material for Deletion

MM11   SAPMMG01       Schedule Creation of Material &

MM12   SAPMMG01       Schedule Changing of Material &

MM13   MMCHACTV       Activate Planned Changes

MM14   SAPMM03A       Display Planned Changes

MM15   SAPMM03A       Display Changes (Migration)

MM16   SAPMM03G       Schedule Material for Deletion

MM18   SAPMM03M       Activate Planned Changes

MM19   SAPMMG01       Display Material & at Key Date

MM41   SAPMMG02       Create Material &

MM42   SAPMMG02       Change Material &

MM43   SAPMMG02       Display Material &

MM44   RMMMCDOC       Display Change Documents

MM50   SAPMMGMP       List Extendable Materials

MM60   RMMVRZ00       Materials List

MM72   MMREO111       Display Archive of Materials

MM75   MMREO211       Display Archive of Special Stocks

MM90   RMVAPLSH       Analyze ALE Appl. Log for MatMaster

MM91   RMVAPLDE       Delete ALE Appl. Log for Matl Maste

MNKR   SAPMSNUM       Number range maintenance: W_EREIGNI

MN01   SAPMV13B       Create Message: RFQ

MN02   SAPMV13B       Change Message: RFQ

MN03   SAPMV13B       Display Message: RFQ

MN04   SAPMV13B       Create Message: PO

MN05   SAPMV13B       Change Message: PO

MN06   SAPMV13B       Display Message: PO

MN07   SAPMV13B       Create Message: Outline Agreement

MN08   SAPMV13B       Change Message: Outline Agreement

MN09   SAPMV13B       Display Message: Outline Agreement

MN10   SAPMV13B       Create Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedul

MN11   SAPMV13B       Change Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedul

MN12   SAPMV13B       Displ. Message: Schd. Agmt. Schedul

MN13   SAPMV13B       Create Message: Service Entry Sheet

MN14   SAPMV13B       Change Message: Service Entry Sheet

MN15   SAPMV13B       Display Message: Service Entry Shee

MN21   SAPMV13B       Create Condition: Inventory Mgmt

MN22   SAPMV13B       Change Condition: Inventory Mgmt

MN23   SAPMV13B       Display Condition: Inventory Mgmt

MN24   SAPMV13B       Create Message: Shipping Notif.

MN25   SAPMV13B       Change Message: Shipping Notif.

MN26   SAPMV13B       Display Message: Shipping Notif.

MN27   SAPMV13B       Create message: rough goods receipt

MN28   SAPMV13B       Change message: rough goods receipt

MN29   SAPMV13B       Display message: rough goods receip

MOKA   RVEXMOKA       CAP: Calculation Restitution

MOKS   RVEXRCRS       CAP: Calculation Simulation

MPBT   RMMDBTCH       Total Forecast In BATCH Mode

MPDR   RMMDBTCH       Print in BATCH Mode

MPE1   MMPERS01       Create buyer

MPE2   MMPERS01       Change buyer

MPE3   MMPERS01       Display buyer

MPLT   SAPLMPL05      Test Appl. for Interface to iPPE WB

MPR1   RMPR1001       Forecast Adopted from External Data

MPR2   RMPR2001       Deletion of Forecast Data

MP00   MENULPRO       Material Forecast Menu

MP01   SAPLMBAM       Maintain AMPL Records

MP02   SAPLMBAM       Display AMPL Records

MP11   SAPMV13B       Create message for direct productio

MP12   SAPMV13B       Change Message for direct productio

MP13   SAPMV13B       Display message – direct production

MP30   SAPMM61W       Execute Material Forecast

MP31   SAPMM61W       Change Material Forecast

MP32   SAPMM61W       Display Material Forecast

MP33   SAPMM61W       Reprocess material forecast

MP38   RMPROG01       Total Forecast Run

MP39   SAPMM61W       Print

MP80   SAPMMPRP       Create Forecast Profile

MP81   SAPMMPRP       Change Forecast Profile

MP82   SAPMMPRP       Delete Forecast Profile

MP83   SAPMMPRP       Display Forecast Profile

MP90   SAPMSNUM       Maintain No. Range: Forecast Param.

MP91   SAPMSNUM       Maintain No. Range: Forecast Values

MRA3   RM08RAAU       Display Archived Invoice Documents

MRBE   MENUMRBE       Valuation

MRBP   RMBABG00       Invoice Verification in Background

MRBR   RM08RELEASE    Release Blocked Invoices

MRCHVW VMIRC_MRCHVW   Batch mgmt with reconciliation

MRF1   RMFIFO00       Execute FIFO Valuation

MRF2   RMFIFO39       Diplay Documents (FIFO)

MRF3   RMFIFO32       FIFO Valuation: Create Doc. Extract

MRF4   RMFIFO20       FIFO: Select Materials

MRF5   RMFIFO50       FIFO: Delete Valuation Data

MRHG   SAPMM08R       Enter Credit Memo

MRHR   SAPMM08R       Enter Invoice

MRIS   RMMR1MIS       Settle Invoicing Plan

MRKO   RMVKON00       Settle Consignment/Pipeline Liabs.

MRLA   RMLIFO21       Check Pool Formation

MRLB   RMLIFO50       Delete Layer

MRLC   RMLIFO34       Transfer Third-Party Data

MRLD   RMLIFO36       Transfer Valuation Prices

MRLE   RMLIFO40       Change Group Structure

MRLF   RMLIFO38       Create Version as Copy

MRLG   RMLIFO42       Aggregate Layer

MRLH   RMLIFO44       Change LIFO/FIFO Valuation Level

MRLI   RMLIFO20_P     Generate Pools

MRLJ   RMLIFO33       LIFO Data Transfer

MRLK   RMLIFO28       LIFO: Adjust Units of Measure

MRLL   RMLIFO41       LIFO: Reassign Material Layer

MRL1   RMLIFO00       Perform LIFO Valuation: Single Matl

MRL2   RMLIFO02       Perform LIFO Valuation: Pools

MRL3   RMLIFO06       LIFO Lowest Value Comparison

MRL4   RMLIFO10       Display LIFO Valuation: Single Matl

MRL5   RMLIFO12       Display LIFO Valuation: Pools

MRL6   RMLIFO20_M     Select Materials

MRL7   RMLIFO22       Display Pool Formation

MRL8   RMLIFO30       Create Base Layer

MRL9   RMLIFO32       LIFO Valuation: Create Doc. Extract

MRM0   MENUMRM0       Logistics Invoice Verification

MRM1   SAPMV13B       Create Message: Invoice Verificatio

MRM2   SAPMV13B       Change Message: Invoice Verificatio

MRM3   SAPMV13B       Display Message: Inv. Verification

MRNB   RMMR1MRB       Revaluation

MRN0   RMNIWE00       Deter. Lowest Value: Market Prices

MRN1   RMNIWE10       Deter. Lowest Value: Rge of Coverag

MRN2   RMNIWE20       Determ. Lowest Value: Mvmt Rate

MRN3   RMNIWE30       Loss-Free Valuation

MRN8   RMNIWE80       Lowest Value: Price Variances

MRN9   RMNIWE90       Balance Sheet Values by Account

MRO2   SAPMV76A       Configuration: IV Lists

MRRL   RMMR1MRS       Evaluated Receipt Settlement

MRRS   RMMR01RS       Evaluated Receipt Settlement

MRY0   MRY_PIP_MULTICHColl. Maint. of Phys. Inv. Prices

MRY1   MRY_ARP_CALCULACalculate Average Receipt Price

MRY2   MRY_PIP_REDEFINTransfer Physical Inventory Prices

MRY3   MRY_VALUATION_ADisplay Valuation Alternative

MRY4   MRY_AVR_RESULT_Transfer ML Prices

MR00   MENUMR00       Invoice Verification

MR01   SAPMM08R       Process Incoming Invoice

MR02   SAPMM08A       Process Blocked Invoices

MR03   SAPMM08R       Display Inv. Verification Document

MR08   SAPMM08S       Cancel Invoice Document

MR11   SAPRCKM_MR11   GR/IR account maintenance

MR21   SAPRCKM_MR21   Price Change

MR22   SAPRCKM_MR22   Material Debit/Credit

MR32   SAPMM08Y       Change Material Layer (LIFO)

MR33   SAPMM08Y       Display Material Layer (LIFO)

MR34   SAPMM08Y       Change FIFO Data

MR35   SAPMM08Y       Display FIFO Data

MR39   RMLIFO39       Display Documents (LIFO)

MR41   SAPMM08R       Park Invoice

MR42   SAPMM08R       Change Parked Invoice

MR43   SAPMM08R       Display Parked Invoice

MR44   SAPMM08R       Post Parked Document

MR51   RM08MMAT       Material Line Items

MR8M   SAPLMR1M       Cancel Invoice Document

MR90   MM70AMRA       Messages for Invoice Documents

MR91   MM70AMRB       Messages for Invoice Documents

MSAB   RMMDBTCH       LTP: set up plnng file entries BATC

MSAC   RMMDBTCH       LTP: delete plnng file entries BATC

MSBT   RMMDBTCH       Long-term plng:plng background job

MSCHAN RALMFAELLSZ    ALM: Change Due Date Scenario

MSCREA RALMFAELLSZ    ALM: Create Due Date Scenario

MSCUST RALMFAELLSZ    Maintain Due Date Scenarios

MSC1   SAPMM03S       Create Batch

MSC1N  SAPLCHRG       Create Batch

MSC2   SAPMM03S       Change Batch

MSC2N  SAPLCHRG       Change Batch

MSC3   SAPMM03S       Display Batch

MSC3N  SAPLCHRG       Display Batch

MSC4   SAPMM03S       Display Batch Changes

MSC4N  SAPLCHRG       Display Change Documents for Batch

MSC5N  RVBBTREE       Mass Processing for Batches

MSC7   SAPMM61R       Start MS07 from Report

MSDELE RALMFAELLSZ    ALM: Delete Due Date Scenario

MSE7   RMCE0600       EKS Simulation: Material Selection

MSJ1   MASSBACK       Mass Maintenance in the Background

MSK1   SAPMM03S       Create Vendor Consignment Goods

MSK2   SAPMM03S       Change Vendor Consignment Goods

MSK3   SAPMM03S       Display Vendor Consignment Goods

MSK4   SAPMM03S       Display Vdr Consignment Change Docs

MSK5   RMMMPRZK       Vdr Consignment: Activate Fut. Pric

MSLD   RMDLDR01       Print MRP List; Long-Term Planning

MSL1   MASSSLOG       Display Mass Maintenance Logs

MSL2   MASSDLOG       Delete Mass Maintenance Logs

MSRV1  RMSRVR10       List for Service

MSSHOW RALMFAELLSZ    ALM: Display Due Date Scenario

MST0   MENUMST0       Mass changes

MSW1   MASSMSBK       Reset Warnings (in the Foreground)

MS00   MENUMS00       Long-term planning

MS01   SAPMM61X       Long-Term Planning: Total Planning

MS02   SAPMM61X       Long-term plng: single-itm; mult-lv

MS03   SAPMM61X       Long-term plng: singl-itm; singl-lv

MS04   SAPMM61R       Planning Scenario: Stock/Reqmts Lis

MS05   SAPMM61R       Long-term planning: display MRP lis

MS06   SAPMM61R       Long-term plnng: collective MRP lis

MS07   SAPMM61R       Long-Term Plng: Material Overview

MS08   RMMDKP02       Reorg.MRP Lists for Long-Term Plnng

MS11   SAPMM61P       LTP: Create planned order

MS12   SAPMM61P       LTP: Change planned order

MS13   SAPMM61P       LTP: Display planned order

MS20   SAPMM61R       Planning File Entry: Long-Term Plnn

MS21   RMDPFE01       Planning File Entry: Long-Term Plnn

MS22   RMMDVL20       Set Up Plg File Entries for Scenari

MS23   RMMDVL10       Delete Plng File Entries of Scenari

MS29   RMMDABLP       Calculate Sim. Initial Stock

MS31   SAPMM61L       Create planning scenario

MS32   SAPMM61L       Change planning scenario

MS33   SAPMM61L       Display planning scenario

MS44   SAPMM61M       Flexible Evaluation Long-Term Plnng

MS47   SAPMM61M       Evaluation LTP for Product Group

MS50   SAPMM61X       Make-to-order planning (LTP)

MS51   SAPMM61X       Project planning (LTP)

MS64   RM60SIMU       Create Simulation Version

MS65   SAPMM60X       Requirements Situation

MS66   RM60CH00       Copy Simulative Dependent Reqmts

MS70   RMMDEKS1       Evaluation Plng Scenario for PURCHI

MS71   RMMDEKS2       Copy info structure version to LTP

MUSS   SAPMA999       _

MWBC   RVBWSUOM       Consistency Chck f. Prop./Prod. Uni

MWBE   RVBWSCPO       Purchase order history corr. PUR

MWBK   RVBWSCOR       Actv. ingr. management corr. factor

MWBQ   RVBWSCQM       Purchase order history corr. QM

MWB1   SAPMVBWB       Creating Prop./Prod. Unit Valuation

MWB2   SAPMVBWB       Changing Prop./Prod. Unit Valuation

MWB3   SAPMVBWB       Displaying Prop/Prod Unit Valuation

MWCH   SAPMMWCH       Change Procurement IAC

MY01   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.

MY03   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.

MY04   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.

MY05   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.

MY06   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.

MY07   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.

MY08   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.

MY09   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.

MY10   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.

MY11   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.

MY12   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.

MY13   SDCLMC00       C MM-PUR Matchcode Purchasing Doc.

M703   SAPMV12A       Output: Create Conditions Table

M704   SAPMV12A       Output: Change Condition Table

M705   SAPMV12A       Output: Display Conditions Table

M811   SAPMV12A       Create Message Condition Table (IV)

M812   SAPMV12A       Change Message Condition Table (IV)

M813   SAPMV12A       Display Message Condition Table (IV